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  1. So, since I quite frequently change the appearance of my characters, I use 'Total Makeover Kits' a lot. Recently the idea of a button that would reset the sliders in this kit to default, especially the face detail sliders, came to my mind. Reason for this is, that every time you change the gender or the appearance in general of your character, the sliders stay were they are. But since they were, in most cases I assume, adjusted to suit the previous gender and face choices, they might not be optimal for the new choices. Sliding all sliders to the center manually is generally quite t
  2. So I started playing support Firebrand again after a 6+ month hiatus. I realized, especially after getting feedback from my parties, that I sometimes struggle to support them properly. Stability is a big issue for me. I tend to use big stab (Stand your Ground) a little too late if the commander isn't calling it or isn't on voice. Which, to be honest, is easily fixed with practice due to me already being aware of that issue. Another stability issue I have is that I struggle to see when a party member needs a small stab/stun break of my elite. I already have large HP bars for my party and use th
  3. That is the point of the post. Several items/skins are missing in the Vault but without any reason for that. It is inconsistent and makes it seem as if they don't care about details and consistency, which can make you feel like they don't care about the game at all, which is the case for me. Doesn't matter if it is just a small thing that won't bother many or anyone at all. If they are not able to stay consistent on small easy to do things, I don't wonder about any major issues anymore, as they clearly are either incompetent or don't care.Just sad to see the developer of the game you love seem
  4. Sure, I know that, but why making it so inconvenient when there is no reason for it to not be in the Vault. My post wasn't a question about how to preview it, but about how ArenaNet decides which skins will be added to the Vault and which won't. It just feels as if the person on ArenaNet's Team, responsible for adding skins to the Vault, is forgetting to add a skin now and then, but no one realizes it or cares. It just makes me feel like Anet isn't caring about the game and that they have no love for detail and consistency.
  5. Ever since the release of the warbringer I have been wondering why it is not included in the account vault, at least not if you haven't unlocked the skin yet. Every other legendary back item is in the Account Vault and even the precursor pieces are listed, but for some reason, the warbringer is not in it. I have googled but there weren't any results of either someone being confused/curious about it or Anet explaining, why that is.Is there actually any reason for that or did they just forget to add it into the Vault and nobody actually mentioned it not being in it. Why would it be in the Vault
  6. I can also confirm that there are no champs spawning on both akili and books, no matter how many people try to upscale the event or how often you try it.
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