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  1. Virtuoso getting access to both Distortion and Bladeturn Requiem is potentially super spicy Distortion into Blade Renewal into Bladeturn Requiem is like potentially 10 seconds of back to back active damage mitigation if Distortion has the same up time as core distortion.
  2. The game has had enough nerfing. It's never remotely recovered from the February 2020 patch and has been a hideous mess ever since then.
  3. Every class has multiple defensive traitlines that are "bad player carries." There's nothing uniquely overpowered or even really great about Chaos compared to Death and Blood Magic, or Tactics, or Shadow Arts, or Wilderness Survival, or Alchemy, or Inventions.
  4. Nothing compares to the sheer level of gutting core mesmer skills and traits got over the course of PoF in order to hit Mirage instead.
  5. One of my suggestions for mirage back when it got one dodge in PvP was that at the very least it should have it's second bar of Endurance but they start a fight at 50%. In PvP players at all tier of play give up their first dodge very quickly and then save their second dodge to avoid a key attack. This is instinctual, because sitting on two full bars of Endurance means that you're wasting all the endurance gains you could be getting, and thus gaining more dodges over the course of a fight is straight up wasted. If you have a fight that lasts 30 seconds, if you are dodging regularly when you have full endurance you'll do 4 dodges. If you have a fight that lasts 30 seconds but you're sitting on full endurance the whole time, you'll be able to do 2 dodges. So long term momentum of the fight favors giving up that first dodge fairly easily and carefully using the second dodge when you really need it. But one dodge mirage and vindicator don't get to play like this. You're in a binary state where you either are completely wasting endurance regeneration or leaving yourself vulnerable with no dodges. Not a fan of one dodge, but if they are going to force it, they should allow you to have a second bar of Endurance but start you at 50% so you can save up for more dodges long term over the course of the fight.
  6. Even if you don't vibe with whatever one you pick first, it's only like half an hour of time to unlock another one.
  7. No one cares about WvW. It's deliberately unbalanced. It's deliberately designed to be unbalanced. It's deliberately designed to where individual fights don't have any real impact on success, or rewards. Comeback when ranked SPvP or MATs are flooded with focus memsers. kitten WvW. Play a PvP mode that actually is a PvP mode. In terms of competitive PvP, it's bad. Barely better than Sword OH memser bad. Functionally unviable.
  8. Literally the OP suggested that instead of shatters, the mirage deceptions should replace the core shatters. That isn't an exaggeration. That's literally what the OP suggested.
  9. I actually hard disagree. One of the long standing competitive problems with mesmer is clones but more specifically clone DAMAGE. I think clone condi damage should 100% go away, as mesmers making clones then kiting while their clones whittle away the enemy with autos is extremely degenerate. I am not blind to how mesmer is balanced around it, as many other professions mains are. Mesmer staff and scepter are balanced around having their clones up and contributing to auto attack damage 100% of the time. 50% of their auto attack damage output on both those weapons come from clone autos. And instead all of this damage contributions from clones should be rolled into the mesmer itself and the clones should be invulnerable but indestructible. Which frankly benefits everyone, the mesmer gets complete control over their damage output while other classes don't deal with clone autos. If you get confused, by clones in terms of targeting, that's just the name of the game? Like if a warrior Whirlwind Blades and lands behind your character, you can't easily tab target them either. Doesn't mean the game should auto target the warrior. Just like with Thieves guild and Necro minions. Mesmer is built on sabotage and disruption and that should never ever change. Full on troll mode. Mesmers do not have the means to survive without stealth. They don't even have thief mobility to survive with literally zero stealth. "Look at what thieves have had to deal with." What being literally straight up unambiguously MANDATORY for all levels of play especially high end levels of play since the inception of the game while also straight up unambiguously hard countering their one rivals, memsers. Until mesmer portal got nerfed at which point