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  1. (Copying my comment on the reddit thread about this change) As a dedicated WvWer, I'm really disappointed by this change. It meant a lot to me that we finally had a valuable prestige item to work towards and I hate to see that trivialized. On the other hand, it looks like the ticket prices for these items remains unchanged, meaning a player who achieves r500 will still have to farm for tickets to unlock these skins -- 1310 tickets for the Triumphant ascended set and another 2620 for the Mistforged Triumphant. That's a minimum of 11ish weeks if you're able to reach Diamond 6 every week, which w
  2. (Originally posted to the GW1 and GW2 subreddits, so apologies if you've already seen it there, but I know many forumgoers aren't reddit users and might appreciate this information.) There are several listings up on eBay right now for series 1 skill pins. If you're not familiar with the GW1 skill pins, you can read about them here. The pins in question are: Vow of Silence (from Nightfall CE, not series 1)Contemplation of PurityAura of the LichEnergy SurgeSavage ShotVictory is Mine These are replicas created by the seller, not the original pins distributed at conventions. I've been in contact w
  3. Nice, this will make defending objectives even more difficult and pointless, once again giving attackers the upper hand. It would be far more expedient at this point to simply remove all structures to facilitate the open-field blob fights everyone is so keen on.
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