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  1. For six'es sake I've already got 3 guildies bugging me with unicorns non-stop. If our mesmers are getting too I'm going to have to make guild rules 🤬
  2. A dangerous assumptions here and doesn't necessary apply to GW2. We have no objective evidence to believe dev balance base on "vocal minority". No one advocate for mirage staff buff before it got alacrity, no one advocate for more ele nerf when ele still got nerf in this patch. In fact ANet's interaction on these forums are often kept to minimum with once/twice weekly reply to meme posts etc and only ever react serious to PR or roadmap. People quit for any reason. From balance, new/old mechanic, bad story, other more interesting games, real life commitments or money/tim
  3. Player skills proportional to reward exists in all games. It's the principle of balance. Game should be easy enough for all to play, but if easier spec is more efficient (key word being efficient) than harder-to-play specs while netting the same result/dps you also lose out on players who find the game lacks learning curve/challenge. I've also known people who quit because their piano style triple kit condi engi was nerfed years ago to same level as easier specs like staff DD. I've also known people who quit because they can no longer "play as you want" with the new nec
  4. I quite like the old design where it does 10% more depending on how much condi enemy has, but it does seem out of place in a condition weapon. Given staff is now a boon/condi weapon, one of the ways we can make iwarlock unique would probably be giving enemy condition base on what boon you have as converted from corruption table (Max 3 or 4 due to 18s CD). And we can ditch the measly attempt of having 2 warlocks...
  5. Agree. Nerf in clone autoattack raises skill floor by punishing lazy play (which in the past could reward you with >20k on Cairn with literal 3 clone auto attack and no ambush/utility/other skills) and does little towards those who ambush frequently. Before the change your alacrity per dodge is 3*1.16=3.48s due to concentration in Chaos line, now you just need to run sigil of energy (5% condi damage loss from not slotting bursting) + ~4 or so seraph gear (about 12% condi duration loss with 7% more crit chance) to achieve ~3.45s. Roughly estimate of 26k + ~42 confusio
  6. Without derailing this thread and being as respectful as I can be, I have to say your defense is still quite pathetic. you don't even bother reading the logs from renegades which none of them using OFA. And you tried to say this is a "you say I say" situation. Let me teach you on how to use logs using the SH fight where our staff mirages deals 50-52k dps. https://dps.report/8WAu-20210512-155534_sh 1. Click on your favorite renegades in this video 2. Click on player summary 3. Click on simple rotation Vwala, no Orders from Above used from any revenants.
  7. You do know snowcrow has yet to update axe mirage and that build is from August 20? Back when staff does burn over confusion? This is really getting no where. If you can't provide an actual video and said all my numbers (from video I might add) we can just say agree to disagree.
  8. Snowcrow benchmark talks about consistent confusion stacks on axe mirage, which does 25 confusion stacks on bosses to land 35k on SH. Look at the video or mine to see how many confusion we're able to achieve (consistently 40 and up to 60 every 20s). What exactly are you arguing against when the most accurate personal data clearly point at that? Do you want to at least post a snowcrow video on ACTUAL BOSS? Sure there are encounters favor torment over confusion, such as deimos (attack CD ~6s) But as I said torment MAX damage is shown on golem post change. And at this stage condi rene
  9. Confusion damage has always been miscalculate in map data (coloured one that calculate everyone), and you need to read personal data to get accurate measure. Any mesmer dps raider would've know that tbh. Your whole argument falls apart when you read wrong data and base on that. Look carefully at the personal dps in those video, they're clearly 44k dps and 52k. It's not hyperbole, you are just not familiar with arcdps.
  10. "Mirage Chaos Vortex (Staff Ambush): The projectile now only strikes enemies. Up to 10 nearby allies gain boons. The boons gained are now might (8 stacks, 15-second duration in PvE; 4 stacks, 6-second duration in PvP and WvW) and alacrity (3-second duration). (Note: Boons are applied near the mesmer only, not near clones.)" The range is 360 around the mirage himself. You don't need projectiles to hit. If you don't bother reading patch note, please at least log into the game and try it out before baselessly defending it. 360 around mirage is much more lenient than STM 240 AoE q
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_j2Z0oZbAho hmm...yup. 52k on SH with 2 alacrimage maintaining full alacrity, way outclassed the two condi rev in same fight that's hitting 35k (who are not using RR btw). Definitely overtuned with confusion damage There are 2 options to adjust this, with one option out of two but not both at the same time: Reduce confusion duration on chaos vortex to 5-6s baseline in PvE only from 8s. It'll reduce the inflated numbers while still keeping decent dps on most bosses. Alternatively reduce to 2s alacrity on ambush so you actually ne
  12. No smoke field involved, and winds of chaos/chaos vortex has NO finisher. You can see my confusion stacks purely base on ambush from clone/me, crystal mirror and F2. In actual raid setting you could use staff 5 on mere chance your allies using projectile will be able to get extra confusion. But you get 50 confusion stacks on boss without any field interaction. Also I'm not quoting these numbers out of the blue.
  13. "Acquired" I might add...mirror used to be pretty good with 4s reflect on 12s CD until they nerfed it.
  14. Power alacrigade is a bad example and clearly overshadowed. You're comparing the max dps from power alacrigade when I didn't even consider the confusion damage on this build. Golem doesn't attack and doesn't trigger confusion damage. Once you tried it in the bosses who constantly get 40-60 confusion stacks you'll see the effect. For your reference, in the past Axe pistol/torch mirage does 29k damage on golem with constant 25 stacks of confusion with considerably more complicated rotation. That equates about 32-40k damage on raid bosses pre-patch depending on their attack speed. Its
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