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  1. They already have a vendor for spirit shards. Her name is Miyani
  2. Except you knew the terms when you bought the contract. Now you want a change. There is no reason for Anet to change the terms.
  3. You agreed to the terms before you purchased it. If you didn't like the terms, you shouldn't have bought the contract.
  4. Harvesting Hardwood and platinum is pretty good in Sparkfly. Could someone explain how the fishing posts help the OP in any way?
  5. That's all well and good, but the OP said he didn't have any expansions. How do you expect him to fish?
  6. The way Lydia was handled. Her alias should have been part of season 3 in the first episode. Instead, she is thrown in the last episode as a mere afterthought. It's a tragic waste.
  7. DE will never be on a loot train. It takes too long.
  8. I can't seem to get it. Plus the sleeping lionguard is missing
  9. Yes, it is dumb. The devs know better than to design like this. The fault lies entirely with the devs.
  10. A troll is someone that demands and intentionally attempts to cause the failure of an event
  11. Not much. It's better than PoF, but nothing has fallen into my routine.
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