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  1. One would almost think that there is some sort of romantic connection between the two...
  2. So far I am very impressed by this addon. I don't usually actively look for roleplayers, but I am always in character, and it is a delight to know that roleplayers that you encounter (and have this addon installed) can read your character sheet. I highly endorce it. I did encounter one bug however. The pop ups for your own roleplaying details seem to still pop up, even if the Warp window itself is hidden. For people who hold down the right mouse button to move the camera, this can cause the mouse pointer to remain hidden, if they accidentally let go of right mouse button while it is
  3. It seems especially odd that Bathazar would curse Kormir (the newest of the 6), before cursing Lyssa, who is one of the original gods of Tyria. The dialog strongly implies that he is intentionally leaving Lyssa out. I do not believe it is a mistake on anet's part.
  4. I've seen a crocodile slide. An elephant's legs aren't positioned sideways last I checked, nor do they rest on their chest. Maybe an elephant isn't a good comparison?
  5. When Heart of Thorns came out, that wasn't exactly my jam. I wasn't fond of the often confusing amount of verticallity in the maps, and the densely packed zones with annoying enemies conjured up bad Factions flashbacks. Path of Fire on the other hand, brought back my favourite setting from the original Guild Wars. I loved the story, the mounts, the music. It was like a blast from the past. And the enemies were toned down, which I prefer. Path of Fire brought me back to the game. So far I like all of what I've seen of End of Dragons. Fishing, skiffs, siege turtles and the new maps all
  6. Bought it without hesitation, though I had to buy it through the website. Some of the ingame payment options seem to not be working at the moment, as I reported in the bugs section.
  7. Siege Turtles with gatling guns or lasers... when?
  8. I joined the party of a random person, just to sit in the backseat while he drove me all around Lion's Arch as I shot the weapons at everything in sight. I can see this becoming the next afk meta! In all seriousness though, I love this design. GW2 is one of the most cooperative MMO's available, and I like that this mount follows that design philosophy. I wish more mounts had a coop option. Why can't someone hop onto the back of my skyscale or raptor?
  9. So far I see a lot of potential for Siege Turtle races during community events. That said, I am not fond of the way the Siege Turtle fades out if you get close to it. It is really jarring. Please either remove it, or give us an option to turn it off. Also, please add a classic Siege Turtle skin, with old cannon! Also, also, random idea: Allow us to customise the weaponry on the turtle in the future.
  10. As the title says, purchasing End of Dragons with Ideal through the ingame gemstore seem broken at the moment for EU players. You select your bank, and press continue, and nothing happens. If on the other hand the same payment is done through the main Guild Wars 2 website, it's all fine and dandy. So... what gives?
  11. I'll reserve my opinion till I see the Jade Sea stretching out towards the horizon. There is so little they showed of it so far.
  12. Indeed. The negative voices are always the loudest, but not always the most reasonable. It would be a mistake for Arena Net to make instant changes based on those few loud naysayers, while ignoring the silent majority. And some of the negative voices are even so negative, that you'd almost think a developer killed their pet dog or something. End of Dragons is not Factions. It will never be Factions. But if you want to play Factions, you still can. The new vision of Cantha in GW2 was always going to be different from Cantha in GW1, and it was always going to defy your expectations. To
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