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  1. Satuette from Artherblade meta is not accepted by Myung -Hee , means I can not get weekly access . I have the item from the meta in my bag but there is no dialog option to hand it in and progress achivement for the vault. other statuettes are working.
  2. Just noticed the issue been reported already but i will add that the avhivement to get Untamed hammer crushing weight is bugged . The Echoval Wilds meta achivement will not progress. Ive done it serveral times and no go, I even got the Spire backpiece to drop but I cant complete Crushing weight achivement
  3. Talking weapons ? really ? shouldnt mounts be talking too then ? im sure springer has lots to say Also I main revenant so imagine if legends and talking weapons got into some weird convos I would have to suffer through . nooo thank you !
  4. There are two generations of legendary weapons One is tradable , the other is not New legendaries do not seem that awesome anyway ,assuming they stick with the same aestethics (Greatswords all look like weird swordfish heads in different colours), so let them all spend their money if they want
  5. they had two days to fix it and nothing.... not something you would expect from major studio but then again maybe Anet isnt one anymore , who knows why they cant do stuff right these days. You can just imagine expansion mayhem if this is any indicator of the future
  6. Yep Launching from the game folder after renaming worked for me. It would still not work while using shortcut on my desktop P.s. it seems you have to rename the .exe file everytime you want to start the game though
  7. It is always coming back to the point that the general idea of Revenant and Renegade are really alluring with the mist theme and legends weaved in.The execution is another case though, which is very disappointing and will frustrate alot of players, across any game mode, even in pve. There is just not that much fun after you exhausted the part where you were drawn to the class based off the concept. Game play lacks flow, even if you are enthusiast ofthe stance dance style of play , it feels disjoined And that is sad truth
  8. I was just wondering how did the launch of HoT go ? I can not rememeber if it went better than this one or it was the same server issues and hours wasted waiting to log in.Any recolections at all ?
  9. Desert Shroud is considered scourge`s shroud for all the trait purposes and yes, you still retain weapon skills at all times. Whole shade skills bar is your shroud skills you just have access to them all the time.
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