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  1. I think having to do map comp is understandable for Gift of Exploration. But I thought a neat idea would be to have Shards of Exploration or something in the 6 core reward tracks. Each track is about 8h minus daily pots. 48hs in WvW passively earning Gift of Exploration seems reasonable to me since core map comp can be done in ~12h.
  2. Its actually really easy to pull people through portals that are close to the inside of the gate. Just dependent on player positioning. If a player is within 600 of the gate and has the portal between them and the gate, Temporal Curtain on the gate will pull them through if they clip the portal. (They have to be standing pretty close to the portal) Some of the gates (haven't personally tested all of them), if the player is standing on the back side of the wall, with the portal somewhat between them and the gate. You can place Temporal Curtain in the gap above the gate and pull them into
  3. Into the void is 600 range. If that shouldn't be able effect people through objects, things like Catapults or any AoE shouldn't either. If I can't pull you into a gate, your cata shouldn't be able to knock us back through a gate.
  4. I don't follow how they'd be the same category. Support spellbreaker is generally minstrels and Hammer + Warhorn, a melee class... Scourges have damage stats, Wells, shades, Staff? Axe, scepter, dagger?, focus? all ranged. It's not a server issue, its just where your group puts its focus. Scourge, spellbreaker, chrono can all strip a lot of boons, they all have different roles. I prefer melee brawls so Spellbreaker and Chrono generally out strip scourge but that's not always going to be the case. Strong CC in a well bomb but not in a dome, scourge did more. Sit at range so Scourge can pres
  5. The spell breakers are support. Easy to tell since they both have 300 cleanses, so you not knowing that makes me question the rest of your argument. I'd say your spellbreakers and Chrono are better them most of your scourges by far since they kept up while your group clearly stays at range. Imagine playing around well/shade bombs then calling out spellbreakers that have to struggle to even get in range. Solo image of cherry picked logs means nothing. Post the actual links.
  6. Why does everyone use Burst of Strength as a independent skill? That hit at 4:50 was huge but most the time people seems to use it for its decent damage and auto attacks instead of stacking a burst in the damage buff. (Not just your videos specifically, seems like a common theme in Herald videos)
  7. It won't. 50/50 have so many people it doesn't matter and 25-35 never relied on it.
  8. "You will be forcibly kicked to the character selection screen if your character is idle for 15 minutes." You may want to consider eating more fiber. Long kittens are can be bad for you.
  9. I think I've been pretty obvious that I have a heavy bias to compd squad play. We have had no issues with not being able to strip and cc other groups that have ss. It's almost like we knew the change happened and adapted accordingly... There are so many strips and CC that hit stab and with all the rangers that probably don't run immob...makes 10s of SS wasted cooldowns. I guess to be clear. I don't care what they do with SS. But people are overreacting.
  10. Wanted to get a few rallies in before replying instead have expecting the worst. I think you are overreacting. Overriding was a bad mechanic with how scrapper is currently built. This was probably one of the better options outside of actually addressing traits/skills or how SS is applied. So far doesn't seem like much has changed. If a group has SS, strip boons and hard CC.
  11. My point was competent groups are already doing this. This change just makes it easier for everyone else.
  12. This just makes it easier to do what some groups are already doing. Wasn't hard to time your SS as a scrapper to maintain pretty high uptime. This change just carebears it so you don't risk overriding until you're at 10s.
  13. Then I'd say you haven't seen a strong chrono player. They can out strip Scourge and Spellbreaker. You don't stack them like you would Scourge or Spellbreaker but ignoring Chrono as a meta class for stripping boons might be one of the reasons why people think comped groups are so strong.
  14. It's not the most fun Chrono build but Chrono currently is one of the strongest boon strip/CC/utility classes you can bring. Chrono has a solid place in the current meta outside of veils, ports, pulls. Another example of people not understanding the meta.
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