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  1. I believe this might be necessary for their engine migration ?
  2. Was kind of expecting an outfit myself, though I suppose the raptor skin replaces that
  3. I thought it was.. ok, but not settled enough into the actual maps. The screenshots we had later in the stream did a better job at conveying what Cantha was like, the trailer may have been well animated, it didn't show much of anything. Except for the next elder dragon. Kudos on representing him that way, clever.
  4. Here's to hoping we get some more elite specs reveal to sate our hunger on that front :<
  5. The legendaries all being Aurene was my biggest sore spot. I liked the idea behind the masteries showed though. I did expect more than 1 elite spec though... Not necessarily all of them but.. Yeah. Atleast we have a concept art of a necro with a pistol (which a friend of mine is agonizing over, causing no small amount of amusement for me). Still, I'm left with curiosity unsated.
  6. I agree wholeheartedly with the sentiment. The main draw to legendaries is that they all had their stories, their personality, and more importantly, their appearance. All of them being derived from Aurene is... I dont even understand how you thought it was an upgrade from the past two gens, it's a major downgrade that I can only rationalize is due to lack of time. If that is the case, please please Please : Do not release them as soon as the expansion hits and work on them more. People go for only some legies in particular because they like their style. If you make All
  7. If you mean the guy using the greatsword against the naga, I think it's just artistic animation, not gameplay
  8. Likewise, yet I think I saw some folks with the stuff ingame already
  9. Agreed. There have been plenty of issues with event spawns on that map last week alone. Whether the timers are responsible or not is up for debate, since these are not fixed timers, but event Success/Faillure scripts.
  10. Isn't Season of Dragons proven to be retroactively taking into account the past Bonus events anyway ? I did an episode 1 week late, and it still counted. If so, that'd mean everyone is free to do those achievements whenever they feel like, which I think was the point of those releases
  11. I believe this might be the Splint helmet, or atleast that is the closest I can think of : Splint armor - Guild Wars 2 Wiki (GW2W) A fairly overlooked armor
  12. Indeed, for posterity, people encountering the issue may do the following thing : Go to your Temp folder, find Gw2cache, and delete it, launch the game, and then try again. Support advised me to do so, and it worked. In case it doesn't, you wont lose much, the cache is essentially recreated when you launch the game.
  13. As of today, I just experienced this problem... Is it really fixed ?
  14. 85% and 4/5 It's a game that was loved by it's developers, and inherited a soul as a result. It has it's faults, but you can tell this was a labour of love all around and it makes the difference.
  15. Whether people feel like they've been conned out of a content that has been free several times before including on release and is again as a promotional event or not : The desired effect occured. People are playing on maps rarely ever visited otherwise. Old players who missed said content are taking their chances to go for it. People who had nothing to do are also going for it in order to get a future content reward. New folks get interested and potentially get the expansion package. It's driving the active population up before the announcement of the next expansion whi
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