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  1. If he’s trying to save up tickets for ascended/legendary gear then I can see his point. It’s not easy to get all the tickets each week if you’re lower levels.
  2. Retal is still a thing so I guess some people will be surprised, like I was, when your damage comes flying back at you still.
  3. I’m not. And i’ve stated that in a few of my posts. I actually support the idea of being able to stow the pet if that’s what you want. I’m giving my point of view yes, but as I have stated earlier I do support this request change.
  4. Actually I understand the situation very well. I run soulbeast so I can have complete control of the pet. Merging with the pet (stows it) AND gives me higher stats to work with. Why on earth would I want to run a different ranger and just put the pet away like it's useless. That just doesn't make sense to me. Also, I very often take the pet out and let it deal with enemy in small groups and especially 1v1 when it calls for it. Very functional and useful. I stand by all my comments.
  5. Another reason to run Soulbeast with merged pet 😉. I do agree though that for the other Rangers this option would be very good! Also, seriously, if you don’t want the pet in the way and don’t want to run Soulbeast then why not just play another class??? Dragon hunter has good range and is a better zerg choice, for example
  6. The fundamental problem outlined in the OP, and I quote part of it: "Also dead pets always follow you and can reveal your team's position to the enemies after a veil" The issue is that "dead pets follow you". Hitting the swap pet key and allowing the new pet to appear beside you instead of the other one limping along the field IS a solution in the current way this game is set up. Frankly it's the only solution to a limping pet... for those that aren't soulbeasts. For a soulbeast you just hit the merge key and poof he's gone. I haven't done it wrong before soulbeast and I'm c
  7. you do know that you can press F3 and have your pet stay right with you instead of attacking. If you really don’t want the pet to attack and be away from you then press F3 and have him just follow you around like a nice little puppy dog.
  8. I’ve played ranger for years. I know how it works. I don’t understand the attitude really. Frankly I actually think the requested change would be nice, and I support the idea as well. In the meantime I do know what I’m talking about and seriously there’s no reason to fire shots when this is apparently suppose to be a forum where ideas are shared... Yes?
  9. Not sure I understand the flippant response. Swapping pets is exactly what I’ve done in those situations and it works just fine. If that’s not something you can manage I’m sorry, but really there’s no reason for that response.
  10. The key is having multiple people sharing the condi reduction. Each person in the group takes a little more off instantly until there is no more condi on them and those near them.
  11. If you’re not a soulbeast then simply swap pets. That will make the dead one disappear and the new one pop up beside you. Problem solved.
  12. Yes they would rather work on something that gets them more money, I get that. I’m fairly confident it wouldn’t be a big effort in programming though. Not a show stopper for me... just would be very nice to have. 🙂
  13. You can actually have 5 per character now. I would have no problem paying to transfer to my main character if they offered that.
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