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  1. All of the scepter skills had projectiles aside from the leap and teleport. I think people are overthinking the melee aspect. It was probably just to make the trailer more visually dynamic.
  2. It's be cool if engies get golems they can pick various body parts for. Like being able to pick between legs or treads, both of which will give your golem unique properties regarding movement, like treads make them immune to movement impairment but legs are faster. Alongside picking arms which impact the golems skills like two gatling gun arms, or a power fist and a gatling gun. Or a blade fist and a rocket launcher. Like a mini medabots in Gw2.
  3. Fear on F3 would actually have been cool.
  4. https://massivelyop.com/2021/10/06/guild-wars-2s-pvp-community-is-aflame-over-win-trading-accusations/ The article is just reacting to the original video that got big. But hitting gaming news definitely force Anets hand.
  5. Dunno what you're talking about "bursty". Core GS mesmer with one clone will F1 harder than a Virtuoso with a 5 blade F1. And it can do that immediately with just one cast of Mirror Blade. None of the build up of Virtuoso for far higher burst damage. It's not just that virtuoso is straightforward, it lacks all elements of sabotage that makes mesmer mesmer alongside losing all quality of life from core in exchange for straight downgrades with no upside. And dagger lacks the tools needed to succeed as a ranged damage dealer.
  6. Fair. It's dumb that it takes a Massively OP article to get some action, and we know there's going to be no action once the news stops talking about it.
  7. Or you could just have the GMs do their jobs all the time, and not just when a Massively OP article comes out. Implement hardware bans, IP bans, and credit card bans to make the barrier to try and sneak back into the game that much harder and just actually enforce your own rules for a change.
  8. It was because the media were writing about it that something got done.
  9. It's a case of a very bad actor targeting very bad actors. Anyway the bans aren't going to accomplish much long term unless they are both hardware and IP bans. That'll slow them down a bit. Anyone perma banned is just going to roll up new alts unless there's additional barriers to entry.
  10. It's genuinely impossible to image just how much you would need to nerf necro to override their designed position as the team fighter. It's like trying to think of how much would you need to gut thief so that mobility warrior and ranger are on par with them. And right now Anet couldn't even follow up on the Megabalance.
  11. I think a game mode that makes everything except necros and maybe, maybe, a support to go along with them absolutely worthless is far worse for the game. It'd take 5 years of development to actually redesign the other classes from the ground up to be actually competitive and viable in death match. And. We're talking dedicated full dev team working on classes like the run up to the game's original launch.
  12. Anet should implement hardware bans in addition to IP bans. But with Mael, they will never permanently ban him. He is the omega whale. To put this in perspective according to GW2Efficiency the amount of gold it would take to unlock every skin in the game is 310,865g. Mael has bragged about how he's financed all the skins in the game with pure credit card purchases. $10 equals ~ 238g. From what the guy himself has said and confirmed himself and my calculations he has spent over $13,000 USD on this game and that's just the tip of the iceberg. You also have to factor that Mae
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