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  1. Good thing I checked if someone else experienced this as well, because I was about to report this as well. Just randomly happened to be in Bitterfrost Frontier and killed some of the Champions, so I got a bunch of the Collection items for Bitterfrost Frontier Master. Namely, Corrupted Griffon Talon, Icebrood Goliath Sinew and Icebrood Troll Tooth. If I try to salvage those, I get the confirm dialog, I confirm, but the item remains in my inventory.
  2. As soon as you anchor your skiff you get the "Losing association with Skiff" debuff. Your skiff does not despawn once the timer runs out. However, you don't get the fishing party buff anymore if you catch fish from fishing holes because you are no longer associated with your own skiff I assume. EDIT: After some further testing, this only seems to happen if the Crescent Canoe Gemstore Skin is applied to the Skiff. That's two new issues exclusively related to new Gemstore Skins for Fishing Rods and Skiffs introduced today.
  3. The new Gemstore Fishing Rod Skin is missing the Audio Cue that is supposed to play when the red exclamation mark appears above my character. Tested this by swapping to one of the other Skins and the Audio Cue plays on those when a Fish bites, so this issue only seems to affect the new one.
  4. The achievement description says "under 5 Minutes" but the "Qualifying" Buff you get at the Derelict Temple only lasts for 2 Minutes. https://imgur.com/a/XWuHv0J
  5. This bounty has supposedly been bugged for years. Are there any plans of even fixing this? I can see the bounty hanging on the bounty board, but can't interact with it.
  6. Like the title says, I am trying to change the dyes of my glider. I click apply. I close the window. I open it again. The dyes are reset to what they were previously. EDIT: As mentioned in this other thread, changing to a glider with 4 dye channels and then changing back to the 2 channel glider I was trying to change worked. No idea what is causing this issue, but it needs fixing.
  7. Yeah, I don't get it. Could have at least kept up with the established convention and go with "Long-Term Commited" if nothing else.
  8. Cool, you are changing the voice acting for a Guardian shout. When are you ever going to add the voice acting to the "To the Limit!" Heal Skill Warrior Shout that it didn't have for about 6 years now? 👀
  9. So, the "To the Limit!" Shout was originally called Healing Surge and was reworked into a Shout Skill back in 2015, but I don't remember it ever being voiced (as in, having my character actually shout "To the Limit!" ingame). I thought the same was the case with "Receive the Light!" on Guardian, which was originally called Healing Breeze but also reworked into a Shout in 2015, but after double checking it turns out this one is actually voiced ingame. Any chance of this getting fixed? A soundless shout is kinda silly.
  10. I feel that the rewards could use a little touch-up as well. I am not sure if it's worth all the effort for a daily 2 gold, a bunch of sprockets and the usual handful of unidentified gear. Achievements might be a motivation to some, but once they are done, there is not too much to gain here, unless you are in for the sprockets to craft the Tempered Spinal Blades Backpacks, although you can't really do that without a proper way to earn the different Assault Knight Power Cores (Battle for Lion's Arch soon™?). Just a thought. I would hate for it to come back into the game after years,
  11. I vaguely remember those skins being directly added to your wardrobe if you buy them. Have you checked there? unless that's what you meant by "not in my hero panel".
  12. It does drop from trash mobs, but its not a guaranteed drop. I gave up bothering with it after i killed a few dozen enemies and still only had 3/20 progress.
  13. I noticed that Canach sounds a bit off...Did the voice actor change for some reason, or might this be due to recording from home? Or are they back in the studio? I forgot.He somehow sounds more like Matthew Mercer than John DiMaggio for some reason.
  14. Considering they made a unique shoulder skin for the same low effort meta achievement last year, i was kinda expecting the same for this year.But i guess it is what it is. If some can at least enjoy these, i guess they aren't a complete miss.Those shoulders were ugly AF. I have never seen a single person with them on.Yeah let's live in a world where we are disappointed didn't get more of thatto be fair, i never said they look good. I just said they are unique.
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