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  1. Everyone's free to do as they want to be honest... for my part I've never once done daily consciously, so my achievement points is solely from actual achievements and incidental dailies done along the way without noticing. Yes, I miss out on the gold, but I think that's not the actual focus of the game for me. I've got 12k ap, and I only notice progress when I get a chest pop up. Have you done all the one time achievements ? They'll provide ample opportunity for activity. If you have, how about repeatable achievements like Agent of Entropy ? I equate daily achievement point gathering
  2. I believe changing the icons will cause a lot more confusion than help it, as others have mentionned, the majority of players -have- learned how each icon fits each class. An easy help to those who cant without confusing players who have learned the icons, might be to add the colors of the respective classes onto the icons, as it requires a very minimal tweak (it will barely take development time), yet bring a much bigger clarification : there cant be a problem distinguishing mirage and weaver icons if one is purple and the other red. I personally think that in a rushed situation,
  3. The only problem I see with EoD marketing is that it is HIGHLY skewed toward older players. So at most, older players who might be drifting could come back to the game from it, but the player count will not change much. I havent seen much of an overture toward Prospective new players, and that is going to bite them in the rear if it keeps on. At one month from release, I find that strategy questionable.
  4. The only ones that legit give me trouble are Weaver and Mirage. The fact both are very popular picks doesn't help. All of the others are rather distinct I find. If it helps, add colors ? As far as people telling you that learning icons is not that hard, I feel that answering "Bully for you" really doesn't really help either. Your remark about the icons being unreadable is subjective. So is their opinion. If you want to make a remark that pertain to You, customer support is better suited. A forum is for discussion, opposite opinion is not only expected, but normally desirable.
  5. As much as I like OLA, I think functionality should be improved in existing Guild Halls first. As it stands, they still lack crafting stations in the workshop (only scribing available), and offer little else than decoration furnishing, which is nice, but limited. I guess it depends on whether or not that changes with the coming expansion, but I'm not holding my breath.
  6. I have yet to see any RP text or mentions in any of the meta maps, so I imagine that depends on the megaserver ? EU have more feuds with farmers and meta maps than with RPers from what's I've seen of late
  7. I'm waiting for the preview to decide. If the narrative fits, I could probably be fine with it. It's not out of the realm of possibility given the other races technological advancements. I'll tell you what I want, what I really really want... A fully urban map. With urban warfare, or urban conflicts at least. It's one of those environemental designs we haven't seen much of beside Amnoon, and that was very tame. I want to see dark alleys with cuthroats. I want to see gang warfare. I want to see factions forced to mingle together despite hating eachother, and sometime failing to main
  8. As much as I'd like turtles to make an appearance in some fashion, I believe the way you picture it might be too easily griefed : we already face serious griefing from pulling extremely useful tactivators. There is also the issue of map balance. How would that work with the Desert Borderland for example ? Or would they be only for the EBG ? I'd think many players would have a problem if that was the case, as EBG leeches all players already. The idea of growing turtles is interesting, but then my question would be such : Once you've activated that turtle, is it somehow bound to you (
  9. I just think the customer needs to be informed better by the website of what is available and what everything contains. While the wiki is very complete, a first time customer doesn't actually check there most of the time, nor would they have the idea to, reliance on the wiki comes with experience when you play the game already. The website should have a page on the store recapping what Everything does and cost, Living World seasons and expansions alike. The pricing is by itself fair, and even the way everything is split (although packs could be made available for convenience sake), the informa
  10. I'm probably the only one who wouldn't mind the so called buttcapes, but that's likely because most of them look like normal shirts on Charrs, baring a few exceptions...
  11. It's been a long time since I've actually used turret (pretty much since the change to the overcharge skill) I essentially read that on the wiki. If that information is incorrect, I stand corrected, and the info on the wiki should be clarified to reflect that. It states : Projectile attacks will damage and pass through turrets.
  12. In this particular example yes, but mind that some Mobs do deal cleaving damage. Attempt to use any turret in Tequatl or Drakkar for example, and watch them last exactly 1 swipe.
  13. Believe it or not, I entertained the thought a couple of years back... It would probably be possible too, but it might not add much to them. I think their special skill Should be player activated, and have the possibility to be activated several times, like the necro's minions can. I'm not positive about the requirement for movement, but it would definitely solve the issue : the main problem turrets have compared to every other instance of summons is that they're Objects, not Mobs, and different rules apply to them which makes them unreliable (they take unmitigated damage and do not
  14. I think to simplify their position : The skills being nerfed for every engineers because it was used for farming felt as a form of unwarranted punishment to all engineers who Did not farm, and they're quite many. In that sense I wholeheartedly agree with them. The skills were nerfed when it comes to their activation and resistance to strikes. They're completely irrelevant in any fight against other players, because they can be downed in 2 or sometime 1 hit, which can be done accidentally with cleaving. It's a pretty skewed handicap in a place where farming isn't even relevant. I can also
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