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  1. The Willbender seem to have a nice in and out of combat set of skills. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be too useful in pve imo. I like the skills mechanics but some animations feel slow and sluggish. The sqord and kick/punch animations need more hit feedback. More punch Also pleeease don't make all the elite specs about martial arts, it's not all the cantha is!
  2. The harbinger felt a little underwhelming. The pistol skills feel dull and uncharacteristic and the elixir skills feel like a cheap and boring option. I would like to see some more different visual feedback when using the pistol and elixirs. It would also help to read the actions of Harbigers in pvp or wvw. The shroud choice of not giving you the panic button is cool but I don't feel the power boost reword feels worth it. At this point it feels squishy for no reason. I don't like the martial arts themed movements since the Willbender already has that feel, it looks like a Harbinger i
  3. I would love a dual dagger option for the Virtuoso. I love the visuals and I hope they will not be culled back for any reason, they are awesome. The elite spec feels so satisfying that it made me think to pick back my Mesmer.
  4. can't agree less... You are wrong and looking at it through rose-colored glasses... they announced things that are sub par to what they made for Hot and Pof. In the first they announced the big and useful feature that is gliding, in the second they added the huge and highly impactful feature that is mounts. In Eod are adding another mount that is just a pimped up mount(still a feature from Pof), fishing and boats one being something that already exists in any other mmo and that only a small part of the community could appreciate but most would ignore, the other is just another mount that look
  5. OK OK ... I've heard you, I'm open to say I'm wrong in thinking this is a gloryfied DLC, I hope so much I'm wrong! And if I am at the release I'll write an apology to the Anet team here on the forums, mark my words! But if I'm not.?..🤔
  6. agree 100%. and if this is a marketing strategy,(I think is not) they failed it big time and they now should do damage control. The people that will lose faith now will not listen later... I ave friends that just unfollowed the gw2 facebook page because they don't care anymore after this sneak peak...that's how bad that is...
  7. So lets face it, the "expansion" doesn't feel like it's bringing enough big features to be called that. It's a glorified story DLC. How much do you think would be a price for the content they showed? Did you preorder? Are even planning to? What are your thought on it?
  8. I'ts not the first time Anet fails to deliver, it has been their story from some years now. I broke my vow to not be hyped and started picking up things I thought were hints from Anet about the expansion, but they were not. The outcome of this presentation is so underwelming I wonder if the devs feel ashamed of it... It doesn't even feel like an expansion is coming, I didn't go to the preorder page and I don't think I will...I will wait for it to be super cheap on sale and then it will be worth my 13 euro as a dlc... I don't even understand whom thought that this was a good first peak,
  9. if they wanted us to preorder they should have put all the majour features in the first sneak peak, while there is not even one shot of a tengu in the reveal. That means no Tengu or Largos and what you have seen are the BIG features we will get. Happy? I mean Fishing and boats were a much requested thing...oh yeah and a big mount... This time they really blowed it with the "expansion level" content.
  10. About fishing I'm really worried that Anet thinks it will be something that the whole community will appreciate, while in reality fishing is a niche thing that just a small fraction of the population will enjoy. Sure people will try it out, I tried fishing in every game but it never sticks to me, I prefer going around killing stuff and exploring than spending hours on a boring game of reaction on the spot.
  11. if they wanted to add a new WvW map don't you think they would at least tease about it? They showed nothing about WvW, at this point they are just trying to keep us WvW players there until the end..
  12. always create a squad in lfg with the language of your preference so that the people that want that could join. Personally I don't like the community to be divided by server language, I love meeting people in game that come from other countries and speak with them even when we both have to struggle to understand each others.
  13. Gw2 artistically is superior to nearly all the other mmos on the market, except maybe black desert and the likes. I love the art direction and I think that if the devs could fix the flaws in the content the game would be perfect
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