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  1. Why nerf core guard? It's already countered by Core War, Spellbreaker, Bunk Druid, Boonbeast, Condi-Mirage, Holosmith, and Scrapper. The only thing its good at fighting is all Thief classes, Necros, Condi-Engi, and Power Mes. It used to counter Rev but not since their dps buff. If you want to nerf something nerf the pet dps of bunk ranger builds especially referring to Bunk Druid and Boon Beast. Nerf Deadeye stealth, engi turret heal, Mesmer damage mitigation aka -Blocks-Blinds-Invuln-Evades-Stealth-Teleport- all these together are a bit much.
  2. I'm having constant DC's as well but I have 2 PC's in the same room with roughly the same builds spec wise and only one is DCing. I can always get right back on, but I'll DC in under 15 minutes every time that I do. I makes it so that I don't want to PvP because I would hate to DC and cause my team a loss.
  3. Great Job Arena Net you made double legendarys of nearly every weapon.. except longbow. How long is it going to take for you to give us a legendary longbow for male and or darker character themes? I've been waiting on one since launch. Now.. another scepter. What's it gonna take anet? Make my longbow =p
  4. JQ was closed for a very long time with a low population. It was kept closed for so long that most just transferred out. Now it has a "medium" population and has to fight servers like Maguuma with linked servers and a population that JQ just can't compete with. Is there some reason why JQ can't be linked with other servers in the same way to even out the population? It would likely make WvW less of a train-wreck. I've seen servers fall off and come back and its usually just a waiting game, but JQ has been through Anet's hate list and is likely fubar.Link us up please and give us a fighting cha
  5. The stealth on Deadeye definitely needs a nerf, even the pu-mancers of old didn't have this much stealth and they nerfed them by 50 percent.
  6. Yeah, that works on voting polls but for a discussion thread you should add a bit more than a yay or nay =p
  7. We'll for starters; If we could move 3 of our friends to my server it would cost 5400 gems, but my server is full. Two of theirs is full as well so for us all to move to the one that isn't full would cost 12600 gems. I'd rather not.
  8. With all the bad things happening to us in the game PvP (DCs, Win Trades, Bad Match-ups) , PvE (Bugged Achievements like Fancy Flying then get stuck in a wall or DC after earning it but before getting credit), and WvW (No commanders, huge zergs vs your little 15 mam group you managed to scrape together. Annoyingly time gates reward system), do us a solid Arena-net and open the servers so we can at least WvW with friends.
  9. So PvP looks fixed but its as if the matches didn't happen and I got no win credit.
  10. Did my 1st placement, won the match, left the match, got dragged back to the match, rinse, repeat. I'm out of the map after update but still in match, hope this doesn't cause dishonor or steal my win...
  11. This is my alt that I mentioned that I use to test guys who want to duo Character name Xeroghoul Malak. The top 2 on the right hand side (blue team) are 1890 ratedBelow is a pic of the same two from the upper right on blue team at 1890 vs my alts 1470https://static.wixstatic.com/media/5dc70d_3579c118a7964d75b9a90ad245caa8b0~mv2.png/v1/fill/w_575,h_325,al_c,usm_0.66_1.00_0.01/5dc70d_3579c118a7964d75b9a90ad245caa8b0~mv2.png Did I actually have to make a website to put images on this forum?http://www.wix.com/website/builder/?referral=split%20page&vertical=other#!/builder/story/8f60f40c-a6e7-4
  12. I think ranked 1v1s would be a very good way to bypass carries and some of the current win trade methods being used. There would still be some that would just queue into each other with dummy accounts for free wins but that would happen regardless. There are also issues with current builds that could cause problems if not handled carefully. I think that Arena Net should control selectable 1v1 builds to solve issues with having to fight in boring bunker or stealth matches. Eliminating stealth is reasonable as a 1v1 is pretty much a "duel" and in a duel one doesn't hide behind a boulder or tree
  13. Please disable dishonor until you can fix the issues with legacy map DCs, well either that or take the map out of rotation until fixed. I was DC'd from legacy and put back into VB PvE area and had to map to LA to get put back in the match. I got back in, we won. I got second best stats even with the late start and I still got dishonor. Just 6 minutes but its the point =p Hopefully ranting at you guys on the forums took up that 6 minutes.
  14. The number of games played requirement has been met. If this only happens at the 250 ish range then I won't be concerned. Thanks for the info.
  15. It also gives ArenaNet's matchmaking much more control over match outcomes. If you can only control two of your players, and ArenaNet can pick three along with all five enemy players, what can you if they decide you need a few losses. At least with 5v5 you can control each player and if they try to get you farmed my a top rated 5v5 team, Qdodge.When the rankings were Amber - Legend on my trip through Diamond I actually got placed against 4 Diamonds and a Legend vs me, 1 ruby, 2 emeralds, and an Amber. I would take screenshots of matches like this an post about it. Now I can't-do that because
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