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  1. I'm thinking more about SPvP where Mesmer and Mirage have been struggling hard sunce the megabalance, in large part due to being the condi build that lost the most damage as a result of the Megabalance, with one dodge not helping at all.
  2. That did not take long, relative to arenanet's pace for doing things.
  3. I don't mind scourge inherently when they're in a reasonable place, good team fight damage but easy to focus down, especially on bad players with bad positioning, bad 1v1 capacity. It should be nerfed but I don't think deletion is necessary.
  4. I've said for a while that Holo should get a 20-25% penalty for it's healing similar to one dodge mirage or scrapper vitality nerf. Holo by default gets more damage and mobility than core and scrapper. It should have a real drawback and losing toolbelt 5 for forge barely qualifies. Holo should be forced into a high risk high reward role. You'll still have a wealth of active defenses thanks to shield and other core attributes but your capacity to eaily recover from severely screwing up is tamped down noticably.
  5. For staff, the damage should be moved away from the clones entirely toward buffing the mesmer's damage based on how many clones they have out (though this is true with all condition weapons, just most egregious with staff). I don't think Staff Mesmer's damage is that egregious but the mesmer itself should be the one committed to attacking. Phantasmal Warlock should actually do a damaging effect that is important to actually land and you want to use at opportune times rather than spamming so you get a clone as soon as possible because it does nothing else. Cry of Frustration shou
  6. There's no way they're going to look at Staff doing good damage in PvE, potentially the best mesmer damage in a lot of scenarios, just pressing 1 and not burn that kitten to the ground.
  7. Staff projectile speed getting buffed is nice tbh. The torment change, maybe it'll surprise me when I see the actual change. But Swapping torment from hurting more while moving to hurting more while not moving is like such an obviously PvE change. Like if you hit a person with torment, and the best counterplay is just the same sort of spasmic running they're naturally going to do while under any enemy fire and they get to take 50% less damage as a result is nonsense. Otherwise it just looks like it is just catering to people like MightyTeapot who has been literally ev
  8. Exactly. this was pointed out like 3 years ago. Do not let clones apply condi damage. It is bad design even in pve. Problem solved. But no, Anet has to keep kitten with every other aspect of the class, except the actual issue. I mean you are wrong, it's fine for clones to do some condi dmg on ambushes. just not on regular autos. Like power (see: gs).Mesmer's staff, axe, and scepter autos are balanced around the clones to provide competitive DPS. Take that away and you're looking at 300 dps autos competing with classes that do 1.5k dps ranged autos, and even with clones mesmer is way behind t
  9. Mesmer can also use 3 utility skills as breakstuns, so? Why they have "4th stunbreak" via dodge alone?That "dodge while controlled" is one of the most broken mechanics in the entire game, it's not just "ignore cc", but a "i can screw and don't get punished for it", which is disgusting. Ye ye, you can use it for "attacking", but you don't have to use it offensively, do you? Mirage is Mesmer+ after all, so all skills work the same way...I though that Chronomancer was A-net "peak" of most broken designs, but then PoF happened... Classes have been able to instantly avoid damage while stunned in bi
  10. When players from all other classes are universally unanimous in saying "Wow! This class here that I don't play, yeah this is the real balanced one!" it probably points towards that class being underpowered.
  11. Even if I land every mighty blow, I'll use the skill twice per weapon swap (this is very obvious). I still won't have enough damage to kill anything with hammer. And I don't care about ranked. I made top 10 as zerk guard 6 something months ago when I still bothered. It won't see any tournament play. Welcome to like most builds outside of the handful of cheese builds that were abusing skills that escaped the MegaBalance like Nades Holo+Scrapper.
  12. Sorry Jazz but I knew this would happen. The balance team may or may mot have a plan or vision but the one thing they believe in is that the community is happier when mesmer isn't good.
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