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  1. They are little toe jelly beans because when your sweet little fluffy(monster) is making biscuits (kneading/smurgling) and falls asleep afterwards with their adorable little paws (scar makers) in the air, their cute little toes are so adorable you just want to eat them up. Like the Easter jelly beans my roommate ate a whole bag of yesterday.... Though I would resist the urge. We all know where those paws have been....
  2. I also suffer from visual impairments. My screen is turned down all the way, and I use as much dark background light text as possible. I have problems with the skills and such during boss fights blinding. Blizzard effects are significantly worse. I agree that there need to be options to reduce the brightness of certain effects. If it snows where i live, I can't even look outside without covering most of my vision, because everything else disappears. After a blinding type light, like massive white areas on my screen, the afterburn images are actually bad enough to entirely block out my vision
  3. Prototype position rewinder. The fall damage reduction would still be useful if you were out of time on it, or if you weren't quick enough before you would die. Honestly, I suck at jump puzzles and have shit reflexes. So a buff boost would be more useful and reliable to me. Although the two in concert would be even better.
  4. I used the fall damage traits in jump puzzles. They would often save my life in places I would fall, and otherwise die. Many of those puzzles don't allow mounts or gliding. However it's not really a combat skill, so I understand removing it from traits. I would suggest instead that they make a line of food that provides fall damage reduction percentages, and swiftness upon receiving fall damage. That way if you were a player who used those traits for jp's then you still can have the reduction, and a boost of speed to run you back to the beginning of the puzzle to try again.
  5. The falling damage trait actually has a place. But it's not really combat related, so I understand moving it from skills. Might I suggest making food that decreases fall damage and grants swiftness on receiving fall damage? It would be great for jump puzzles, which is what I used those skills for.
  6. Personally I like the favorites idea. But there is a second option that could be done concurrently that would be great for things you have unlocked but will NEVER want to use. Give us a "hide" option as well as a favorite. Them we can hide everything we hate (like the starter gear skins!) So it doesn't clutter up our options. If you want to see what you've hidden just toggle the show hidden option(that they could add). Great for collection enthusiasts who don't actually want to use everything they collect for achievements. Note this should be per character. That way you can customize it based
  7. The option for more build complexity. They oversimplified the system when they switched to the trait system we have now. We should have more ability to really specialize in something. For example I used to be a very useful close combat healer(engineer). It was a spec few used, but was still very effective. Now it feels like there are maybe five useable cookie cutter builds per class with no real customization options. I feel like I have to build like everyone else, or be a fail player. Not to mention its boring. I'd like to see more personal story development. Along with more central Tyria int
  8. There an easy solution to this for all involved. Instead of mastery insights being added, add a button to the mastery interface that allows a player to toggle between mastery gain and XP gain. Each mastery type(core, HoT, PoF) would have it's own toggle. In the long run it's smarter anyway. That way if you max your bar but don't have enough points for what you want to increase yet, you can toggle it so you don't "lose" XP while you gather those points. This has always been a pet peeve of mine. I'd max out XP for a mastery but still need more points which rendered anything I did as wasted. Why
  9. I like several of these ideas. I rarely use consumables because I just can't be bothered to do it. I do understand the not adding food and utilities to an account based finisher type inventory because we have to us our bags for something. However I certainly wouldn't object! And if they chose to do it, it could be expanded to increase their gem sales by creating food and utility recipes that have special effects in addition to standard stat bonuses, be that particle effects, sound effects, or fun tonic like qualities (like giant feet or something) that lasts for the duration of the food. Hones
  10. There is a lot to be said for both expansions. I like the more casual exploration feel of the POF maps, but HOT just had so much more to explore. At the same time casual exploration and solo play doesn't mean that you have to do away with map metas or a deluge of map events. In HoT there is just so much more stuff. Stuff to get, find, do. Not so much in PoF. I love how PoF feels laid back, but it also feels barren, and becomes boring much quicker. My wishlist for next expac: Come to think of it, I personally would like the next expansion to have only one or two main large sized maps (maybe de
  11. I think it would be nice if either in achievements, or the story section any literature that we have read or collected was stored to read for later. Instead of books in our inventory, it would unlock the respective chapter in the written collection area. That way things like the books in Ebonhawke, the various memorials, book cart books, and the books we collect like The asuran books in bloodstone fen, could all be reread at any point, without taking up space. On a separate note. Skins for past events that an account has completed should be unlocked automatically. For instance I have the flami
  12. I know endless tonics are coming soon to the novelties tab, which is great. However, I believe the consumable tonics also need a tab of their own. It could be under novelties, or it's own tab, I don't care. But they take up too much space. Consumable tonics should work just like finishers. Where you can either have endless/permanent ones, or x many of it until it runs out. You right click on the tonic and it adds it to your tonics tab at a 1:1 ratio. This could also apply to other consumable such as the choir bell (the breakable one). The system is already there in the finishers, it just need
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