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  1. The true question though remains: has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?
  2. But that's how resources work. I'd rather have the design/cosmetics team spend their time on something else in the realm of cosmetics.
  3. Hi there, I'm about to get myself a new PC but I'm not really a tech guy. I plan to go for something in the medium price range, not the cheapest setup but also not going to sink 4k$ into it. What I want my new PC to do is 1) play GW2 more or less smoothly with high graphics; 2) play some "older" games like f.e. a beautiful looking Skyrim and 3) paly some newer games like Cyberpunk with mid to high graphics. Now what components should I look out for? As I said I'm not a tech guy, so giving me half a page of numbers to prove your point won't help me much. Just tell me what's like the m
  4. If we go by the average forum post, the game is still asking for too much and until everything is nerfed down to be a quick time event, it will still be "literally impossible" to get. Gaming is over, the time of the interactive movie has come.
  5. Jup, you're looking for EotM but with pips. I wuoldn't mind that because I like the map. BU I also know I'm in the minority with this and I also kinda think it's not whatOP is asking for.
  6. Fishing was a mistake and a waste of resources. But people kept """suggesting""" it until it happened and now we have what we have because it had to be a thing because it's a thing in other games. I still laugh at each of these threads.
  7. Ah, so you want the thing without doing the thing necessary to get the thing. Got ya, another "hurr durr just give me the rewards without effort"-request. Just as I expected. xD
  8. this^^ also, if it doesn't matter to you and the clears will be sold anyway, why don't you buy the clears. As you clearly state, there already is a way for you and others who'd rather spend currency to get the item, so there is no need to change this rewards aquisition.
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