they had no rivals. Like yeah, that sounds nice compared to Mesmer right now, yeah. If stealth attacks when predicted and evaded/blocked/invuled/ revealed the target, that's a change I'm okay with. As a mesmer I've been pretty annoyed every time I perfectly predicted a burst from a stealthed target and only succeeded in buying time until they just set up the burst again with more stealth. But comparatively, people have a deranged bugbear about GW2's stealth, which is immensely more fair than other games. Lets remove reaper shroud from reaper as well. Or tomes from Firebrand. Like if you removed Mirage being able to dodge while stunned (Which I have already an exact example of how the devs could do so with EXACT code that doesn't impact the rest of mirage) than really, all mirage truly does is give it the level of evasiveness while attacking as core thief. Spamming pistol whip? Spamming Death Blossom? Spamming Flanking Strike? Free evade when using evade for their healing skill? Even at its absolute most broken, Mirage did not come remotely close to the level of evade frame uptime as thief, as weaver, or even Spellbreaker. All of them pushed to their limit, Miraged significantly lagged behind them in evade/block/invulnerability uptime per minute by 10+ seconds the entire duration of PoF. This sort of "Evade while doing action" has ALWAYS existed in GW2. Guardians block while healing. Warriors and revenants heal while taking damage. There's tons of "unfair" mechanics. But ultimately, mesmer is extremely tame on this front. But because people get such a bug bear about mesmers, that's when stuff like this becomes a problem. If you want to "fix" mesmer, then ultimately you need to fix the significant nerfs to core weapons, traits, and utilities and ESPECIALLY our elite skills.
  10. Sometimes I have faith in the mesmer community. Other times they'll keep a nonsense necro thread alive for over as week after it gets bumped arguing straight up nonsense that doesn't matter competitively.
  11. Mesmers tend to have extremely solid grasps on their DPS rotations due to years spent in Chronojail.
  12. This is anet They ain't fixing kitten for mesmer. Feel My Wrath is 6 seconds of self quickness, 3 seconds of quickness to allies baseline on a 30 second cooldown. Time Warp pulses of 1s quickness five times, totaling 5 seconds of quickness baseline on a 120 second cooldown. Feel My Wrath provides 2.5 times the quickness uptime of Time Warp for allies and 5 times the self quickness uptime for the guardian. If you think Anet is do anything to make mesmer even remotely competitive with guardian you're deluding yourselves.
  13. Holo wasn't the main issue. It was just the most unfair combo. Arcing sclice was the main damage skill for strength spellbreaker. Arcing slice, full counter, spam arcing slice again. Whirlwind blade also hit hard, if they landed right. Bulls charge was overloaded, but it was more the evade that was the problem as it allowed them to easily break combat and reset the fight due to being a very very long range dashing evade. If they were using it on you it was comfortably evaded and even it landed you could stunbreak and evade the follow up. Rampage did too much damage but it was used as a hail mary when their basic kit failed and as a mesmer with chaos storm pretty easy to just no sell. Unblockable dodge was a pain. Nothing about that required megabalance, which has left us for with the most boring, awful meta ever since. I also fought tons of really excellent spellbreakers and never had zero idea what hit me like you're suggesting.
  14. Like there was no "CC Problem" in the first place for the brute force change to make any remote sense. Literally everyone looked at the change and was completely baffled when it came out. If you have a weapon set whose win condition is a 3k CC into a 5k main damage skill, when you take away the CC's damage the weapons win condition is a 5k damage hit. Which literally every class can completely shrug off with their healing skill let alone their passive sustain. Which lead us directly into the post megabalance world where everything feels sloshy, slow, spammy, and unimpactful. Because you need to land that 5k main damage skill 4, 5 or 6 times to kill anything instead of once or twice. Not even counting how many defensive options exist that can completely avoid your one damage skill, let alone if that damage skill can even outpace their healing skill and passive sustain. It was an extreme nuclear sledgehammer solution to a problem that straight up didn't exist at all. Which is why it's so especially bizarre.
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