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  1. My 2 cents to the discussion. Overall the new espec feels awul to play. While I expect the Revenant to be a clunky class that somewhat has long-ish cast times, i'm missing the pay-off in damage. Also: No Furry available? The idea of 2 legends seems like a cool idea, but plays horrible. I don't want to change between heal-support skills and damage skills. Give me an option to lock the skills in place. Some F3 ability, or split the Luxon and Kurzick Legend entirely. The skills itself are fine, I guess but feel unexciting and boring. Cool animation where? And I think there was
  2. Hey there, the fifth tab in the WvW-window where you should be able to select your WvW-Guild is not available on my account. Same goes for a friend, other see it just fine.
  3. Hey it seems like the "Vision of Equipment: Banner of the Commander" is bugged. I completed the Banner already but can't buy the "Emblem" http://prntscr.com/nul1gr
  4. The Mastery Points in the Umbral Battlegrounds seems highly missplaced. https://prntscr.com/nok18zhttps://prntscr.com/nok1ar
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