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  1. And would you people be ok if the FDS was updated with the new Sohothin model and effects? Or would that be too much for a GW reward?
  2. I can see where you're going, but to me the differences between the two are pretty big. Starting from Sohothin having an actual blade, to the effects, the Fiery Dragon Sword seems like a noticeably much simpler version. I do have the FDS skin too, and everytime I see Rytlock wielding Sohothin I feel jealous.
  3. Since the moment they updated Sohothin I've always thought it would make for an amazing legendary weapon. What do you think? As of immersion/lore breaking, we already can make the claw of the Khan-Ur and the Shining Blade, so that's kind of broken already. Spoiler: also, the instance where you use it in PoF was amazing.
  4. That's not a solution though. The more resources they have, the better the final product will be.
  5. This. We should stick to reasonable demands and changes, in order to make the spec as playable as possible. Otherwise we will get nothing.
  6. Yeah I don't know what's up with using cooldowns on top of energy costs. Either one or the other, not both.
  7. Aside from some unnecessary cast times (such us the Urn drop), I think the focus to improve the e-spec should be on traits. Traits are way too focused on the dodge mechanic, and so they are left with very few power/dps options. Right now, all three master traits focus on endurance regeneration, and all three grandmaster change the effect of the dodge; that's 6 out of 9 selectable traits focused on the dodge mechanic. That means we have no self-buffing traits, no consistent might or fury generation, no good damage or critical multipliers. With Renegade we have Endless Enmity for fury, Brut
  8. Yeah, we really need ANet to have a good look at Vin traits before release.
  9. Pretty much this. Traits are lacking offensive, power options.
  10. Anyone especially disappointed with traits? I felt there were very few power oriented options, as if they were mostly focused on either endurance/vigor or supporting. Also the lack of any animation change from the grandmaster trait. Daredevil actually has it changed.
  11. As far as we can tell from the trailer, the theme of this e-spec seems much "softer" than Herald's and especially Renegade's. That's not necessarily a bad thing though. Core Rev has always had issues, one of them its identity. It came out together with Herald, so it has never been developed as a thing of its own, and so my guess is Vindicator may be the complement it needs. I've always kind of wanted to be a "pure" Rev (no signet aura below me, no orange charr effects) but never could (while being useful, that is) so a softer theme seems like a good idea to me. Not saying it's the be
  12. It's honestly amazing the game survived this long. Management and decision-making has been terrible from the start. A shame really, the game has always had insane potential. And I fear the expansion might not be the success we need, the ideas behind it are OK but so far it feels rushed and in a noticeably low budget. Not precisely signs of long-term commitment.
  13. Honestly, if we're going to get recycled animations, we may well get the cool ones. Gravedigger is probably the best GS animation around, so I'm happy we are having it. And to everyone saying it's one of Reaper's signature moves, I say Soulbeast stole our Unrelenting Assault first, so we are due a compensation.
  14. True, Kalla's legend treatment was quite similar to Jalis'. Still, Jalis' actions were arguably much more impactful to his race than Kalla's (or Talon descendant's) , and that could explain why he doesn't stand out as a legend as much as she does. As I said, I wouldn't mind channeling the spirit of the tengu through Talon, but the rev in me still craves channeling another truly powerful legend such as Kanaxai, Balthazar, Menzies and such.
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