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  1. So the bug is at the part where it transitions you from the first mission directly into the 2nd and it somehow breaks progression and the workaround is to leave and start the 2nd mission manually. Still doesn't explain how only my main account was affected. The only difference between the two accounts is that my main already did the story once before.
  2. Odd. So I went to Desert Highlands and it started me off at the 2nd part of the first mission. I finished it before though. So I guess it didn't count? But I even re-did the whole episode and it always bugs it there. My other account didn't have this problem.
  3. The first objective where it says "Join your companions on the beach." cannot be completed. Rox & Braham do not spawn and the compass is stuck pointing north. Even if you abandon the story line, relog or restart the game, it remains stuck and completely blocks the story from progressing. Update: I reset the episode. It's still bugged. There is no workaround. https://i.imgur.com/uDdsT5k.jpg Update #2: Workaround: Go back to Desert Highlands and "repeat" the mission. It will start from the second part where you fell on the beach. Complete the mission. That's it.
  4. Holstering/unholstering your weapon can cause the backpack to disappear. It can also happen when you mount up. This bug seems to happen only on certain maps but most commonly occurs in WvW. To make it re-appear, the checkbox in the inventory has to be toggled to hide and then unhide the backpack. It will also reappear after you re-zone. My backpack: Ad Infinitum
  5. I placed orders for dyes, TP took approximately 15gold from me, no orders were actually placed though.
  6. I'm at 1/5 progress for it. I killed all of them, some multiple times. I've given up on this achievement. I was already frustrated enough with Amala not counting for the recap event. It's not worth the hassle. I'm not here to play RNG with achievements and their bugs & glitches.
  7. I did Amala for the 5TH TIME... this time it actually counted. I did some things different though; I disabled Autolook pickup and I focused on her clones and killed one clone and one champion guardian in the room. I don't know if that did the trick or if it's just a coincidence but it's worth giving it a try. Still... I shouldn't need to look for workarounds to a bug that shouldn't even exist. Fix your game Anet.
  8. Okay. I did the event on 3 different accounts. 2 accounts got it on the first try. My main account failed for the 4th time in a row. I have no idea whats causing it. I did absolutely nothing different but only my main account is affected.
  9. Yeah I noticed. We literally posted at the same time lol. What are the chances
  10. The recap achievement for killing Amala in the Great Hall is bugged and doesn't complete. Killed her 3 times already. Return to Daybreak bonus event stuck at 14/15
  11. I'm sitting at over 3mil myself and even though I occasionally make large purchases, I still seem to gain more than I spend. My friend on the other hand has the opposite problem. He's always out of karma, but he also spends it a lot more frequently than I do. He buys map currency daily and trades it for Ascended accessories & rings. I guess it depends hugely on how you play the game. I get most of my gear through Fractals so I don't need map currency.
  12. A bit of a useless feature if it doesn't work, wouldn't you agree? It seems that every time there's a patch, all my favorites are removed.
  13. They call this a content patch? One public event and a vendor with rehashed skins? Why even bother working on anything? Should've never released Champions. Regurgitated garbage.
  14. Servers have been lagging for 2 days now. Skills take 2seconds to activate, constantly disconnecting from the game. PoF maps seem to be the worst with this but I'm experiencing it everywhere, even in core. Yesterday was completely unplayable.
  15. It's not one bug, there are SEVERAL bugs with this race and it seems to only affect certain people which makes absolutely no sense to me. The bugs I experienced: double pop-up window at the beginning of the race (every time)timer disappears after a few seconds of starting the race (every time)crossing the finish line doesn't end the race / endless laps until the checkpoints stop registering (every time for me. my friend doesn't have this bug)if you don't close the 2nd pop-up window and let the 30sec timer expire, it teleports you back to the beginning of the race without actually ending it (
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