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  1. Real Gamers Run 5-Man Scourge Parties Seriously though, what's even going on here? I come back after taking a break from gw2 and the t4 lfg tab is infested with people looking for triple scourge for dps slots. I remember seeing holos, thieves, the occasional mesmer, even eles, but now even condi fb is becoming uncommon despite it also overperforming. This tends to be at its worst right around reset (if by some miracle an anet employee reads this, go check the lfg around reset yourself), so I started doing my dailies about 12 hours afterward, but lately it's been getting bad even th
  2. Yeah, while the change is potentially good (a nerf may have been rolled in), we didn't see anything else of note. In all honesty, teatime comes across as a bit unhinged when he's talking about Catalyst; I have no idea how he can have this much faith in Anet unless he's unwell, joking, or contractually obligated to be hyped up. While this is a tiny step in the right direction, the Jade Orb mechanics, in my opinion, are the least problematic aspect of the e-spec.
  3. So, I've had some time to think about Catalyst. I don't like it, I'd probably never use it, I might not even train up the e-spec unless the hammer it gets from its collection is really neat. Why? Let's gloss over a few reasons which themselves are a massive issue, but the Jade Sphere and its effects across different attunements bothers me most as that is honestly the thing I find most baffling as it's an enormous, missed opportunity. The first is the hammer's skills. Give that thing combo fields or there's no reason to use it on a spec which is all about using combos. It needs more
  4. My own issues with the spec have already been communicated by others, so I won't bother writing that book. However, there is one thing I would like to address. Those of you asking for the Jade Sphere to act like a Scrapper's gyros, that being a well which follows the caster around, have you forgotten about how much of a pain it can be to play a flimsy class in melee range and how much that limits build diversity? Have you lot been spending too much time farming trash mobs in squads while using a full set of dire or trailblazer? If you want point blank aoes, Tempest and Weaver alrea
  5. @AliamRationem.5172 You sure showed that PvE mob who's boss - oooweee... Good lord, this has been a long time coming. The fire weaver build you seem to love pushing everywhere is made to address the major weakness of ele, that being it's made of wet, single-ply, gas station restroom toilet paper, by stacking mostly dire stats and then building for burning damage, the most damaging condition in the game. This makes the build much more welcoming to new, inexperienced players, which is good, but that's all they'll ever use that ele for. They could use the exact same gear on a scourge, be tankier
  6. Did an ele piss in your cereal or something? That immobilize on Aftershock comes out on the second impact; if you manage to get hit with it, you absolutely deserve it and so much more. I will agree that the increased target cap and weakness application on Tempestuous Aria may seem like a bit much, but I want you to actually go and try playing the class and messing around with its traits before asking for nerfs. Check out which traits and utility skills the two are competing with. There are good reasons why we see fbs and scrappers on support and scourges on soft cc and bombing duty rather than
  7. So, weaver gives ele main-hand sword, and now people think the next elite spec is going to give the class main and off-hand sword. K.And no, this is not the same as ranger getting main-hand dagger because off-hand dagger was already a part of core whereas ele only gets access to main-hand sword through an elite spec. I doubt the next spec will include any 1200+ range dps weapon because ele already has staff; I know it needs work, but that's the role staff used to have and it should probably fill it again in the future - if the balance team ever gets its act together. There's almost no way anet
  8. That isn't how the tablet works; the tablet itself does not have a hitbox, though a skill it has can summon a bubble which blocks projectiles. And just to clarify this for you, a LOT of skills in this game are actually aoes, one major group being just about every single melee attack, and this is often referred to as "cleave." The fact you need to mention aoes leads me to suspect one or more of you didn't bother to run up to the rev and just mash a melee weapon into its face. Revs can build to be very tanky and have a lot of regen, though I don't know if it would be enough to handle more than t
  9. If you can say what I've edited into bold font there, you do not understand what Auburner is getting at, though you do say that barrier can be a problem. The core of this matter is that dps does not matter if those big numbers aren't downing people. A couple days ago a zerg I was part of ran into another group comprised almost entirely of fbs, scourges, and revs, and they simply clumped up and sat in one place, killing anyone who got too close and eating all our aoes without a single one of them getting downed over the course of a few minutes. That blob essentially became a dps golem for anyon
  10. Three years since I first saw that video and it's still accurate, save we can now insert almost any other class in place of the necro.
  11. It can be a bit tough to keep up 10 stacks when solo, but that's what happens with Anet balancing PvE for raids and t4 fractals where people always have quickness and alacrity. It really isn't a huge deal, though. If you're doing solo stuff, it's probably better to focus on not dying instead of missing out on half of your potential 10% damage modifier. That said, I just tested this and can confirm the fire field from Overload Fire does not proc Persisting Flames. What's funnier is that Lava Skin, a skill which does not list a fire field in its tooltip, does proc Persisting Flames. I just loooo
  12. Anyone who actually thinks Flame Expulsion is going to deal considerable damage must have been living under a rock on Pluto for the past few years. I doubt Anet's going to put two dps grandmaster traits into a trait line, especially when the base trait we're talking about, Pyromancer's Puissance, is a selfish support trait as of this day. Devs probably wanted to have an interesting way for ele to share might outside of tempest without having to blast fire fields. The idea of removing might from oneself to grant it to allies is neat - bad in terms of gameplay and likely balance as well, but nea
  13. This just keeps getting funnier with every update.
  14. So, it's possible but so extraordinarily difficult to pull off that there's no point to even trying. Got it. It is a funny thing to think about, though. The only way I could see this working is if someone set up a bot to move a rev through each sub-group of a squad between pulses. I'm sure it would end with a temporary ban for the player(s) using this and a permanent nerf of some sort for rev.
  15. It seems as if they took a really old version of CoR, before all the bug fixes that made it actually work, and somehow made it even buggier. How? HOW?!
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