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  1. Your welcome to have your opinion. But it's uninformed and lacks experience with the subject matter. Uniformed opinions are wrong.
  2. I understand why players would want humans to have tattoos. However, humans and norn are already too similar to each other, why blur the distinction even more? How many of these threads are needed?
  3. OP couldn't be more wrong. The story is Anet's opportunity to train the player how to use the mounts properly. The story is the best time to require that player learn how to use the mounts.
  4. As well as Jade Tech underwater skins, I'd like legendary breathers.
  5. A new player at the AB Meta? That would mean they skipped a lot to be there and would be confused by just about everything. I have a hard time feeling bad for a player in that situation. AB meta is end game. New players are doing themselves a disserving by being there.
  6. Looks like a typical Friday sale to me. Just like we get every Friday. When the anniversary sale hits, there will most likely something new everyday
  7. If they added the new mounts, then they would have to raise the price of the pack. Then people would complain about the higher price. Also, players with the old pack would want the new skins (most likely for free) and complain about that. It's best to just leave the packs alone.
  8. Pro Tip: Many of the daily login rewards are just garbage.
  9. GW2 is not free to play. It buy to play. There is a difference.
  10. And after. It was quite a while before season 3 started.
  11. Some posts add quite a bit to the conversation. Unfortunately, this post adds nothing. This is the second post by the local forum police informing me that I have hurt there feelings by making a post in a different forum than they would have. It seems a bit intolerant.
  12. Why would it be a gemstore item? None of the other sun-blessed weapons are. What is the point of your post?
  13. There's too much drama in this thread.
  14. I was hoping it would be available this year.
  15. I have too much invested into GW2 to leave it for GW3. If they come out with GW3, good luck to Anet, but I'll pass.
  16. Logan is a gay furry. He's got it bad for Rytlock.
  17. Yeah, the writing is pretty low brow. However, that seems to be the case in most games.
  18. These people read your post. They just disagree with you. Not everyone sees things the same. There is no reason to be angry just because people disagree with you.
  19. I can't see paying more than 200 for a jade bot skin.
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