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  1. Merry 25th of Dec, it's still broken. I tried on a skyscale and all other mounts, on the ground, lying down, while dancing, while playing another game, etc. Nada. I tried reloading, attempting prior and after the concert, I tried at midnight, early this morning , sometime last week and multiple times in the future. Nothing. Thanks for the Black Lion Claim ticket though.
  2. Everyone else said unbound magic, but I say volatile. I bought those over a year ago and they have made me rich. The volatile magic can be traded for Trophy or Leather shipments that are very lucrative, more lucrative that the Magic Warped Bundles. Then again, you'd have to play the LWS4 maps to get those trinkets. But you could use the extra money you've made with the volatile magic to buy a LWS4 Black Lion Expedition Board for your home instance and then just sit back and collect the map currencies needed for trinkets without ever having to visit a map. Ideally, having both is better, but i
  3. May I suggest Weaver. The thing is, it is the most complicated class to play. At least that's what everyone says. It may be due to the fact that the weaver class has more skills than any other, 26! For me, the (sword/dagger) weaver (human female, light armour) is the most aesthetically pleasing of all the classes. Everything she does is done with flair and a lot of colorful special effects. Her sustain is unreal. And though she doesn't do max dps, she ends up resurrecting many zerg players who do. To me, the advantage is that as a Weaver, you are a melee magic user. How cool is that? Then when
  4. Personally, I like the Condi Weaver. It's true, she does less dps than most, but here sustain is unreal. I don't do max damage, but I sure res a lot of players who do. As an aside, I've actually had players criticize my weak build as I'm resurrecting them.
  5. I recently stumbled across a group farming shiny baubles in the Pale Reaver section of Verdant Brink, and I joined. While playing, others spoke that the farm would last only until Thursday when the Map bonus changed. Fair enough, but I can't for the life of me find a list anywhere, including on the wiki, that shows the map bonus rotation by week for verdant brink (or any of the HoT maps for that matter). There is a simple list, naming of a few of the map bonuses in no particular order, but no definitive list of what and when like the Tyria maps have. Anyone know what the rotation is or know of
  6. Anyone know why the trading post price of Pile of Coarse Sand has risen so dramatically since July 28th 2020. I read the release notes from that date, but still, I don't see a clue why the price went from 2 copper to just under a silver. The price has been next to worthless for years, then boom.
  7. The stability from using a stance is gone, no? Just to reiterate, I now have to retool skills and I'm slow at doing that. I know this is a case of wanting some whine with my cheese, but it took me a long time to get used to playing and I keep getting cc'd where I wasn't before. I apologize if my (minor) frustration isn't worth listening to.
  8. Kind of a necro but here goes... I don't play PvP. I'm too old and slow (took me 2 1/2 months to figure out my weaver was broken - I thought it was me getting older and slower) and play on a standard keyboard and mouse. I loved, LOVED playing with the Weaver as it allowed me to stay alive long enough to enjoy the game. That's gone now. I'm back to when I first started playing, dying all the time just in PvE. All I can say is thanks Anet for only thinking about PvP and ignoring the needs of other types of players. It kind of makes me feel that if I don't play PvP, Anet simply wants me to find a
  9. Using many of these suggestions, I was able to gain some nice speed and get close (to the end of the Not So Secret JP). I got to the end chest, but can't past those last two spinners along the diving goggles path. I'm stumped as to what I'm doing wrong, but I just can't land on the second spinner pad. I've aimed a little left, a little right, dead center and everywhere else in between, and always miss. This last time, the time that drove me hear with my tail between my legs, I aimed dead center and hit the bullseye perfectly, only to fly right over the top, past the pad and into the chasm.
  10. It would, but then I'd have to ask how to get 100% boon duration. I suppose that would require a whole new set of gear. Hmm... Food for thought. Thanks. It would be cheaper/less hassle to pay for a port (instead of gear/etc). I say this because, having made quite a few legendaries (and getting mounts)--doing some of these JP's are for only the mentally insane. Seriously, if you ever decide to TRY 'Chalice of Tears' JP--please come back to this post and update me on how much hair you have left, lol. I say that because, I am TERRIBLE at JP's--and while NSS JP is tough--I was able to do it--
  11. It would, but then I'd have to ask how to get 100% boon duration. I suppose that would require a whole new set of gear. Hmm... Food for thought. Thanks.
  12. Perhaps not, but it sure helps. What I do know is that swapping between two speeds really messes me up. :)
  13. Hi everyone. I have a mule mesmer that I wanted to use to get through the Not So Secret Jumping Puzzle. I have done 90% of the JPs in the game, but never completed that one on my own. I paid a mesmer 10 gp to get me to the diving goggles about a year ago after trying for a few weeks to get to the top with my very swift elementalist. The thing is, I am having trouble with the mesmer because I can't get constant swiftness and my lack of focus means I loose swiftness mid jump and fall. Is there any way to get a good (time) amount of swiftness with the mesmer without having to use skills to get i
  14. Hello Gorkus. I explain the why of this thread in my previous post, last two paragraphs, but I can understand that people may not want to read the whole thing especially as it's in answer to Ojimaru.8970. I initially made this thread because I didn't believe support would get back to me in time so figured I would ask here if any others were having this problem in case it was a bug on my end or something like that. Since then I have garnered more information from other sources so i decided to update this thread with the relevant information. From my previous post, _"I posted this thread to
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