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  1. This what happen with me too. He just stood still at the 2nd tower.
  2. How? I did it last night and it bugged out. Please don't spread fakenews.
  3. Just rewrite the script. If you can't solve it and it's been a bug for 6 years just rewrite it lol... I know might take extra 20 minutes but clearly it's a massive issue and a real annoying one... I recorded the entire thing myself he was just stuck at tower 2 and never moved from there.
  4. Why the hell is this even a bug after 6 years? If you can't fix it redo the script....
  5. So today I was fighting some mobs in I think it's something Hinterlands a 35-40 zone or so. I was killing some Vets this one was a Bandit Leader and it took me 2 minutes and 20 seconds to solo him. This felt really really long. my bear lost 2/3 of his HP. I'm wondering if I'm doing something wrong or is this just how it is while leveling?
  6. Thanks. Sadly it seems from this page:https://wvwstats.com/timezones That all the EU top 3 servers are full and always will be full. Kind of ruins that idea. I don't really enjoy the way GW2 Seems to punish those on lower populated server yet you can't move to a higher populated server. I do understand to a degree but clearly it does punish my play as you can see. I don't might starting fresh honestly but I don't want to start fresh in 2 months because I'm waiting for a server to lower in population.
  7. I'm coming back of many years of not playing. I have a old level 80 Character I don't plan on playing at this time. This before expansions, etc anyways. I loved PvP back in the day the WvW was my favorite thing. The only other game I played in recent years was ESO that was similar style and I enjoyed it a lot. I hear if I delete my characters I will be able to transfer free over. I don't mind that but the issue is I'm a caregiver that spends a lot of time home during EST timezone. So my playtime is between lets say 10am - 10pm. Not sure if there is a server that would fit well for me there.
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