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  1. Trapper Runes can‘t put 22 stacks of burn onto you and is 100% a SoJ issue. It applies burn on each hit as well as proc‘ing Permeating Wrath every 3rd tick to add even more burn.I mean I wouldn‘t care about Trapper Runes being removed, do that, but your team would still eat the same burn stacks. It wouldn‘t change anything Without traps and trapper-runes, a burn DH (running Zeal, Virtues, DH) would either be permanently in down-state, or, they'd have to give up either the Zeal or Virtues trait-lines to gain some sustain, which would mean the damage output would drop WAY off. Running Zeal, Vir
  2. Auto targeting will also mess up settings which advanced players use like retargeting. Basically sometimes players need super specific targeting to do what they wanna do, which also could just be kiting which is very important for players in tight situations and auto targeting while it may be convenient for other situations might result in an unavoidable death in others
  3. /facepalm Burn DH does too much burning, I know, lets nerf the power damage of guardian! This forum.... unbelievable. I never said too much burning. I don’t even think it needs nerfs- the problem imo with a team fight build that puts down a lot of cleave and gets value is that they are generally spam heaving. Take away instant damage and a bit of the dots will hurt but not take away all the value in addition to increasing cds a bit would make a build like this focus on playing with good timing not just instant reward if that truly is the problem. Not that I think it needs to be nerfed that’s j
  4. I agree with the analysis of what’s wrong. But not the solution- as making it single target will just ruin the mechanic. As a solution I’d say just only touch on the damage of soj maybe nerf the power damage of that a lot and lower the burning a bit- if you think this is still too much just increase cd on utilities like traps to compensate
  5. Tbh this is just something you should get used to in gw2. Many ppl even at the silver level skill wise can ezily get to plat on something as ez as MM scourge and ppl will think they are bots because they actually get in high rated games as a low skill player- the result they lose those games and all backwash into G3ish rating, hence if your gold rated every match has like 2 necros on each side. Once you get into higher rating the necros become alittle less common, but you’ll still see some
  6. Blind is massive annoying- ele scrapper holo put out so much that the match up into builds that might be able to dps them off node are still won, since they cannot hit that dps.I think burning is kindof fine- it seems to mostly be a thing because of needs to the classes that do stuff besides burn so that’s more a consequence to nerfs, now ppl just need to have burn to dps properly.Or at least that’s my opinion feel free to disagree
  7. O boi 10k shards is child’s play. I could get almost all the gizmos in a month
  8. I've mained Guardian, to be honest, I do not have any problem with dealing a Mesmer. If I take right actions like dodging skills or using right skills in right time etc. I can take down any class. I believe that mastering any class and playing it is the right the key. But, the thing i want to mention is that the attention you have to pay.For example; as a Guardian, I have to calculate every move. I cannot use my skills randomly, I need to use them in a correct situation. To success, I have to play smart.And about Mesmer; I just started to play with Mesmer a few days ago. I just checked a meta
  9. It like many things has amazing counters- but the teams who organize for tournaments just don’t bring those- scourge, sd thief some times condi rev, all insane hard counters. But who knows maybe no one will consider bringing counters or playing around it so ppl will think it’s op. Decap druid is like that- hard countered by all other ranger builds and will lose the 1v1 to thief and rev roaming builds- but teams just don’t think to play that or around them and get hard memed
  10. If u want tanky for ranked I’d put ranger on the list. It is mechanically ez and comfortable, and it can also be played tanky hybrid damage dealer which can be very good in ranked due to mobility and ability to play most roles. Though I’ll point out it’s not brain dead op or anything just good, ez and flexible. If u want brain dead op then probably that shiro renegade build- which is alittle harder for sure but pretty brain dead at performing all around well
  11. Nothing more to add I talk about high-end play because like I said: you don't balance around players who are using it wrong. If you don't understand why then you have never been a high-end player in any game. PVP falls apart when you balance around bad players because there's no incentive to get better and good players that would prop up the mode through thousands of hours of play simply leave.Are u really gonna claim I’ve never been top teir. I thought I were a fan boi who plays necro in g3/p1
  12. I decline matches p often and many times this week I get no dishonor at all and can q up right after I decline? Possibly an occasional bug? No screen shot cuz why would I record this obviously
  13. Necro can definitely carry some players many hundred mmr higher than there intended rating. What I don’t get about your post is why u always talk about high-end play and balance as if theres something glorious about a small part of the population. Maybe ur just a fan boi, what am I supposed to think
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