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  1. The toughness and vitality are indeed higher, but so is the power and condition damage. The problem right now stems from the fact that the balance team started to balance WvW like PvP during Feb2020 where they nuked all the power coefficients and condition durations. Bringing in the rest of the bad balance habits from PvP (deleting amulets rather than fixing the actual problems) will just result in people leaving this mode like they have PvP.
  2. Over in WvW the truly salty throw siege golem blueprints on you.
  3. 1) Boon ball exists because there are 50 people in a huddle vomiting out boons. Moving to the PvP gear system would not dent the boon ball as it would still vomit boons. 2) The PvP gear system works for a 5v5, not with 50v50 where 1 spam is enough to down a targeted enemy. No amount of gear tinkering will stop that. 3) WvW does indeed need separate balance than PvP and deserves it's own balance team.
  4. You only need Discipline, 100%BD, and tactics banner to do quickness
  5. OH sword needs substantially more condi damage on it. Longbow needs Fan of Fire to be a burn version of Sevenshot. Rifle will still need more damage on it. 100Blades needs a shorter cast time.
  6. You shouldn't be hurting for self might on warrior, but yes it is less might sharing with PS, but then you don't need PS to benefit from MM with the change. It's a small self sustain nerf for a bigger damage buff and easier party might.
  7. @Rubi Bayer.8493, as always please extend a heartfelt thanks to the teams for the hard work that they do. That said, please those of us that enjoy the competitive modes as well would LOVE to see some of this kind of balance love in those game modes. Can you please pass along to the balance team to incorporate some of this types of changes over to WvW/PvP? Especially anywhere where functionality is being added to weapons. It is not a good thing at all for players to have a weapon that does completely different things based on game modes. It messes with muscle memory. This is the same reas
  8. NP. I think the collective warrior subforum had a good chuckle at that piece of meme goodness.
  9. I know, and they didn't use to be. The specialization rework for HoT kinda FUBARed Arms hard, and they never really fixed it since. They've tweaked it certainly, but not fixed any of it's issues.
  10. Chain mail bikini armor when? . . . . For both genders.
  11. I have to say, I'm glad I inspired you to take a crack at Arms. It really is supposed to be a hybrid traitline, but has somehow always ended up a traitline full of misfit traits. I really hope that when Anet reworks Arms, that they pull inspiration from several of the rework suggestions as all of them are full of great ideas.
  12. No worries. I should have realized that you would have used them. But some others may not, so may as well go edit the post to be clear that it's the competitive numbers.
  13. Oh, you did just the competitive numbers. Nevermind. The PvE version may change though come August 23rd.
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