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  1. Now go use it in WvW or PvP and see the real joke.
  2. More than slight in my opinion. The spec has a sound foundation to build off of, there are specific things they need to address though. The risk/reward of DS being one of them.
  3. And do pitiful damage as a result.
  4. Your dude is grabbing it from the wrong end...
  5. Just make a 900 range AA with a fast attack speed, move P5 to P2 and give it 600 range, and move P4 to P3 and give it 600 range on the leap. I don't even think you need to reduce the CDs for those either...
  6. Here is another idea to replace Fierce as Fire: Hidden Dragon: Using the last charge of an ammo skill drops a smoke bomb at your feat that blinds enemies for 2s every second for 3s. 15s ICD. Leaves a smoke field. Though I agree that explosions need another trait too. Maybe Each of the GM tier traits could add an effect on explosions which would affect all the Dragon Slashes anyway since they are explosions? Immortal Dragon: Explosions heal for 8% of their damage dealt. Unyielding Dragon: Explosions ignore blind. Dragon Slash becomes unblockable and stuns (0.5s-5s).
  7. Which is why it shouldn't be relegated to a trait, as that trait would then become mandatory.
  8. And I mean baseline, as it that is how it should function period.
  9. Ngl, turning Dragonspike Mine into a smoke field + evade would be good.
  10. Stability and damage reduction while in DT then.
  11. Why make it protection then? Why not just make it damage reduction while not moving?
  12. PoH pretty much only does PvP Kodama. But yeah, each of these are big sticking points that pretty much every warrior main that frequents the subforum has mentioned in their feedback.
  13. It's a good either/or compromise. IF they want to stay with it as a kit, then they need to treat it as a kit proper and flow and/or the charges need to not decay until used. OR if they are open to dropping it as a bundle (pun not intended), then having F1 be the core burst outside of Gunsaber and Dragon Slash while in Gunsaber would work. The GM traits could then change Dragon Slash into Force, Boost, or Reach. F2 could be Triggerguard and F3 could be Flickerstep regardless of whether you have Gunsaber out. F1 would consume Adrenaline like it normally does, F2 and F3 would not. The tradeo
  14. Best thing you can do now is stealth the Bladesworn so that they can hide in shame...
  15. Thanks mate. Had a sudden fear that Anet forgot UW combat when they made it.
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