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  1. You don't need a "dedicated guild" to get your Warclaw. Find a tag, follow it on a mildy runny (DH, Willbender, Ranger, Ele, etc) that can make up for WC leaps, and you'll get the speedboost from running near a warclaw. Fight and Ktrain with that group and you're set. Join the group's comms if you're left a little behind, tell them you're working on warclaw, most people will even wait for you or come back for you if you're in trouble, especially if you're an asset to the team or their comms (good scout, good stripper, good CC's, etc.). Use boosters intelligently to make reward tracks go faster
  2. I use a controller to play GW2 as well. I use REWASD as a remapper for an Xbox Elite Controller. PM or mail me in game (I only check the forums once in a while) and I can give you details on how to set up and some tips/tricks on how to make the experience very smooth. I do T4 daily fractals on this with zero problem, am high gold/plat in pvp and do WvW every night in a fight guild to great results.
  3. Also G600. I did have issues with the clickers after a while myself but honestly any low-tier electronics repair shop can replace those switches (they're dirt cheap) for a low price when they start failing. I bought a little packet of switches (I think they were less than a dollar each) and have already replaced two of them (left and right click) for a minimal fee (like 10$). Takes like 5-10 minutes to do and if you have access to a soldering kit you can easily do it yourself.
  4. Up to time zone selection I agree with most of what you said. I dont think any additional buffs/advantages should be given to anyone according to their "type" of guild. Even playing feel all around; anything else is exploitable. As for extra pips, no more extra pips. Due to bugs in the placement, my main account got put in a different server this time. Forced me to play on my alt (which ironically, having not chosen any guild as WvW gave me my choice of all the servers) to play with my friends. I played around 14 hours of WvW total this week on that new, baby World Rank
  5. Uhm, "we" are not doing "that" to anyone. If anything, its on employers to treat their employees well (and on the employees themselves not to put up with it). We're asking if this is something we can expect a fix on, or should we just go on GW2 holiday for a week (at least I am). Releasing a Beta on live service warrants communicating with your thousands of players even (especially?) if its the weekend, considering they're paying customers and the test is affecting their experience on the service you provide. Let me make this clear, we're not demanding an immediate fix; we want an answer
  6. Truth. Seems shortsighted to just release a Beta on a LIVE SERVER and pop off for the weekend. And I'm being kind by using the term "shortsighted".
  7. Yeah are we just posting here for data collection or is there a plan to actually do something about this during the currently running BETA? I'm basically on leave until this gets "resolved".
  8. Ok, so I selected my guild for the WvW beta a few days ago (mind you it was still pre-selected from the last beta). 1. I was placed in Skritsburg 2. The rest of my guild was placed in Seven Pines 3. Yes, I toggled it off to nothing and then back on to my guild (before it was locked) 4. I have not transferred lately 5. Borliss Pass is my home world. I could still see my guild in the map (both minimap and world map) in spite of being on enemy servers. I repped another Guild and still could see them on map (now yellow dots, not blue). https://ibb.co/FJXhkC7 I then trie
  9. Considering they haven't really worked out a UI thing for this system, the easiest way to notify people would be in-game mail sent out as soon as the choice became available. That said, i chose the proper guild and still got put elsewhere. *sigh*
  10. Ok, so I selected my guild for the WvW beta a few days ago (mind you it was still pre-selected from the last beta). Once in, I was put in a different world than my guild: They were in Seven Pines, I was in Skrittsburg. I could still see them in the map (both minimap and world map) in spite of being on different servers. I repped another Guild and still could see them on map (now yellow dots, not blue). https://ibb.co/FJXhkC7 I then tried tagging up myself, to see if I could reset the squad view mechanic... no luck https://ibb.co/r6N4d38 So yeah, there's a plethora of
  11. Rebumping this cause its still not fixed. Not gamebreaking but its very annoying.
  12. Anet should make sure that people don't get the same link. Borliss Pass and Blackgate AGAIN. Another two months of hating the relink. GG's see you when EoD launches.
  13. This guy gets it. Most people who stick around for WvW do not play for rewards; they play for the co-op challenge of facing other groups with their own group. We used to play for no pips, for no rewards other than bags. Hell we had to play PVE to fund our WvW gameplay. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad it changed, at least now its not a gold sink. I'm just highlighting the motivation of most long-term WvW players. At the end of the day, WvW rank and pip-gain don't prevent you from playing the game mode, they don't influence whether you win or lose a fight, take a keep, defend a tower or provide
  14. I think for this Beta, probably not. But this NEEDS to be implemented before release, preferably before the next Beta.
  15. I'm gonna try an not be as bleak as most people in-thread, while still pointing out some of the stuff I feel needs changing, but first lets start with the positives: • I think Catalyst has a lot of potential, some of the hammer skills have a good "feel" to them. • There's enough diversity in the skills that, with some important tweaks, it could be very entertaining. • The augments could pair fairly decently with the F5 skill (with some important changes). • Hammer 3 is awesome, conceptually. Now, the analysis of the current state, I'll make it brief since a lot has been ex
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