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  1. I keep checking the patch notes to see if it's fixed yet... nope. It's too unreliable to really play as alac mirage as the AoE around the target you have to be in is quite small and Staff 2 teleports you out of range, even if the enemy is stationary.
  2. Spent some time at the raid golem... it's almost never actually giving the mirage alacrity or might, even solo. Occasionally (like, 10% of the time), it'll proc, but the other 90% you get nothing.
  3. You can try them out in the Silverwastes before you seal the deal. It's not final until you leave the zone and it's very clear about it when you do finalise it. Give each one a go and see what you get on with.
  4. I think the lack of signposting to the mechanics is a problem. Strikes are meant to be a step towards raids, but many raids have much more clearly signposted mechanics, as do many meta events. If you're a mostly open world player giving it a try for the first few times, a message like "don't let the lights go out" and something indicating that you need to relight the torches would be a much better idea. Even having the boneskinner go invulnerable for the first time or something? The mechanics are fine, but there's nothing really telling a new player that the mechanics even exist.
  5. Sometimes you just need to go back on a fresh map. Try using your mentor tag (if unlocked) and putting it on map chat - that's how I did it.
  6. At a certain point in the concert, firework launchers will appear on stage (near the front). Activate one of them and look upwards - little circles will begin to appear. Aim so that there's one in the centre of your screen then press 1 to activate the firework skill. You might have to do it a few times to get it right. If there is another activity going on at the same time, it's easy to miss, so watch the notifications.
  7. But doesn't take into account character name changes... But thanks for answering!
  8. A few people use it for dailies, GvG in the central plaza bit or - heaven forbid - fun.
  9. My exact first thought upon seeing Bangar up close was "there will be very specific fan art of this". The model is really well done and I agree about the Disney comment above. He will certainly have his fans.
  10. Clicked all 4 trees and nothing happened. Try again? Worked for me and others have posted the same order on Reddit. You should gear a click when you do it and get a burning effect when you do the wrong one.
  11. FOUND IT! Instructions here. Edit: looks like the code changes daily.
  12. Sorry, just to clarify, if you complete the torch jumping puzzle it lets you open the blocked door in the cave? Can someone verify this? Do you need to do it within the time limit?
  13. Go into fractals (and dungeons, particularly ones with insta-kill mechanics where you have to read the cues or you'll be downed) and start working up the tiers. Several of them have mechanics that are seen in raids, like the orbs in Nightmare. Mai Trin is a good one to master as you have to follow the mechanics or it's literally impossible. Likewise Cliffside. Swampland's final boss is like a shorter, weaker version of a raid boss as there is a lot going on with clear phases. Fractals are also quite lucrative if you do the dailies, which should help get to where you need to be. You'll get the
  14. You really, really need to turn up at the right time for Dragon's Stand. Keep an eye on the event timers and join a squad when the map resets.
  15. I love stuff like this, thank you. There's a lot of shared language in gaming and lots of it goes way back in terms of modern RPG gaming. I mean, lots of them go back to D&D or MUDs. D&D cribbed heavily from literature like Conan the Barbarian and the works of Tolkien (who pretty much codified elves and dwarves as we know them now), who cribbed from Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic mythology stylistically.
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