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  1. just make reward track progress and pips the same as in wvw and people would go there more willingly. Heck, make rewards better in wvw, and people would flood it. It is really annoying that some minutes in fractals give better rewards than hours in wvw.
  2. well, there is an easy fix: don't play asura. Which would have the added benefit of sparing other players from those little rat faces.
  3. I don't mind Aurene tbh. But I can't stand taimi-ex-machina anymore. Just put her aside.
  4. maybe, but I have seen many memory errors despite memtest saying everything is fine over the years. I also have 32gb - and no swap at all. Never run into problems.
  5. oh my. GPF. You have real issues here. wine is just triggering it. I would guess temp/power or memory.
  6. no down state made A LOT of veterans very unhappy. In fact, 8/10 people I talked to hated no down state. It is great for cheese build players. That's it.
  7. well, what do you expect? When some very famous PvPer. Godess of PvP title, was identified as wintrader, what happened? ANET slapped that person on the wrist. Nothing else. Which showed the wintraders that this kind of cheating will not have any backlash at all. If Anet had removed the titles of that person, ranks, and maybe a real ban, wintraders might have been discouraged. But this weak response actually motivated the cheaters.
  8. maybe try opensuse next time. Ubuntu is always doing strange things and not all distros pulling from it clean up the mess. Or if you are REALLY feel like deep diving there is always slackware. But if you use that the willingness to learn and get dirty is mandatory.
  9. also you can run debug.sh thing is, during priming the shader cache, fps can be very choppy. Turning around on the spot and then waiting a bit usually helps. Also, check if your cpu&gpu are a) in performance mode (radeon-monitor is your friend) and b) not running hot.
  10. are you sure that you have a 3d capable driver installed? What hardware? Drivers?
  11. there is another thread: just download his package, unpack, go inside, run setup.sh, lean back, enjoy. For stuff like futex2 you need a custom kernel. Not recommended for a newbie. For most people it really is that simple. If you are not using nvidia that is. For wvw: low or lowest model setting, set you GPU clocks to high, set your CPU gov to performance.
  12. I have never seen a player showing legendary raid armor. WvW armor? A lot. And wvw has shit rewards. But unlike raids it is not about stupid mechanics and dps checks. It is actually interesting. If anet would make raids interesting, maybe people would actually do them. Raids is nothing but 'memorize mechanics' and 'memorize rotation'. Basically a very long macro could do it. Where is the fun in that?
  13. Raids are the only ones who got shiny special legendary armor. And even that did not pull people in. Maybe it is time to just scrap them.
  14. usually trailers really hype me up (especially A crack in the ice and Head of the snake). But this time it is just a meh feeling. Remember the announcement trailer for Icebrood saga? With corrupted charr storming towards the norn during a snow storm? How epic that looked? Well, now it is as much as official: we will never get that. And that sucks. Really hard.
  15. well, others said it already: their pace. But don't push them towards mounts. Mounts make a lot of content and learning experiences disappear. Some of the low level Vistas prepare you for jumping puzzles/maze maps like HoT for example. You miss a lot of pretty places and cute npc chatter racing around on your shiny raptor. About gear: until they hit 60, it really does not matter. And crafting something until that point isn't that useful either. After that point, it is a good way to level up and to get some gear that is not completely useless. But opinions might differ on this one. I know enoug
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