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  1. well, I saw some minor graphical issues so far - some colours are off. Sometimes. Nothing really bad. You know, maybe it is just some driver version issue? Crashes are also something happening to others for the last week.
  2. one crash so far in wvw. Could not identify the trigger. Works fine so far. Feels smoother less laggy. Some graphical glitches are there. Like backpack after using waypoint being in the wrong colour and sometimes lighting seems to be 'off' (seen this in bay lord room).
  3. even clunkier than weaver. The utilities are pretty much useless. F5 buildup takes ages, to vanish in a heartbeat. Also completely useless because it is stationary, while everything else (me, mobs, wvw opponents) are not. Hammer skills: range too low. Seriously, you really hurt weaver sword with the inane 130 range - and now we see it again on hammer. Really? REALLY? Make all hammer skills 900 range at least, improve hammer 3, make F5 follow character AND last longer, rework utils - because so far they are very, very useless. Having to cast them in a very fast vanishing F5 to get anythi
  4. just look at the ele dmg numbers compared to the other two and weep. We really did not need another melee spec. Weaver could have been a great melee spec with a little bit more range on sword. Now we are going to get another mediocre half baked spec. Awesome.
  5. uw has 0.6 now. But T2 isnt different, seems like FoW/BT are having a lot of fun farming Baruch and FSP.
  6. the endgame is wvw. And there weaver is just a joke. This change will do nothing change the situation.
  7. Ele has been killed in wvw, thanks to all the boons/heals and other stuff from other classes. And this update only makes it WORSE. What a nonesense.
  8. yes, has been this since May. Since I only used arcdps to monitor fps+ping, I can live without it. Still a bit annoying. What I have observed: the more is going on, the more likely the crash.
  9. it doesn't really matter. Fedora, OpenSuse, Arch, Slackware, ubuntu - if you have to - they all work fine. Gentoo too. If you got a lot of time and patience.
  10. people not pulling the mob over the mines. Because stupid people not cc'ing the champs. The usual. People not listen, people not reading. Because in open world they can just wing it.
  11. Well, I must admit, I liked that post. Moving the release of EoD does not trouble me in the least. We don't need a half finished release like HoT again. WvW news? Good! Alliances coming? Hm... I belong to the few who think that alliances will fix nothing. But hey. Lets see. And the move to d11! Good! Would have prefered Vulkan, but you can't have everything.
  12. I love story. I also love wvw. Story got a big kick in the not-to-mention-area with Icebrood saga. WvW gets a kick with every 'balance patch'. Give wvw at least decent rewards. Why not?
  13. I liked Taimi in the past. But the constant 'Taimi ex machina' solving all problems, with you just being muscle tires me. Let her go. Maybe retire with Gorrik's babies. Or changing braindead Zojja's diapers. I don't care. Replaying LW2 makes me realize how much I liked Kasmeer and Marjory - and that Taimi wasn't always too bad.
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