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  1. I quit 2 years ago and I wont be purchasing the expansion. TLDR To be fair I am just some person who has never played the spec and it may or may not be finished and that based on that my its a "opinion" It does look like a fun spec that I hope people have fun with it. Personally I just wont waste my time with it, becasue I know the way things work. If it actually does crazy damage it will get nerfed into the ground, and becasue the sustain is so low it wont be viable after that happens. It does nothing to make warriors more or less viable in wvw either. To be clear t
  2. Everyone is complaining about the shade revert like that was the only bad decision.It's not like making wells baseline, giving them a free grand master basically does any harm.It's not like giving them permanent barrier in wvw, if they ran bloodmagic in wvw because you can never be overhealed in zergs.It's not like giving Necros permanent quickness in WvW zergs is bad either.These changes are literally the worst thing ANET coud of done to WVW and it take them 6 months to do this.So essentially you are now faster, unkillable, can spam wells and shades all over, and you have even more boonrip a
  3. Can't believe I am agreeing with Hadi. Necro changes, this class doesn't need any in the current meta. . Warrior changes... The blanket nerf last patch to all classes intended to slow down the game mode essentially was identical to the class mechanics of warrior. So while they effected other classes very little those changes effected warrior as a whole. To make things simple that's what your company did, I can understand that, what I can't understand is why warrior was the target and you called out the warrior as the #1 problem last patch. .Warriors even before the February patch were
  4. Every class will become as bad as warrior, at the same time fixing warrior.
  5. Because, ANET had a poll that they let pve players and players who don't even play wvw vote to keep the map in rotation and tricked the playerbase at the same time by saying something like if you don't vote for red bl you wont get any new map which made people think they were working on other maps besides red bl. Basically even with ANET tricking the player base and letting people vote who do not even play the game mode it was still like a 50/50 split almost. So half the people hated in then now that they have realized how bad it is only 5% of the population really like that map. Becasue ANET
  6. It just shouldn't proc on clones or pets at all. But the middle trait might be better vs condi mesmers anyways so I wouldn't use megebane vs that class anyways.
  7. I don't want to be called a bad, but I was trying mango pies + Dolyack Runes + healing Sig and my regen was the same before the nerf. Also was trying defense tree top, middle, middle. Seemed ok for small scale. Still its not a replacement for how it was before. The 300 toughness I got from the dolyak runes seems to offset the toughness nerf to def tree and scaled pretty well with armored attack. Might be something worth looking into for core warrior str def dis Rune of mad king sounds intresting except your only low CD elite is the signet and its not a low CD and its kinda bad now except f
  8. Since the last several years, for many years now, the balance patch cycle has remained the same which was every 3 months so the corona virus can't be used as a talking point.
  9. Most of the players that frequent these forums understand that a once every 3 months balance patch is not acceptable for any competitive game. The poll is here to let anet know that almost nobody thinks its acceptable. TLDR the thread isn't meant to be a TLDR, since nobody reads that, and almost everyone understands what is meant here. I am not the expert on industry standards, but I can't think of any respectable competitive game that is that slow on balancing. I have been told by numerous people they will never come back to this game for this reason. They believe the patch cycles are way
  10. Most people wont know who most of these guilds are because they are dead guilds from a long time ago. if you are going to bring up dead guild names from history that are famous in your opinion than you probably left a lot of names off your list because it is so long ago its hard to remember who was good. I am not too sure what classifies as roaming, but if you are going to name some of these BG guilds than that opens up the table to add a whole lot of other guilds because a few of those BG guilds roamed with no less than 10 players most of the time. It's not just the inclusion of some of t
  11. Vaans is a really good player. Ya all his videos are edited and most of the time killing easy players, but he can beat equally skilled players as well that are also good at the game. It's not a fair comparison to compare a really good player playing a any class who is making a edited video to what the average or even above average player can do with the same class in real world. I think warrior sustain would be fine if the dammage of the CC wasn't nerfed. But with the lower dammage and no dammage of the CC the sustain is a little low. I don't think the anwser is to buff the sustain but t
  12. Main point here is Sword main hand is mostly ok, but its big damage skill is slow and cluky + it seems it has a low crit rate modifier.. The burst immob is hard to land. Off hand sword is useless.Main hand Mace is useless, the burst is very difficult to land and everything else is slow and does low damage. The block is okish.Off hand mace could be good if tremor wasn't a projectile.Longbow problem is the Burst is a projectile and the AOEs are projectiles makes it impossible to use. The auto attack is also bad. the fan of fire only works point blank to do any dammage yet its ranged.Hammer s
  13. Lets suppose for 1 minute that your theory that it is wrong that structures auto upgrade when no body is there to defend them.I suspect that If there is no one there to defend them and you and your server can't take undefended structures than thats your problem. The underlying problem is it doesn't change night capping and it doesn't address population imbalance and those things discourages players to spend gold upgrading structures.By design T3 structures, siege, tactivators, disablers, NPCs, are all there to discourage fighting over an objective. So I don't see how you can come to the con
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