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  1. The achievements for doing each DRM once and doing the story chapters the first time should be a gimme. The Mastery communes are easy, too, just remember that the commune points are only in the DRM instances and not the open world version of the zones lol. You can get those after you've finished the DRM itself so you don't have to worry about doing it while the events are going on. Dragon Slayer Arms Master only needs you to buy the recipes, which are cheap, and the faction supporter achievements should still count if you buy the boxes with seals instead of tokens. The
  2. If you plan on doing WvW, DEFINITELY go Marauder. If you run pure glass cannon stats in WvW you'll die quickly and frequently, lol. Marauder is great in open world too - the vitality gives you some breathing room when you're solo and don't have an organized group with dedicated pocket heals support specs. Marauder exotics are more expensive than Zerker exotics on the TP, so getting Bladed armor boxes from Verdant Brink and picking Marauder stats is a smart way to accomplish that 👍 I'd recommend buying a second set of Zerker exotics for starting fractals/raids, though. Y
  3. First things first: here's the galleries of (human) heavy armor sets, back skins, and weapon skins by weapon type. God bless the wiki's image galleries 💖 The Steam and Glyphic weapons will be the cheapest option - they're common low-level drops that are on the trading post for a couple silver each. Not very flashy, but a nice cheap stopgap. Some of the Stormcaller weapons might match, but they're 10-20 gold apiece on the TP. Skins that cost karma, Peacemaker's, purple asura-themed, and Adamant Guard, steampunky charr-themed - but they cost an absolute boatload of karma ap
  4. I love that bug, lol. If you get this Shattered Observatory fractal achievement and talk to Yokko in the fractal lobby, you get a low-grav buff that acts similar to the mount bug. Mistlock Sanctuary has the same low-grav buff permanently on, but it's a lounge pass that costs gems. It has a fun skill to go with it that lets you yeet yourself, though.
  5. There are two different settings you want to keybind here: under Movement there's "about face," which is the one that turns your character and camera both 180 degrees to face the opposite direction; and under Camera there's "look behind," which is basically an about-face for just the camera and not the character. They're unbound by default. "About face" will be wonky if you're mounted, since mounts can't turn on a dime like characters.
  6. It started with the Vermilion wings back & glider. The backpiece can cause FPS drops, made worse if the character wearing it is a mesmer with clones out. You don't have to wear it yourself, either - other players on your screen wearing it can give you the same FPS drops. The Incarnate Flame skyscale skin, Seraph Wings backpack, & Vermilion Blaze greatsword skins have a similar effect. And of those IIRC only other players' mount skins get hidden if you turn your character model quality to lowest.
  7. No problem! Another thing to keep in mind: try not to convert gold to gems immediately after something shiny goes on sale, because you won't be the only person buying gems with gold and the exchange rate will not be in your favor. If you know you want to save up for something wait for the lulls between sales when the rate per 100 gems is closer to 30g than 40g. FWIW, 32g/100gems is pretty good. Idk if anyone's linked GW2 Efficiency yet, but they have a graph of gold-gem exchange rates over time and (if I did the link right) that should be the setting to show how much go
  8. You don't see any birds in other maps because they've all been summoned to Harathi Hinterlands. All hail the O M N I O W L
  9. If you can wait a while, the no-frills Unbreakable set is usually discounted to 1200 gems during the anniversary sale, but you'd have to get glyphs separately off the TP. Still, 1200 gems + TP glyphs might end up cheaper gold-wise than the Volatile/Unbound ones, because I've only ever seen the V/U tools discounted to ~2100 gems or so.
  10. The Mistward chestpiece has a lightly glowing channel that would probably dye up nicely. In the wiki images here it's the red/yellow channel on the charrs' chestpieces. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Mistward_armor#Charr Halloween's still a ways away, but the Lunatic heavy armor has (sadly undyeable) flaming bits. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Lunatic_Templar_armor#Charr Citadel of Flame dungeon armor is more "literally on fire" than just "fiery," but some pieces might work. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Flame_Legion_armor_(heavy)#Charr There's some
  11. AoEs with white circles are ones you CAN stand in, though, as they're either your own or your allies' spells. In some cases you're even supposed to stand in them for buffs/finishers/cleanses. (Granted I do tend to run away from AoEs that look like erupting lava, white border or no, because the "fire bad" instinct is strong and I'm made of tissue paper lol)
  12. Of all GW2's many, many issues (lack of dev attention given to PvP/WvW, the seeming serial abandonment of group PvE modes such as dungeons/fractals/raids/strikes/DRMs, extremely infrequent balance patches, long stretches of unadvertised and poorly explained events like Champions' faction weeks, etc. etc.)... "not enough opportunity for player interaction" doesn't even make the list, tbh.
  13. Me! I have tons of ascended gear thru achievements/laurels but my only legendary is a fat stack of obsidian shards 😂
  14. Oh urgh, those achievements. I remember spending a horribly long day in Mt Maelstrom grinding those events to finish that category... you basically have to: wait till there's an event completer daily for the relevant zone (this could take a loooong time), pop a mentor tag, announce the event (and maybe that it's for the Conservation of Magic achievements) in map chat, and hope you don't attract SO big a zerg that the event scales to infinity and fails. IIRC the thing that usually made the events fail when I was trying for them was not enough people killing inquest i
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