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  1. Mai Trin. It was literally the first time in gw2 i had tears in my eyes. Neither Tybalt nor Aurenes fake-death got me. I would trade Aurenes life for Mais in no-time.
  2. Some mentioned it the other way around - that the problem would happen more often with lower settings lol Also I play always with unlimited FPS, still running into the problem all the time.
  3. They are working on it, but a problem like this is really hard to debug, test, and reconstruct in a development environment. "Rollback" / "Stop SAB" won't help much - even it started with the same patch as SAB - I'm 100% sure it's not related to SAB itself. It is just some code that was shipped to the customer clients within the same patch. As I mentioned before - most likely some kind of engine "optimization" that should happen on the fly and not be recognized. With no direct effect on the behavior of the game. But something went entirely wrong and bugged. So It HAD a direct effect on
  4. I neither have any willbender, nor an outfit. Still running into the problem every time I switch character, no matter where the characters are, no matter what class they are. Its an problem within the code, with not "trigger" on your account/character. You would also run into that problem if all of your characters where naked with no elite spec.
  5. Something I noticed: loading times are greatly improved/optimized (if we don't run into the "infinite loading screens") - I never loaded in the world that fast when running 6 clients at once (also it runs overall smoother?). I think they added some kind of optimization, (maybe better caching of stuff? Maybe better usage of threading?) and something broke within that optimization. Maybe clearing of cache to aggressive - and game "thinks" some stuff is still loaded/cached and don't load that again - resulting in missing things as we see after the loading screens. Maybe I'm totally wrong - b
  6. That is intended behavior. Welcome to tribulation mode.
  7. To summarize: It happen most of the time when you try to switch your character. It wont happen on normal map-changes when still playing the "first" character you logged into. It is not related to any map or region. It happens in wvw, pvp, Hot, pof, eod, central tyria. It is not related to your account-type, so it happens to both, accounts with EoD and accounts without. It is not related to either Dx9 or Dx11, it happens in both DirectX Versions It is not related to third-party stuff, it happens with arcdps installed or not, it also happens stuff like GeForce Expe
  8. But what about the person with that problem on an alt account not owning EoD?
  9. I wonder if its the amount of characters on an account. Most people here stated they have a decent amount of characters. Sure some say its caused by EoD, cause alt-accounts without work fine - but I bet the alt-accounts don't have more characters than fit on the char-screen? @mezuzel.4987May I ask how many characters your alt accounts have? (The alt account, that run in this issue as well)
  10. Same problem here. First character everything is fine - but when I try to switch to another character, I have loading screens for up to 5 minutes (usual I load maps in less than 20sec). Yesterday there were still backgound arts for loading screens, today the screens became just black. IF it manages to get out of the loading screen: camera is stuck, i see my charakter moving on minimap. Entire terrain is not loaded, also most of the structures. Some smaller objects (boxes etc) are loaded, also NPC's/players Worldmap is just black, bu
  11. Found some bugs: You won't get any blight from your elixirs when you hit an invulnerable enemy with it. Some mechanics broke when they apply on you while in harbinger shroud. For Example: - Raid Wing 1 Gorseval Eggs, or Aquatic Runs Fractal when you get eaten by the jellyfish. You "just" drop out of your shroud, but don't get eaten/egged. Even worse: Fraenir of Jormag Strike Mission, when it tries to freeze you while in shroud, you drop out of shroud and don't get frozen, but can't move anymore - you can still use all abilities of weapons/utility, but cant dodge or move -
  12. Just an idea, but how about adding 0, 1 or 2 (extremely rare 5) Antique Summoning Stones to the lootpool (per run) So you either wait 20 weeks for an legy, spend lot of gold for it or grind new meta to get it.
  13. You don't give login info to launchbuddy, launchbuddy just use the original launcher file and renames it to store data for multiple accounts.
  14. yeah changing instance or relogging entirely helps with the desync. I have also spoken with some others that jump straight against the wall at final jump on my screen (and also did not get in) and I asked them - they jumped into the window on their screen - but as said did not get in. Just for research: You use dx9 or dx11? (For animation issue) edit: kitten, that desync problem is for A LOT of people, I have 1-2 people desynced per instance. (Not me, but others jumping against the wall, not the window). I have to tell almost every round someone that he/she is desynced an
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