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  1. Something Kitty would like to see addressed simply to make Quickness actually somewhat useable on Warrior: please swap traits in Tactics around so that Vigorous Shouts and Martial Cadence wouldn't be mutually exclusive by both being Grandmaster traits. One possible way to do that is to move "Shrug It Off" to Adept, Vigorous Shouts to Master and Soldier's Comfort to Grandmaster (for choice of Quickness or heals on Soldier's Focus trigger) and adjusting them accordingly. Or just "Shrug It Off" to Grandmaster and Vigorous Shouts to Master. And Kitty also had bunch of suggestions as someone who
  2. Kitty would kinda like to hear anyone explain just how did this patch make professions homogenous aside from basically changing the name and effect of some unique boons to standard ones (Spirits, Banners, AP, Spotter, PD) and giving some classes similar capability to some trait (Fury in Ele's Air and Mesmer's Dueling)? True, now Quickness and Alacrity aren't just Chronomancer's staple anymore but at least booning isn't the trade of four anymore and basically they're unlocking support roles for other classes as well now. After all, it's hard to be unique if you're not around to begin with. Al
  3. Kitty's defining shorties (she's mainly playing instanced content and some open-world on side for legendaries): Core: Fractals and master the world for leggies! LWS2: Ahem. There's sand on Kitty's boots. HoT: Raids, best metas, glider, those chakkin' chaks. And chrono and dudu. #SupportLife LWS3: Countless hours berryfarming (not good for brain) and 2-week holiday in Draconis Mons (10/10 will never go again) PoF: Kitty hates sand. It's rough and coarse and gets everywhere. Though mounts are good. And Firebrand...in both good and bad. LWS4: Praise Joko. And
  4. Kitty bought 65 Dessa's Experiment Journal's from fractal merchants. After using them with Consume All, they didn't give any Spirit Shards like they should give. Broken? Apparently that item doesn't have "Consume All" so...Kitty must've pressed "Destroy" from muscle memory of consuming stuffs. kitten. Adding "Consume All" would be nice, though, to avoid clicking a LOT.
  5. Kitty finally made Bolt yesterday and today upon inspecting the text from adding it to armory, it read "Interwoven with an impression of a dragon whose name Tyria is yet to learn, Bolt is imbued with strength of a storm-swelling inside it like a thunderous inferno, eager to aid its wielder in combat". Upon taking a closer look at it, especially at hilt, there's indeed a dragon head, there's a noodle woven in the structure of the blade and claws like Soo-Won's. As a whole, it does resemble our now-familiar (albeit shorter and fancier) noodle a lot in Kitty's opinion. For reference, im
  6. From what Kitty's tested earlier, those numbers seem a bit low though then again, you probably didn't optimize for auto-attacks. Optimized for auto-attacks, most of them do 1-2k more and also sword DE is in fact stronger that sword and staff DDs according to Kitty's testing. But that's just her nitpicks.
  7. Kitty led a DE meta today and ofc we finished the preps at :57 which meant full hour of having to afk and not being able to go to other maps while waiting. Kinda sucks since there's no banker nor TP on the map. Having to wait such a long time really kinda eats away from motivation of even trying to do the meta. But when we got to action, stuff went pretty well as Kitty organized the squad with heals and boons somewhat covered in all 10 5-person subsquads and calling out what to do thru squad announcements...until boss where RNG showed its ugly head again. Boss did a couple double-bites. W
  8. Kitty personally likes Spheres as is. Yes, it might be convenient if they followed you but hammer 3 projectiles kinda do that already. Closest equivalent of Spheres might be guardian's symbols which pulse boons, too, but Sphere's can at least be positioned freely. Chronos are also familiar with similar booning. That free positioning also allows booning the squad when you're not in the stack due to some mech or kiting. If other classes can manage similar stuffs, why eles wouldn't?
  9. To note, though, is that tank's boon output is obviously quite bad compared to squad healer at Deimos due to staying up while rest of the squad goes down and as such, looking at boon outputs during bursts tell a better story. Not to mention...that one horribad Air Sphere placement. But anyway, Kitty's tested it at variety of bosses now and it does very good boons and also heals nicely if you don't kitten with the Frost Bows. Though even if you kitten, water staff isn't a super-big heal loss though Quickness might drop for a moment.
  10. Inconsistency depends on build and how you manage the cooldowns. If breakbar is about to be broken, prepare to burst. It's not like you miss super-much damage by bursting outside 10% exposed, though. Also, Power takes 7.7% DPS loss during exposed while condi takes 30% DPS loss during exposed with this change so relatively power is the relative winner here.
  11. Kitty kinda wonders why one would say "You can play a flawless rotation, displaying absolute mastery of the game and deal ~7k dps (without decent equipment, poor traits, no boons)." as choosing proper equipment and traits are the very prerequisite of doing dps and those choices are part of said mastery in itself. Yes, boons make a big difference. Traits make a big difference 'cause they define fundamentals of the build. Gear makes big difference cause stats are suited for various roles and, in Kitty's opinion, one of the most beautiful parts of GW2's buildsystem in general. But most of al
  12. Well, tanking ofc (Cata has multiple blocks available) ! Though for off-healer you can use Harrier's. Kitty just kinda likes that extra tankiness as Harrier's feels kinda squishy. And well, in current state you can use that Firebrand argument for essentially anything, except maybe Mechanist. Even then, Kitty's tried to figure out useful Cata build to give eles a chance to support now that Tempest lost some of its primary advantages as healer. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Flame_Burst_(Glyph_of_Lesser_Elementals_skill) they are now casting it automatically and it follows t
  13. Catalyst is indeed broken. The heal one, that is. Though Cata is obviously meant to be a hammer spec, using some other weapon is better for healing and just staff works...though to get best out of it, Frost Bow is obviously the answer. And what does it bring? About 40 might (bit excessive, rite?), full quickness, fury, regen, protecc, swiftness, resolution, vigor and good amount of resistance (which is meh but still +1 boon count). Now that the orb cooldowns are 15s (less with alac and Arcane traited), energy is manageable well enough that you can easily get enough energy to cast 3 Spheres in
  14. Everyone here talking about Vault while it is mainly an evasion (if you time it properly) with some damage (staff 2 hits a lot harder) and most of all, if you're playing open-world, DD isn't exactly the best for soloing any stronger enemies since it 1. fights in melee and 2. has horrible self-boon capability. If you want to solo champs, you're a LOT better off with Power Pistol+Pistol Deadeye which is still really strong since it can keep up plenty of boon on itself with M7 traited while kiting the enemies to avoid getting hit to begin with. Invigorating Precision fills the health pool if y
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