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  1. Why anet don't make Serpent Ire in Vabbi possible ? after 1years......every player on gw2 complain about this meta from the start of POF ( on Reddit , and on Gw2 forum ) .the reward of this meta is just sarcasm , and the difficult is just insane...no one do it anymore , and if ppl try they fail. its like this from 1 years now and anet just don't pret any attention to it... really sad.
  2. I don't know , try to create and lead your own...its what ive done in EU :)you will get all ppl who have no time to do it on morning^^
  3. Hashberry.4510 , about this , when we are on VB : us<50 , jump to TD , skip Pinataus>50 jump to osasis , then we do our own map TD 14/line miniumum.
  4. Yea EU server ; try your best to do same on NA ;)
  5. Biff.5312 , yes , ive write too fast sry...Thx for notice.
  6. My setup :I7 8086k , 5GhzRam 16Go 4266 Mhz1080 Ti aorus Xtreme Edition1 SSD M2 W10 64Bit1SSD M2 Gw2Monitor 3440*1440.Gw2 all in ultra/maxFPS @ Istan : 14
  7. Hello , just to notice ppl ive up a meta chain runEvery morning on 8h45 ( paris , madrid , berlin )We do this :@ Istan start 8h45 , Pala@ 9h04 jump to VB , @ 9h10 Matri@ 9h11 casino , we do Pinata , end @ 9h21@ 9h22 we jump on TD , to do Gerant on 9h30@ 9h46 we jump on tarir@ 10h11 we jump on Jahai , New Shaterer , kill before 10h25@ 10h25 we jump on DS , and we done our last meta , mordremoth , after kill, we clean the map by stacking , east to west. we kill champion in 30sec , and legendary wyv under 60sec. If you are interested by this meta run , full loot , smouth , easy and fast , you can
  8. it will be more easy to play chrono... but well so really less efectiv.....
  9. hi ,I just want to pay attention to this :https://www.guildwars2.com/en/news/november-13-salvage-runes-and-sigils/It's not a joke , its a again a nerf made in anet. Sigil of Concentration Concentration has been impacting boon-granting professions for some time. While it has enabled a few very strong builds, it also makes the Sigil of Concentration mandatory in high-end PvE content, without any way to replace it. So, we’re adding a couple of utility options that will help with this while tuning the sigil to a reasonable level. Old: Applying a boon increases its duration by 33% for 7 seconds aft
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