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  1. Thanks for your support. It's already in a usable state, I organized a few in-house tournaments with this before and it worked well.
  2. Hello everyone. I wrote a script called GW2TG for generating "balanced" teams from players based on rating and roles. It's primarily for sPvP teams but it can create teams for GvGs, raids, fractals and possibly more. With this script, you can create randomized but still "balanced" tournament teams easily. How to use & detailed info: https://github.com/TaygaHoshi/GW2TeamGenerator/blob/master/README.md Download v2.2: https://github.com/TaygaHoshi/GW2TeamGenerator/releases/download/2.2.1/GW2TG.zip Note: I am saying "balanced" in quotes because it only takes team roles and rating into account. Note 2: I'm also searching for programmers (preferably more experienced than me) to help me fix the code and implement new features. Note 3: It currently has a few bugs but it's going to improve with time.
  3. I tested my variant of the sustain build in pvp. As far as I understand, it's way worse vs a competent player but it does decently against relatively weaker players.
  4. Please read what you are replying to.
  5. Mirage: Staff 5 is field spam? Weaver: Sword 2 and a few short AoEs are field spam? Ranger: Condi trapper isn't even good Necro: Hmm I guess staff is field spam
  6. If consistency is a problem, ranger pets are a lot more consistent compared to phantasmal berserker, and they hit harder lol.
  7. One anet dev said something about 15v15, but it's probably delayed because of the expansion.
  8. No because as long as downstate exists, things like sic em soulbeast, oneshot mesmer, "oneshot" dragonhunter and other oneshot builds are not that viable. Just look at wvw during no downstate events and you will understand. Except for necro, time to kill is completely fine right now.
  9. If this happened, pvp will turn into a "one shot or be one shotted".
  10. Anet, let us buy stat selectable exotics with dungeon tokens please.
  11. While I really like most of your ideas (except for deflecting shot), that's not the only one. See https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Quickening_Thirst. Both of these should provide a permanent movement speed increase imo.
  12. Add captcha to queue for players who get reported frequently, if they are a bot they will be out of the queue.
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