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  1. Quickness is the only boon that a Renegade cannot provide to itself. So chrono or guardian most likely
  2. If you don't want to get legendary armour, then you can stick with ascended pieces because the stats are the same. On top of that, ascended gear feels luxurious compared to legendary gear if you precast or want to swap some pieces etc.
  3. Discretize and Snow Crows aren't affiliated and are focused on different things. They also operate on different basic ideas. For the longest time, Discretize has not included all viable builds but rather curated builds that work best out of the viable builds whereas Snow Crows includes builds that are viable as long as they are benched by someone and they have someone to write a guide for them. (This part is simplified, not exactly how it works but close enough) Snow Crows has been updated for May 11th patch, if there are any inconsistencies, you should reach out to them on their D
  4. The timed Mai Trin encounter is quite lenient with the time. The "hardest" part is staying alive, but even that isn't a hard thing to do with a healer in the group (not that you would need one, but if you aren't well acquainted with fractals then I'd say you want to have one).
  5. If you are talking about open world, why specifically mention fractals?
  6. I think any class can realistically fulfil these things, but you could look at Reaper or Herald. Herald with celestial stats deals quite good condition damage and has self boons and Reaper has good cleave, two health bars and decent damage and self-sustainability. If you were to get PoF, there would likely be even better classes (FB, Scourge, Renegade, Spellbreaker...) for very easy solo play.
  7. If I heard that LN made a site I would immediately be suspicious and check if they used Night sigils 🙏🏻
  8. I really hope they have better ideas than GS. Or at least make GS more interesting than it is on basically any GS user in the game.
  9. Impossible Odds actually has two separate cooldowns 🙄. I don't think I understand this point. Why are other knockback abilities not legitimate? Surge of the Mists is strong in fractals, Druid uses Glyph of Tides to control Seekers on Vale Guardian, Illusionary Wave is used on Samarog to push Rigom into Samarog's hitbox... Why are these the only legitimate uses for knockbacks?
  10. Revenant was released in Heart of Thorns, so the numbers aren't going to be accurate in reflecting the real playtime.
  11. can this thread be locked already its triggering to see it come up all the time
  12. I think the main emphasis is on "Speedrunner's and other proficient players". It took a great deal of skill to actually be proficient with power builds in fractals to the level where it mattered whether you played condition or power builds in real scenarios. I dislike condition builds due to the fact that they tend to come with a lot of built-in survivability and self-sustain (both heals and boons alike) compared to power builds.
  13. Not needed, but it's the best way to go about it when you are starting out. If you are bringing your own builds, don't be surprised if you are pissuseless and get kicked even in goombalow methylphenidate user groups.
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