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  1. I love EotM. The map is great and the gameplay is fun when there's things to do. The falling hazards are what makes the map unique, just as skyhammer, the moment the map loses this "feature" it will become boring imho. Can something be done about it? Sure, they did mounts, everything is possible. Will they do anything about it? I doubt it. EotM was made as unattractive to the WvW crowd as humanly possible to not divert the, on some servers extremly small, population. EotM s still passable for the players who want a GoB without actually playing WvW for example.
  2. We have left the "does X makes sense" section of gamedesign years ago so if at all I wouldn't limit the dyes you could use.
  3. This^^ And I think there are still players out there who spite the fact that sites like these exist at all because 1)pLaY hOw YoU wAnT tHeY sAiD, 2) the site is telling them their "play how you want full nomad dps condi core warrior"-build is not meta and 3) it feels lazy/unimaginative/uncreative/not-RP to them to copy paste a build from a website.
  4. Skyscale requirement is fine as is.
  5. Deleting the items will give you back inventory space.
  6. Well, Anet does "manipulate" the market by designing the game's economy, i.e. how much of a given item you need to craft X or how often material Y drops from mobs. I doubt Anet manipulates the market by doing stuff on the TP. However, I doubt anybody on the forums can give you an answer that's not baseless speculation so, how should we know?
  7. I guess it depends on how it is done. If it boils down to an afk minigame, I think resources can be spent elsewhere. If it's fun, sure have a t it. Generally I'd rather have Anet spend resources on improving and expanding already existing systems rather than putting all these systems into the game only to be forgotten after two months.
  8. 1) Underwater rework 2) Raids 3) Alliances Things I can go without: new races, new weapons, new classes(not elite specs,classes), player housing, fishing, subscription fees
  9. I'd rather have ANet spend resources on something else.
  10. True but all those things were released years ago when the development philosophy was a different one or at least felt different to me..
  11. Well, instead of "Freaken amazing" I'd rather settle for "finally we have a forum that's up to early 2000's industry standards". But the fact that I can block people and don't have to read what certain users are writing is certainly a plus.
  12. This^^ How should we know? "B..but maybe you can sp..speculate..." -Sure, but what would that do for you? Either people speculate something you like, then you agree with them and set yourself up for disapointment when ANet does not go the route you speculated they would or you don't agree to what is being speculated and fear for something that might turn out vastly different than speculated, again. What good does it do if you hear the baseless speculations of others? "But w..what if someone has a really good idea..." - I doubt ANet will change anything about the way they plan on handl
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