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  1. There is already a leaderboard, kind of. https://leaderboards.guildwars2.com/en/eu/wvw
  2. As far as I tested, it works. If it doesn't, I'd like to think it will work during the next beta or in the expansion.
  3. Description: With Superior Rune of the Defender and Marauder set, Virtuoso has a lot of relatively low effort survivability. You can either build a power virtuoso or go for a condi approach, in which case you also have the scepter block. Points of interest: You have aegis on Bladesongs and a 3s block on F4 which can proc up to 3 times and heal for 1223 * 3 on 30s cooldown. Marauder gear gives you a good amount of critical chance, you can get up to 90% with just fury. More importantly, Marauder gives you vitality. This gives you 163 ferocity from Quiet Intensity, whi
  4. Tactics discipline bladesworn has pretty good sustain and decent damage. If they fix the bugs (DT3 almost never hits), I'd play it in pvp.
  5. They should buff mantras and give them the active effects (weakened) back. Recovery should heal more, Pain should give some might, interrupting with Distraction should recharge F3 a bit, Resolve should cleanse more conditions and Concentration should give aoe quickness.
  6. People who wants to proc master traits in Bladesworn line
  7. * No Weapon Swap You have a good weapon. * No Normal Burst Yes this is a bit of a problem, but it's better than being too vanilla. * All cool new stuff is gated behind staying in place for 5s. Not really, you can use your skills on 1 charge for mobility or interrupt or you can blink in Z axis etc. * Whats the point of Ammo synergy when we dont have Kill Shot and Rifle is still a terrible weapon? Shouts and pistol 5, but rifle needs buffs yes.
  8. I am not sure if cc really is a problem. It's not a problem in 1v1 sidenode duels, only becomes a problem in larger fights. I think if you are focused in XvX, you should die unless you use your active defenses well and kite a lot.
  9. I agree that we need top boons, top conditions, top boonrip etc and some of the current ones need to be changed. Otherwise, I disagree with you.
  10. I play Power Staff Weaver in WvW and I feel like my actual weapon is Conjure Fiery Greatsword and the staff is just a filler lol. I think earth 5 should swap places with earth 3 so weavers can have at least one reflect. Also staff weaver is not squishy at all. I used to play it with berserker stats. You have two good defensive ccs, evade on fire 4 and soft cc removal on air 4. I slot 3 defensive utilities (Twist of Fate, Lightning Flash, Mist Form). Worst case scenario, you can run away with Fiery GS.
  11. PvP (in order): 1) Condi mirage 2) Bunker Scrapper 3) I forgot WvW (in order): 1) Staff Weaver 2) Condi Soulbeast (no traps) 3) Condi Mirage 4) Focus pull Chrono
  12. This thing deals less damage with 2 damage traitlines than thief in PvP. I don't think it's D even, you just go in and die.
  13. They all scale with each other (as they are multiplied), so you cannot increase scaling while lowering base damage. Oh but you can do it for healing, since there is actually a "base healing" on skills. Healing done = base healing + (healing power * skill healing coefficient)
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