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  1. Just been putzing around recently and was trying to fit together a specter thief build that 1) Wasn't power 2) Didn't feel like a walk of shame playing and I realized that condi thief is basically tacked on to power in every single aspect. D/D - two primarily power damage skills, 2 and 5, with 4 being decent damage for both and 3 being an overly expensive condi evade. Shortbow - the bleeds are completely negligible and 4 is used for the interrupt/poison on downs. 2 sees far more use on power setups Sword - power weapon, no condi whatsoever except when paired with dagger O
  2. I'd much prefer anet start to take into consideration how the existence of certain builds impacts the existence (or lack thereof) of other builds, and buff/nerf accordingly. By all means, core guard and all versions of necro (except maybe reaper, they seem particularly meh lately) might be in need of a trim. As someone who primarily plays necro and thief - it's a huge pain to have my every decision on necro be based entirely around how many people on the other team can instantly teleport to me and erase my health bar in a few attacks. I don't particularly enjoy carrion condi harbwi
  3. Over the past few seasons with frequent peeks at recent games, about 8/10 games have been busts in some way - afker, dc, troller, or just a clear mismatch in team quality (winning or losing, score ends up 500-300/200/100/0). There isn't even a point to the mismatched games anymore because nothing I or any other player in the game really matters. PvP is only fun when, at any given time, it's still up in the air on who is going to win. Once that's gone there's no point.
  4. Perhaps a tad dramatic, but after years of playing imo this is one the biggest issues in pvp - lack of information or difficult to find into. Thinking primarily of a new player, as basically none of how GW2 displays info is intuitive, and often can feel like fighting the UI in addition to fighting another player. It is less relevant in pve, but still applicable (at least among my friends, GW2 is known and mocked for having a terrible UI and terrible mechanical tells). I also do want to stress the importance of UI design - you could have the best class design and amazing pvp balance or pve
  5. Yeah. You use it to run away after getting bombed and it happens to have a helpful cleanse on it. Skills do multiple things. I mean, yeah. But you can do it. That's not in contention.
  6. DE has a cleanse on Death's Retreat, Infiltrator's Strike return (admittedly most don't seem to run sword these days, but it has been a thing), and Hide in Shadows clears some condis. Sure, they're not a condi cleansing monster, and their cleanse does have some gaps (Hide in Shadows clears some damaging condis but not others, shadowstep only clears on the return step so if you need the cleanse you give up any distance gained), but I never felt 'weak' against condis when playing DE. IIRC, Mercy was also primarily used to reset steal to get the interrupt, boonrip, boons,
  7. Usually a pvp-sub-forum-goer, but putting this here because it applies to everything. I don't raid much, but I've started to get more into it. This past Sunday I got to Xera and was assigned to do the lil button thingies in the first phase when hopping along the platforms before you start actually fighting the boss. Keeping track of the lil buff stack icon so I didn't die while standing on a button was absolutely horrendous. It was small, moved around, and seemed mixed in with other changing buffs which would make it sometimes change location. The icon was also remarkably similar t
  8. Is it really a gimmick for the legend if it's basically two stacks on a gap closer out of the entire spec? That aside, I don't really care for the unblockable either way - just figured I'd point out things I was willing to give up in the context of, if anet thinks things are fine for Shiro right now, just plain 'ol 'reduce energy cost' probably isn't going to cut it. I also don't like feast or famine stuff, which is really what it is right now - how many times can anyone say they've used PT and actually benefitted from the unblockable? It also very much doesn't compet
  9. I hadn't noticed until recently, but shortbow AA applies bleed to targets that are poisoned and bounces, forcing synergy with SB4 (I say forcing because imo this 'synergy' is completely unnecessary and the AA should just apply bleed, but eh). I would enjoy some sort of small AoE boom on the scepter AA though, if only to provide some support to allies around the target I'm attacking, because let's be honest nobody is ever going to switch targets just to AA someone supportively.
  10. I'd like to see: - PT: Remove unblockable, remove damage. Neither are really relevant in PvE and are either too strong or useless in pvp (the unblockable) or just overkill and imo disproportionately impacts the value anet thinks the skill gives (the damage), resulting in increased cost for something the rev doesn't actually want or need. Reduce cost to 30, 25 if anet is feeling generous. Reduce quickness duration to 2 sec if needed, or figure out a way to make the quickness expire after it's used to boost 1-2 skills. It's pretty easy to unload every single weapon skill with 3 sec of quic
  11. I routinely see 3-4 necros per match, and they're usually (but not always) harbringer. Similar but less so for willbenders - 1 at a minimum, but usually 2-3. I have a friend who hovers in g3/p1 (as do I) or so who sent me a screenshot yesterday with five willbenders. There's a lot of guardians in general though, willbender is just the most popular atm but I routinely see willbender + support guard.
  12. Fix Shadow Arts to be less stealth campy but more rewarding in other areas. Remove stealth on dodge, fix the elite to not remove reveal. Fill in the gap as needed but stealth on dodge is atrocious. Part of the issue here is compounded by the elite which gives good stealth access combined with shadow arts, which adds a flat second to the 1 sec on dodge stealth duration. Won't be as much of an issue if SA is addressed. Adjust rifle so that rifle3 isn't nerfed so hard spamming 2 is just better. Possibly adjust the kneeling rifle 2, as such an easily accessible immob on su
  13. The raid build, at least, takes premediation and is fine. Not sure how well it works in open world PvE They could easily just make it so dodge rolling gives access to DJ without stealth.
  14. Imo harbringer issues come down to a few things: - Quickness (which is...fine, ish, I guess) - Tells on high impact skills - Terrible UI decisions Fixing the quickness issue would probably require reworking too much for anet to consider it worth it. Personally, I'd rather quickness-granting traits impact 5 people and NOT grant the boon to the caster, but that's require refenangling balance and how boons are granted in group scenarios since the two quickness supports in a raid will be in different sub groups. So - tells on high impact skills. In par
  15. Please yes. I am so tired of dealing with all the *jank* build-up in this game. I don't care if a number needs to be 20% higher or lower by god I just want it to *work*.
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