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  1. Thanks for the fantastic answers everyone! I've been wondering about a lot of this for ages.
  2. I'm curious to know if there is lore regarding various necromancer skills/spells. I don't expect clear answers on any of these questions (because a lot of it seems open to interpretation), but perhaps some of the lore community can piece together more info than I can on this subject. What is a signet exactly? Is it a symbol that a necromancer carries with them, or a symbol they draw?What is a mark? Is it simply a symbol that the necromancer conjures forth, or do they draw it on the ground?What does it mean to steal life force? Traditionally, a spell like Life Transfer is Blood Magic (in GW1),
  3. Indeed it was hard to select winners. Our judges were so divided. Enjoy your prize darling!
  4. Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to all who participated for your wonderful submissions. The Snowman King has increased the value of each of the prizes and the gold amounts have been adjusted accordingly. The total value of each prize is higher now than what we initially posted and we have smaller prizes for the runner ups. Enjoy your prizes and hope to see again next Horrorween!
  5. I'm loving these screenshots and the captions darling! The Queen often neglects to take pictures during her own event.Additionally, the art contest winners have now been decided, and the winners should soon receive their prizes. We were also honored by this wonderful video by Jilly Beene:
  6. Just a quick update. Our judges are currently tallying the votes. We expect to announce the winners somewhere this week. Winners will be picked based on originality, artistic quality of the work, adherence to the rules of the contest and Horrorween spirit. Plus a bit of personal taste from each judge of course. The judges are pretty divided, so I think the final winners will be surprising to all of us.
  7. Absolutely darling. What you said is exactly what we were hoping to do; To inspire people and give them a chance to try out something different, while also giving them an opportunity to showcase their talents to others. As such, we hope that everyone, regardless if they won or not, enjoyed taking part in the contest. As the Queen stated, we can be lenient. Your late submission is accepted. We will also need some time to pick a winner, so please be patient while we do our best to pick our favourites out of an amazing selection of entries. The winners will be announced soon.
  8. We can be a little bit lenient, don't you worry Tezpoca darling. No problem darling. Then that will be the username we'll use to send a prize if you win. Darling, that is adorable! I love it! That is such an original idea!
  9. What an excellent recording of the fireworks. It is great to be able to see the show from the point of view of the audience. A marvelous choice of music too. It almost made the Queen feel something in her black heart.
  10. Wonderful darling! That is the first entry with both me and Daniel together in one picture. I like the inclusion of the labyrinth. You put so much thought into this.
  11. Darling, that is amazing! And yes, please do share a higher resolution version too if you can. Your submission is accepted regardless, but both the Queen and the King of the Snowmen like having the best resolution version available (and for framing in the Frozen Palace).
  12. A few more days remaining darlings to send in your submissions!I am looking forward to your wonderous creations.
  13. Well, trying the same thing over and over is kind of the definition of an MMO if we're being brutally honest. Now, I personally love jumping puzzles, but I understand the frustration with the in-combat slow down (a mechanic I am not a fan of). I also understand that this sort of content is very difficult for people with some form of imparement, or a low spec pc. In the end though, the game is all about guilds and playing together with others. There are plenty of alternatives in the game to skip jumping puzzles. Players can be portalled up to the end of a jumping puzzle, and there are items tha
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