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  1. I want a /bop emote for mounts in game, similar to catJAM. Plz.
  2. Yeah because teams at those rating levels are, unfortunately, equally as clueless.
  3. Why are so many people defending that much immob application? That's broken XD - immob should at the LONGEST, last 2 seconds. It should be a tactical application, not a SPAMMED application. Otherwise there is no difference between a skilled player's usage of it and a non-skilled player's usage of it - there is so much immob to go around that the player does not get punished for using it liberally. That's a problem.
  4. Yeah, man, the game isn't balanced around 2v2s so.... a chonky scourge and a glass cannon DH can do whatever and basically always win in semi-competent hands. That's why I just don't play 2v2s.
  5. +1 BUMP this thread. Blind needs to be removed as soon as any outgoing attack hits, is obstructed, blocked, or evaded. Especially when Condi thieves (which are broken) can still spam it like candy. The community somehow condemned Flash Shell on Mortar kit, but thieves get access to a projectile-destroying blind pulse field and no one says anything? Don't understand this community's blind eye to balance issues.
  6. "So no pvp till new season?": *Slams cell phone*.... *JUMPS ON SKATEBOARD*
  7. Eh, I'd say some *applications* of conditions are problematic. Being able to apply 5+ seconds of immobilized on a foe as a ranger is actually broken. "They can just cleanse!" Yeah, but... what else have they cleansed that took priority cleansing over the immobilized (which rangers can pulse, too)? Ranger immobilize access needs some reductions. Also, burning stacks on guards are still a little too high to be justified considering their sustain. The stacks need to be brought down, especially when things like Rabid amulet (which somehow hasn't been deleted yet) are still in the g
  8. While we are at it, can we PLEASE give auras their own unique icon colors? Having the same aquamarine/teal requires a player to take a second to think about what aura a foe has.
  9. Yeah, the "off-line" hyphen thing is obnoxious. Bring back "offline," much easier. Also, whatever happened to floating over a player in game and seeing their username? That's clearly not a privacy issue since you can just add them to see their username or, in WvW, block them to see their username.
  10. No. Those posts were VERY correct. Frost Aura AOE - still bugged. Random 10 second stack of might from Toss Elixir B when using HGH trait - still bugged.
  11. Somehow you people respond to this, but when I mention the Photon Forge and Elixir B bugs, no one says anything. Hmm.
  12. The warrior Frenzy skill unintentionally gives players 1/2 of the endurance needed for a dodge, and no such effect exists in the skill description.
  13. More condi thieves..... yeah............ :/
  14. I don't know how long this has been broken, but at least in PvP gamemodes (and likely in PvE as well), blast combo Finishers in ice combo fields do not give nearby allied players frost aura even when they are sitting right next to you. This has been going on for quite some time.
  15. Yeah I remember on Tea Time when CMC said "Oh yeah, Prime Light Beam's Coefficient is going to be buffed to 1.0" - STILL hasn't happened. XD And Chilled to the Bone still does no dmg lol.
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