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  1. Nah. The system is fine how it is. Not trying to be offensive, but the fact that you write that classes need to equip shields to have defensive stats shows how deep into the game you probably are. Also, the problem of not having the weapon your newly onlocked elite uses is solved by collections and achievements. Engi has limited weapon choices because it has kits that basically serve as new weapons. Try playing the game for a few more hours before trying to "improve" it. gl hf
  2. I raid twice per week and instead of "demanding" the content to be toned down on the forums, I spent time in game and improved myself to suit the demands of the content I wanted to play. Crazy, I know. Another crazy concept, If you want a thing and you need to do certain things to get the thing, you kinda have to accept that the things you need to do are the things you need to do to get the thing you want. If you don't want to do the thing necessary to get the thing you want, you might not want the thing you think you want.
  3. Time2No (thanks for the merger, hope every Tengu-Thread ends here)
  4. Dancing with weapons sounds like the sequel to running with scissors, maybe it was removed for safety reasons🤷‍♂️
  5. This^^ I love threads of the form: "Hi, I'm new here and I see that X doesn't work the way I'm used to. So let me, a new player, tell you how to fix the game."
  6. I doubt there will be skins for the gunsabre. There are no skins for shroud or holo-weapons, no skins for ele/guad conjures or outfits for the renegade warband. It's a skill that looks like a weapon, and ANet has never done skins for skills, outside of what comes with legendaries.
  7. Since the winner usually gets to write the history, yeah, we're totally the good guys/gals here.
  8. *wonders where the tomato went One problem with the idea is, that same rules would have to apply to everyone. So your cool idea of zerg bowling when in low numbers would, I assume in 9/10 cases, turn out to feel more like "a zerg of rollerbeetles rollering allover the map" since when one player can roller up and roll into a zerg, why shouldn't the zerg roller up and roll over the single player. Beetles rollering down gates would make structures basically undefendable and defending stuff is part of WvW, at least on some servers/for some guild. Now you may say "but it would be fun, jus
  9. So youi're saying that you are well aware that WvW'ers hate it when PvE stuff gets shoved in their game mode and then proceed to suggest shoving more PvE stuff into their game mode? Nope. No. I'd rather not. No. *gently lobs a tomato at OP
  10. Sure it can. But just like PoF didn't introduce in game glider skins(i know there are legendary ones, but that's not the point), EoD probably won't introduce in game mount skins.
  11. How shold we know? And probably not. If at all, they will introduce additional worlds with the SAB festival and not tie it to an expansion.
  12. No matter how much collectable RNG fluff you build around a minigame, it will never surpass just being a minigame. Sure with a bigger carrot at the end, more players will interact with the minigame, but will they enjoy it more, just because the carrot at the end is bigger? Also I doubt an aquarium just to display what you have cought is the big carrot that would work for many players. Most players are incentivised by gold per hour, not by "look at the fancy thing in my home instance".
  13. All swimsuits will come with floor long capes as a basic design choice, because that's just how tyrian swimsuits work.
  14. WvW expansion will be a thing anyway(at least they stated that they would look into it), no downed state "to help the ESport-scene", well the ESport-scene is playing fortnite or whatever; 2v2 and 3v3 arena permanent would be cool if the game had the PvP playerbase to support ore than one mode, we have elites instead of classe and race doesn't matter. No, this is very much what I think.
  15. It's called hope. It helps eventhough there's not much substance to it if you take a close look.
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