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  1. The purpose of this thread is not just to post wishlist items, but post why something in fact does not work or is not balanced properly and what a balanced fix would be. If some of your stuff meets that criteria, then bring it over, although some of your items are more of the wishlist variety. Which is fine, I'd just prefer those to stay in their own threads and is why you still see me post stand alone things outside of this thread.
  2. If you want to try a condibreaker, then there are ways to do it, they just aren't that good, mostly due to Attacker's Insight buffing non condi traits. You can manage something passable with Revenge counter, slow counter, no escape, and the current body blow along with sword and longbow. It won't be stellar though. What spellbreaker needs now is for the balance team to undo some dumb splits.
  3. You get healing based on damage from Sun and Moon Style or Blood Reckoning already, so that won't happen.
  4. I've been running this: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PKgAERlJwSYXMMWJOyOqJTA-z1QYhgCqRFnfp0UCERI0aBUREIyso/rF-w
  5. Just going to throw it out there that I've been running a full celestial build and haven't lost any 1v1 or 2v2s while roaming this past weekend. Even killed a Holo with a RI supervisor hitting me, and I don't think I bothered dodging the supervisor the entire fight.
  6. That is something that has been suggested for Rip. Not sure if it would be good for it to be on both skills tbh, though it is a good suggestion.
  7. Hi! Its a lot by now for sure... Something we suggested is for Sundering Bursts to heal for 50 hp per vulnerability stack you inflict. Unsuspecting Foe has had other things suggested for it. Not a bad suggestion. Hmm.. so turn Riposte into an AoE+bleed?
  8. There is no need to reduce the duration. Because dazes are allowed to do damage. The self stun was important when it did damage because it was so useful for so much. Now it's already heavily neutered to the point that the self stun is not needed. That is fine, we are allowed to have different opinions. Again, we are allowed to have different opinions.
  9. This is a good summary. Thank you. Warrior has good burst condi cleanse, but that is meaningless if the condi reapplication rate is faster than they can cleanse them. What warrior needs is something like gaining Resolution+Resistance upon dodge or activating a burst or activating a heal skill. Something not tied to RNG or opponent misplay that they can use and manage through a fight and not incumbent on hitting something for a change. So much of warrior sustain actually requires hitting something that for once they need something that doesn't require that stipulation.
  10. It gives 10 stacks of Might. MMR gives 2 endurance per might stack. Frenzy and MMR are working as intended.
  11. It is already 2s inWvW/PvP. No real need to lower it further. As in TRUE invulnerability? That typically locks you out of skills. The need to change it to a skill that brings up the rocks that stay for 3s providing the reflect for 3s and give a flip over skill to shatter and launch at the enemy. Just change it to a daze on the struck enemies and give proper damage back to it. Remove the self stun. Make it unblockable is Stab is stripped. Change Eternal Champion to deal damage in a radius if Stab is removed, either through a strip or if it negates a CC. Make it crit
  12. I mean we have 'Lightening Whip' as as skill. Just give them a MH Sword, and a Shroud that uses a whip.
  13. I know. It was more of a reference to Revolutionary to Civil War era officers using a saber and pistol.
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