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  1. Your phrasing here implies gaining adrenaline every 2.5s, which cannot happen due to the 4s CD on the trait. The 2.5s weapon swap is still very good for Staff + X/Horn though.
  2. ^ Consistency with one's messaging and one's actions is important.
  3. My opinion: I feel like there should have been an opportunity to interact with the prisoner we took, and possibly more time hearing them an Peitha banter/bicker. This bit of story was really rushed feeling. I'm okay with each of these story steps taking some more time in order to flesh things out. The Nayos arc overall for SotO has been some of the worst pacing in the game. Really, this and Gayla Delves' story both are not boding well, which is sad since SotO started out pretty strong story wise.
  4. Versatile Rage has a CD of 4s. So, you aren't getting it every weapon swap. I would still recommend Relic of the Warrior at the time though, since it is stacking incorrectly with Fast Hands. You can camp Staff as much as you need, go into WH for 2 casts, and then get back into staff promptly.
  5. @DanAlcedo.3281 just so you know, I read this portion like it was on the radio and it was some radio show introduction.
  6. Eh. Staff is apparently too tanky in PvP (oh no, warrior got more self sustain at the expense of damage, what ever will the plebs do...) so any nerfs that happen will probably be on the healing totals.
  7. I'll be joining that club soon. I didn't have the time to play yesterday that I wanted.
  8. You can cancel it by using a different skill.
  9. If you don't think I'm playing for fun then you need to take a step back and reevaluate.
  10. I'd rather they make it scale off of Adrenaline and remove the CD. Like 1 stack of stab for 3s at T1, 2 stacks at T2, and 3 stacks at T3.
  11. The sonar pings are gone. To whichever dev did that, Dwayna bless you.
  12. Yeah, that second health bar with added damage reduction gets valued very highly by Anet.
  13. Necro and Warrior share a problem that Anet values their High HP and innate damage sponge abilities (High Armor for warrior along with strike damage immunity and shroud for necro coupled with high possible overal damage reduction) way too highly. Both get lots of self chip healing either from direct small heals (warrior), or life stealing (necro). It's always better to not take the hit true, but they both still have lots of built in sustain to offset the lack of active defenses that need consideration when introducing a new source of active defenses like an evade or block.
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