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  1. The only CC Vindicator has is Chill. Chill on the 3rd auto strike and you can trait for chill on dodge. The Vindicator elite brings no other CC and it would all come from core rev. http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PmQAElQmE6kQpEClQqEqkRVA-w
  2. Remove Minstrels and the first comp I'm doing is stacking range, CC and SS. We are going to pirate ship until our players are good enough to melee without Vit or toughness, once we figure out how we can melee vs most groups. Its back to business as usual. Or if I was in a large guild that rolls 50+, I'd just stack more people and wkey like you can now without Minstrels. I just want changes in WvW so if Minstrels is it, so be it but this will just punish weaker players/groups without more fundamental changes in WvW.
  3. The stun breaks were pretty cool, no complaints, AoE stun breaks are really strong. My only random opinion would be to remove the cast time from 1 of them. Tree Song was a nice burst cleanse but kinda redundant if you have a Scrapper and a 1s cast is a long time for clears. Support SBs shake it off is basically the same but with 2 instant charges. Sustained clears are better off being done by Scrappers and FBs as they can convert to boons. I don't see Tree Song being anything but situational or a damage loss for a damage build. Sadly I can't argue with Herald boons not being great anymore.
  4. Kinda my point. You basically just listed a bunch of classes that don't get much active play or have to sacrifice damage to support. Vindicator on the other hand is stuck with its bad support skills. So even if Greatsword is buffed. It alone would not be enough to call it "more viable than herald" (could, you said could, I know). Could it fill the role of holo or Berserker by bringing heavy melee damage, sure maybe with a GS buff. But if your group uses range to enable melee pushes, will Vindicators Hammer spike + offering nothing to the group be worth more then Heralds? I do not think so
  5. That's a pretty close minded way to look at it. If it was just about damage, I wouldn't bring Herald or Vindicator as there are already classes that can out damage both in melee and at range. Buffing Greatsword doesn't change Herald traits being better. Glint legend being better. 2 dodges probably being better. And tbh, probably won't happen. Why would they give it Berserker like damage and have the nonsense support stuff. Its going to be a niche hybrid class a handful of people play because they like it that gets stuck in bad parties unless they are in a guild. So renegade.
  6. Meh, tbh other then the dodge. I don't mind Vind or the ally skills. Just as a WvW player, Vindicator isn't going to see much play. Less damage then Herald and weaker support then FB/scrapper. It'll be like tablet, could do some neat stuff but won't be a common elite to bring. I liked GS and herald is just to good for Group content in WvW, so meme comment. That said, I'd like to be wrong but I don't see the dodge and lack of CC skills on Vindicator being a good thing for a WvW class. PvE and stuff, no comment.
  7. Scrap Vindicator. Give Herald GS. Call it a day.
  8. Jokes on them, I'll just pull the tactics before the trolls. Regular functionality testing is important work.
  9. Yes yes old bug, definitely not FA, nothing to see here.
  10. You can already do this. Get in a keep and don't die. Watch as hoards of ncps swarm in to defend.
  11. The only issue with the last few big mode wide nerfs was no real follow up. For better or worse, WvW needs regulars balance updates. Dragging it out till EoD is just continuing the issue.
  12. Hmm, well that's unfortunate. The only hard counter to Immob is resistance, which is generally not a high uptime boon. Even cleared, the immob'd player stops moving. Maybe its "useless" without coordination? Berserker, Weaver, Holosmith, Daredevil have very little to offer outside of high damage...Soulbeast can do the same damage. If I bring a class for melee damage and it does high melee damage, what's the issue?
  13. No comment on the other stuff but Soulbeast...What determines not doing well in large scale? Would you say berserker doesn't do well in large scale? Since they can do basically the same damage in melee. Is the problem that Soulbeast can only keep up in damage if your group can stay in melee and most groups can't? What about immob? How are you determining effective immobs? Or is it just assumptions cuz scrapper cleanse things? I suspect most people saying Soulbeast aren't good in large scale either have never played the right builds, didn't play it enough to get good or just aren't in th
  14. The first thing you said to me was "We're not using it like that here. Meta here means "most efficient at killing things in X context". Now its about "but a lot of them are very easy to play as well and very easy to gear up. Ease of access + efficacy is what makes them "meta". " So what is meta? Ease of of access? or most efficient at killing things? Remember when I said meta is about playability and you said nah? But now its about being easy to play and well as easy to gear? You are derailed this thread by continuing this...You refused to listen to why Rangers
  15. Everyone understands what you are trying to say. You just aren't listening to what people are telling you. The high end "minmax" meta is not relevant for a majority of players. Its why you see some people here saying they actively run Rangers while casual and pug players are consistently complaining about not being wanted in squads. When people say meta here, they are referring to the meta for more casual players. No competitive GvG guild is taking meta advice from these forums.
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