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  1. This. There is also more wxp on RBL than the other BLs. Each of the elemental shrines give wxp when you take them.
  2. You need to use boosters and tag more stuff then. I got 35 ranks while roaming last week and I didn't have enough time to cap diamond. Though I capped my MF, and have been getting a lot more liquid wxp lately. I think a good 5 of those levels came completely from the 2500 wxp drops that you get at rank ups sometimes.
  3. 😱 The horror! Guess drakes are going to be a pain to fight then since the big attack won't be random anymore.
  4. Semantics, they lost something in exchange for new things. Though I agree engi mains are spoiled with lack of real tradeoffs until now.
  5. I'll reiterate what I said somewhere in my linked thread above. There have been times where I've been the only one repairing inner and outer of Garri after a defense as everybody else ran off. That takes a while. Without participation for repairing that would result in my participation starting to decay or already decaying before I finish and run off to tag a player/objective/guard. This is still active gameplay. This is a war mode, there is more than just PvP to it, and that includes maintaining objectives. I'd rather keep my participation up if I had the choice, and I'm sure
  6. No, they lost all the old toolbelt skills for the mech skills. The Engis are pissed. That and if the mech dies it goes on a 100s CD 😕 Bladesworn is a cool idea, but it really is just more of the same, in the same role. I really hope that they restructure it and it's traits before release.
  7. Well, the engi spec lost their entire toolbelt so that is on par with bladesworn. We've posted several great suggestions on a banner rework that wont involve crappy gameplay, but it is honestly feeling like they just want warrior where it is now.
  8. I was up at all hours back then with a newborn so I 'played' a fair bit, as much as a sleep deprived dad can with a newborn that took a while to go back to sleep at each feeding. I burned a bunch of tickets on dbl confluxes when they came out, but I'm halfway to the next set of tickets for a new set in the next weight class.
  9. FWIW, it's the beta, I doubt any of the especs will remain unchanged between now and release.
  10. You should still be gaining something like 25-50 ranks per week depending on gameplay, boosters, and luck with liquid wxp drops. Bronze pip is at 150, so 3-6 weeks. Next is at 650 if I remember. When I grinded out my leggy armor I started out at something like rank 50 and ended up around rank 1000 afterwards. And no I did not cap diamond every week in the beginning, or even try hard my wxp gain.
  11. Can the Flemish Giant be there? Or a Dutch? Or an Otter Rex? Angora? Edit: I'm actually serious BTW.
  12. What, are we all on banner strike or something? Cause I've been on banner strike for years now.
  13. They did delete the thread after all.
  14. You didn't notice during the willbender stream?
  15. Careful. They're sensitive to the use of that name.
  16. Guild golems would be awesome. The shards should be updated to full marks. Skirmish tick acquisition should increase by roughly 30%
  17. I don't know, 5s self root to charge a wet noodle is pretty bad. We'll see how it all plays in the beta.
  18. And yet WvW is also a war simulator, which means running supply and maintaining objectives. If were just a mass PvP mode, then it would be an empty field.
  19. You're right in that this is getting lost in the discussion on pips. When this all gets fully implemented there should be fewer instances of the Outnumbered buff, which means that were was going to be fewer pips overall without any changes. This change will result in more pips overall once the new system is fully in place, which is a positive thing.
  20. I am all in favor of nude barrages, but can we focus on nade barrage here Psyco?
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