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  1. gw2 draws strength from creativity, so they stand firm against capital, although it is difficult when there are sharks of the capitalist market all around in this area.
  2. I mean 5vs5 is a small number of people for such skills tooltips and because of this, we can call a large number of skills and utilities ineffective. The game is limited by scenario diversity possibilities. More people in the same match will make the meta wider, but then we need a bigger map and more nodes and bigger conquest conditions. It's good that we have 36 specializations, it's bad that they can't play more scenarios among themselves in one match. In WoW, cap effectiveness is constantly changing along with timegates.
  3. the mind thinks it already knows everything, but it doesn't even know about its own body. P. S. Socrates words before the execution - I realized that I know that I know nothing. This man became a Buddha, became a Christ.
  4. I don't think you can just pull one skill out of the balance team's big picture and declare it OP. I think they are trying to balance around a certain integrity and a certain game, but they may also not conscious that personal skill is an illusion of the mind. For example, start changing controls every day and take the mouse with the other hand and you will conscious that the mind is always looking for a comfort zone, which cannot be a personal skill, because a personal skill is a body. Now the real situation - football let's throw the second ball on the football field, what will happen to t
  5. 5vs5 is already a hard limit for 36 specializations, in this mode the so-called Fotm builds after edits will always be promoted to keep interest. When we have so many skills with tooltip - Number of Targets: 5 and team combat is limited to 3vs3, 4vs3, sometimes 5vs... we will always have less effective skills and weapons and Meta is more limited.
  6. The mind begins to work for death after the ego learns about it, unlike the heart and body. (Everyone has an ego, including me, the rest is just a matter of its inflatedness). An extra piece eaten, even if it is harmful to the body, there are even more zeros at the end of the numbers, and etc, but at the same time, the ego is afraid that it will not exist and wants to leave a name about itself. What we see in all MMOs - the decline in popularity in PvP simply comes from the fact that we begin to identify ourselves with the character we control, just like in the real world. The ego is afraid of
  7. The fuss has become a trendy, perhaps we are just seeing a certain reflection of this trend. Good point, then everything should be trendy.
  8. Warrior lacks identity, so I think Warrior should punish any mobility spam, but it needs some rework. All the same, you can’t run much with cut tendons.
  9. Well done buddy, you're good at finding the weak points of what's referred to as skill based gameplay.
  10. Hey guys! So the guardian has become the omega version of the typical insta med guardian, which lacks CC skills with 0 damage and almost all skills deal damage. Poor, poor core gurdain and his lack of mobility - gs leap, sw2, med teleport, insta virtue, as well as his support brother with insta shouts. In principle, it's not surprising that WB has become an omega version of a typical med guardian with insta med and lack of CC skills without damage. P. S. Lmao. Probably the guardian already needs an energy system called Energy of Sacrifice, to personify his sanctity and support. Every
  11. Thank you for conveying my thoughts in full. My knowledge of English did not allow me such integrity of the text. As a wow veteran I've seen what happens to people with dancing around 2s and 3s. The result is this: a misunderstanding of more than half of the possible setups in 3s and, accordingly, their unplayability (due to the streaming meta chase and meta slavery), a complete misunderstanding of the macro game in rbg (bg) in general, and as a result of all this, the global exhaustion of players (timegates are also to blame, but still ...) P. S. In my text, I was not guided by a specifi
  12. lack bloody fields for a warrior, so that the warrior can enjoy the primordial ecstasy of battle. Explosions of bleeding, maybe even a bloody aura, etc, isn't it wonderful!
  13. Sorry buddy to have to talk about this, but if you're not aware of your breath and you're breathing in autopilot, you're already wasting it. It is very difficult to count inhalations and exhalations for example in one day of wakefulness. It requires tight control over the here and now.
  14. Yeah, fun observation. The behavior of duality is reflected in everything.
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