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  1. Since some of us are buying it off of the TP I'd love my 25g back since I cannot wear it as a separate top as intended. It's a simple fix. I know you can't sit around all day and use resources creating armor but when you have played the game since it dropped the armor available is getting pretty old :/ I was excited about being able to wear this top with pants. Please reply. Thank you!
  2. WvW AND PvP but good that PvE is fixed right? kitten the pvp community pve is getting crashes too, I don't know where you got your wvw/pvp bugged, pve fixed story, but it's just false.I can tell you that when I crash and spawn in DR that PVE players are saying themselves that they aren't having as many crashes there, so word of mouth is a pretty good source eh?
  3. crash crash crash I've missed 3 tower caps jaysus anet, crash crash crashYou would think you would be putting on your best hat right now considering..........generally one works out the kinks BEFORE rolling out a large patch.
  4. All I recieved was a glider where is the outfit?
  5. All LS brings is a new mini map that then sits dead. What a waste of content creation time and money.I dont go to Lake Doric, Ember Bay (loathe this map), Dragonfall , Istan etc etc etc
  6. I could cry, I could literally just cry. The hype is what can't be forgiven......ok and the guy in the cape.
  7. Lady Vanithy your comment doesn't pertain to my post.
  8. I'm looking for a good fun power beastmaster build. I do not want to play Soul Beast or Druid. I main ranger and for awhile I played Druid but I just don't like playing a support role. I've mained ranger for over 6 years and call me old school I just don't like the new stuff. I have many many alts, one of them a very viable SB Condi build but I love my longbow girl.For years now she has had Beigarths and I'd prefer not to have to switch up her armor, with so many alts that I am still kitting out that gets expensive.I'm used to being able to play her anywhere, mostly PVE but can easily jump t
  9. I made a really stupid costly mistake and now I am looking for a way to fix it. Having 16 characters I can easily see how I did this but now I just need to make the best of it. I have made 3 pieces of Heavy WupWup armor and the other 4 WupWup Celestial Insignia's. I was basing this off of a build I saw on metabattle. Obviously I am considering too many characters at once. Anyway! I realized in going back and looking at builds on metabattle that there isn't a Guardian, Rev, or Warrior build there that uses WupWup. There IS however a Celestial Scourge build, so I am wondering if I had meant to
  10. That is insane! What is this guy thinking asking people to put 18 of those in the build he made? 1450 gold?? Cray crayThank you so much
  11. You're very correct I cannot afford to make these nor do I want to play Fractals for 3 months just to complete this build. I was simply looking for a good Tempest fractal build and ran across this. I don't want to just abort it as I have done everything but this part. So should I just use +5 AR? Because I assumed the Mighty part is where she was getting her extra power from? Thank you!
  12. This build has Mighty +5 Agony Infusion x18 and even with my accessories etc I can't figure out where they all go! Please help me figure this out? Also how does one even obtain 18 of those without having to sell your children?http://metabattle.com/wiki/Build:Tempest_-_Power_DPSThank you very much I appreciate anyone taking the time to answer nicely :)
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