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  1. I’d rather be able to toggle which expansion I get dailies and weeklies from…
  2. I think a better answer is to normalize the stat totals of the gear sets. Buff 3 stat gear to the 4 stat totals, and nerf cele to the 4 stat total. OR nerf both cele and the 4 stat gear down to the 3 stat gear total.
  3. Hey buddy, I advise you to stop doing that macro.
  4. Taunt forces the foe to run forward until in range to attack from what I've seen its just the first strike of any chain and not at the same speed. So if you taunted a melee and kitted they would be forced to keep running towards you. That and this is a way to force them hitting into FC.
  5. I realized that the Gen3 base variants were ridiculously easy to get, so I got them and the Soo Won variants while EoD was still fresh. After gathering everything else for the Obsidian set I'm left rebuilding my Spirit shard horde... TBH for Gen1 legendaries I'll only make them moving forward if they are in the starter kit or buy them outright.
  6. Yep. Yep. Do each meta every day for few weeks, gather from all the arcane chests as often as you can, do events, gather all the latent magic on each map each day, then use gold to buy Unstable Kryptis Motivations and coffers. The maps can be lit pretty easily while gathering latent magic and doing the metas. If you no-life it, it can be down in 1/10 the time of the WvW set. The only reason I haven't made all three tiers of Obsidian armor is because it's been slow walked piecemeal by the release schedule.
  7. I made Twilight, Frostfang x2, Juggernaut, Predator, HOPE, 4 sigils, 6 runes, WvW heavy armor, Ad Infinitum, Vision, Aurora, Conflux x2, and the free amulet prior to EoD release. After EoD I made Bolt then one of each of the Aurene along with the Soo Won variants. I made the 7th rune when they indicated you would need all 7 for max progress towards the Relic. I made Bifrost and Moot from the starter kits. I'm set for all three tiers of the obsidian armor after the 27th, just got to get the Nayos map completion/lantern lighting, and whatever is next in the Astral Arcanum achievement. Yes, I am getting a second set of heavy legendary armor. Yes, I will get the Tier 2 variant.
  8. No, the obsidian armor does not take much effort. Just gold and some account bound currency grind that can be done in 2 weeks. If you have gold and two weeks it is very low effort.
  9. That animation doesn't have the final strike animation that100B has and is only 4 strikes. I think that is the sticking point animation wise. They certainly used 100B's animation when creating it though.
  10. I'd say that this version is less degenerate than Shoutsworn was. But it's still degenerate. We need to move away from that rather than deeper into it. The devs really need to overhaul the spec, both the traits and the core of how it's espec mechanics function.
  11. For me, I want to get all the Aurene variants. That is going to take a lot... That and I want to eventually get all Gen1 and Gen2 weapons.
  12. I would go out of my way to do every single daily, weekly, and seasonal if they did that. I need thousands more spirit shards for what I want to do.
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