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  1. Well they are meta due to their defensive, support abilities on many classes in pvp modes. I really dont know what more would you want.
  2. All legy collections have a bunch of these events. And yes some can be quite annoying. The orr shrine ones the most annoying in my opinion. I would rather do all the dungeons, fracs and raids than wait for some long reset boring event that gets one shotted to appear. Now what helps a bit is to start all collections. Youll get some parts done without even noticing. If you get stuck somewhere, park an alt there and just check on it when you login. Youll get it eventually. Check the whole chain of events. Dont be in a hurry.
  3. You can probably get there with portal scroll even on low lvl char (haven't tried) and there really are lot's of VM motes and no enemy mobs.
  4. Well most often if someone completely demolishes you it's probably skill not just build. Gw2 in general has high skill cap. reading animations and countering is not easy here. It's not like in many mmorpgs where often you will have a very clear indication on what is enemy casting, like an icon next to enemy cast bar.
  5. I suggest you join your server discord or TS, you should find more info on commanders and guilds there. Wvw is much more fun and also makes more sense if youre part of the community. Ask in /team chat what your server uses and links.
  6. Actually for all but one like you mentioned Griffon is way faster. I've been commanding the champ train quite often in the past. If we take the usual route, the Air elemental requires beetle for the fastest route but there is alternative with Griffon from south shrine which is about the same. And the Hydra after the teleport to SE shrine, Skyscale is the fastest. For the attack on Kralk, I would say Griffon is better in general but there are some instances Skyscale is good. People just often forget that you can teleport to shrines at anytime, even in combat and super speed anywhere.
  7. Yeah it's because people do south meta and champs for achievs and leave. This has nothing to do with LFG, it's just anomaly of the event. Next week people will be crying how they need to do full south meta and north meta to get achievs because all maps already on north will be full but you will have no problem getting into south metas. After 2 weeks all will be normal again.
  8. There is really no need to be consistent between modes and to change reward models that have been in the game for years and that many players acquired. There are inconsistencies all over the game and also different game modes, different play styles, different reward acquisition methods. These considerations are fine for new rewards but to go and change old structures just because something related was added, nah. Where does it end, there will always be players that want something cheaper.
  9. Well if the primary incentive for a player to play WvW is pips and rewards, I don't think that player does much for game mode and if that is the majority of players it doesn't bode well for the mode. Myself I haven't checked what rewards I actually get from skirmish track for years into playing WvW and we never discuss this in our guild so I am hopeful people in majority don't care really about pips.
  10. I don't think I fully understand this statement. As I see it this would only be true if the maximum number of pips from rank wouldn't be capped (which it is at +8) and if there was a constant addition of new meaningful rewards. As it is now at some point you gain everything of significant value and as you stated you plateau in progression. Further on if you add pips based on personal contribution via capping and kills, this just further pushes players into specific activities which is not something you want in a sandbox war mode. This is already done by participation gains but this would
  11. I don't think this can be completely avoided. Alliances might fix this a bit but maybe it won't. It really depends on the players. If 500 players decide to make a "early morning ppt alliance" and there is not enough players to match against, well there is really not much to do. Planetside had a partial solution for this but it would involve complete overhaul of the maps. The maps there were symmetrical, not like here where we have home borders. So what they did was lock out maps in off hours and turned them on in peak hours. Anet could either lock out all the home borders in off hours or
  12. I haven't got anything worthy dropped in years. In the last ~ 3 months I got 2 precursors, winter's hearth infusion and Tequatl Hoard. Anet must have designated my account as luck account, ty Anet.
  13. They didn't remove grace from kills, only from repairing and I guess hitting the wall. Pvp part of the mode is in no way affected.
  14. Well Firebrand is almost the norm for Fractals and you will be able to find groups much easier. I wouldn't call Firebrand boring. Why it is sought so much for fractals is that it can do almost anything supportive except alacrity. Here we are talking about permanent quickness, decent amount of other boons, aegis and stability on demand, reflects, cc. And if you get bored of support, you have dps options. Guardian in general is almost always a very sought after profession in all content types. Druid on the other hand is almost the norm for raids. And ranger also has always different
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