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  1. >post is literally "praising" devs for a singular skill on a pigeonholed weapon that "fixes" a problem, apparently problematic enough about to post about >only other "fix" is a utility skill that's not viable in any content in the game "not a flaw" i mean, okay
  2. after what we've seen? yes, actually, pretty much, unfortunately they still can and i mean, hey if they were going to stop "enjoying" something just because someone points out a flaw then, hello, yes, there's clearly a flaw that needs to be addressed
  3. i mean, to be fair, not really it's actually a seriously flawed band-aid considering there are 3 specializations (core, chrono, and mirage) revolving around target-bound clones, and there are only two skills in the game to redirect them, both being on mirage, one stuck to axe, the other on a useless utility skill, it's actually an extremely poorly thought out design but i do appreciate the attention you bring to this in the wake of virtuoso's design decision being a complete joke of a way to fix this exact issue of clone re-targeting
  4. i meaaaaaan to be fair not really not "must" revert the alacrity part entirely, along with the nerfs mirage needed its own identity give the time mage the time magic mirage should have never had this
  5. i mean i really don't even care about it being the same as other revive traits what i care about is that ALL of the revive traits are like this they're trash but mesmer in particular has no good option in place of this trash, like the other classes my issue is they don't fix the surrounding problems i couldn't care less about this trait on its own, or any revive traits, for that matter remove them all, give us something usable in their place even THAT still doesn't fix the freaking mantra trait or phantasms cleanse (ON
  6. but how does garbage being slightly better than garbage make it acceptable? we still need traitline revamps, because this is absolutely pathetic with what's going on across the board for every class in general, due to global pvp-specific-nerfs that literally murder the idea of a trait pick (like the 300s cooldown trash), but mesmer in particular, for the individual strengths of the traits, some classes have entire traitlines worth picking for a single grandmaster that's build defining, while also picking up synergetic traits elsewhere in the line, meanwhile, mesmer got
  7. not to mention how easily it is to avoid you can literally A/D spam strafe the freaking "shatters"
  8. wait wat ahahha i hope this is also ironic, i actually can't tell because some people might actually think this way did you just say that me, wanting more interactable interactions with trait lines that are actual OPTIONS, and not pigeonholed fake selections, that the player needs to build for and think about using, is wanting the game to play itself? because i said a garbage trait that got nerfed, when it's competing between other garbage traits, is an absolutely pathetic concept for "balancing"? you quoted my comment about the main post, so,
  9. the answer is ranger and deadeye try running either of those in a wvw group, and enjoy being laughed out of the game they not only focus primarily around projectile damage, but they offer nothing else on top of it, which is exactly where virtuoso lands
  10. aside from grav well, but even that one is so overestimated, considering it's still on the class that got Curtain in the first place, i feel like people put too much weight on a 60s cooldown just to confirm a kill... like, i'd rather have Well of Suffering over Gravity Well if given the option, and that's so disgusting considering one is a utility on half the cooldown and the other is a freaking elite CC but, yea virtuoso being a joke is one thing, after the only thing mirage gave us in wvw was GS ambush, and uh, finally staff ambush which..... still shouldn't be a thing......
  11. literally for what? unless you're stating this ironically due to the topic, in which case, +1 then they should just be removed again, this is such a simple fix, and it's dumbfoundingly pathetic that this is the direction they take if they don't want to figure out how to balance something, ignoring it being the balance teams only job to begin with, then they need to stop smiters booning everything, and just completely remove them and change them into something else it IS "mesmer in this case", because if you read, my entire p
  12. b-b-b-but it's slow too -glances at warrior bubble- and it's a fast... cast....? at least they sorta....fixed it, and made it pulse every second, instead of every 2... for wvw....
  13. you honestly don't see a conflicting problem here? you're accepting something can have absolutely useless and braindead ideas shoved into them because it has mechanically broken features that make it a REQUIREMENT? you think something being a requirement is any better? no, fix the class, then give people actual options this isn't an argument, this is accepting ignorance ahahaha i'm so glad someone who actually does pve said this i don't pve at all, so, glad i'm not the only one here
  14. wow i see why that guy said triple post what the holy butts is wrong with this forum, woops, triple post
  15. wow i see why that guy said double post what the holy butts is wrong with this forum, woops, double post
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