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  1. Bunker chrono was removed in PvP with nerfs to core traits 2 years before they remove distortion on continuum split, in particular Signet of inspiration AND bountiful disillusion plus other things like shield nerf Back to the topic. Knowing ANet's lack of commitment/resource or severe stubbornness to admit being in the wrong, I highly doubt they'll revert changes unless there is major screw up like illusionary persona removal from chrono making it completely unviable. Chrono still have viable support spot in PvE end game (though not optimal) so I don't think they'll prioritize unne
  2. I remember the day it was nerfed, as well as ANet's explanation was that it "promotes passive play" and they wanted to move away from it. Highly doubt they'll bring it back. Gosh back then clone destruction procs cripple and random one condition out of 3x bleed/3x vuln/weakness with 2 separate traits on the same line...or confusion but that needs to dedicate into separate major trait in different line, making it unviable. It is far from the power creep we got today.
  3. Honestly wouldn't say quit, still use chrono/mirage in raid when leading my guild. But I gotta say I'm using guardian more often now including gradually taking over its raid roles. I've spent 3352 hours on my mesmer including all PvE/instanced PvE, PvP main side noder (+multiclass) to mid Platinum, WvW in small scale roaming with dedicated guild in the past and also in zergs nowadays. Think the only thing I haven't tried on my mes is leading WvW zerg.
  4. Don't think we're on the same page here, ranger NEVER had their core mechanics turning into projectile in the past 9 years. Why are you keep saying mesmer should follow rangers footstep and "learn to play"?
  5. Like I said, mesmer has no such trait or skill. What you are trying to achieve by derail that into "ranger has no such trait"? What you haven't achieve is explaining how virtuoso is going to play around without their professional mechanics. Btw I multiclass into plat including SB/druid. Don't BS me into saying that I don't read or don't know Ranger meta. I've played decapper with druid since HoT and SB before all the nerfs
  6. Really? That's the best argument you can bring? https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Unblockable_(effect) Sure you can argue SB meta don't use it because they can play around with other skills like CA or SB professional skills or swap to melee set. But the fact is the tool is there.
  7. Love the comparison, never knew turning into soulbeast or druid can be reflected, or that most professional mechanics they have can also be reflected. Let me just swap my virtuoso to chrono mid battle or just equip this trait that gives unblockable in case I meet a healbrand/tempest...oh wait, mesmer has no such trait or skill.
  8. Someone did the calculation. In general nerf for most bosses with buff for few slow attack bosses. Calculation table
  9. Bladesongs need unblockable trait at the cost of damage or pierce. The interruptible animations (esp F1 with 3/4 second CD) is already a counterplay. Honestly going from destructible illusions to one-dodge mirage and now reflectable projectiles.......at this stage Mesmer should be renamed Masochists.
  10. There needs to be a GM trait that makes bladesong blades unblockable so it can't be reflected. (With probably trade-off like 15%-25% damage reduction in pvp/wvw). This will allow virtuoso to finally give mesmer proper role in WvW outside of niche veil/portal bot, while not making it OP with pierce and unblockable. Otherwise I agree with pretty much everyone here. The new traitlines are uninspiringly boring, copied existing effect that base mesmer already have access to with few sprinkled extra while not allowing different playstyles among different traits. This also mak
  11. Malicious sorcery does not stack with quickness because spaghetti codes. The 2 clones I meant were skill 2. You'll be surprised by how many raid groups failed 25 stacks of vulnerability lol, most of the time 15-20 stacks which is still around 5-10% less damage. Also unfortunately boon strip is about the only unique thing heal mesmer can bring, so kinda toss between HB (for boons) or HS (for barrier/res and some boon strip but less heals/stab/quickness) depending on your situation.
  12. Has anyone tried party up multiple weavers and see how high they can lift target?
  13. Don't think we need to worry about power only. Weaver has fair amount of traits for both power and condi, allowing meta to shift from power oriented on initial PoF release to now more condi oriented.
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