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  1. Balance patch at this point is like finding an oasis in the desert.
  2. I want more and faster content in gw2 in every game modes those talked above. I don't want to play a cheap game and forced to accept less content and pretend all is well in Tyria. Being a ’cheap game' is not an excuse caused by playerbase, if they are gonna release everything players ask and compete with other mmos, then take more of my money and so be it.
  3. This is a good idea. So we can get to see beloved characters like Tybalt and Joko make a return in an alternate dimension. Could be a selling point too depending on how much would devs be interested on the ideas.
  4. FE health is a joke with current power creep, 15min afking before it spawns and takes 10 sec to die, if you blinked for a sec or two, you miss the boss.
  5. It must be so hard to give makeover kit a buff upon consuming that will last for a certain period of time, so that if you made a mistake on your customization, given you have the buff, you can visit a makeover kit npc and fix that mistake and any other things freely until buff is over.
  6. Addition to FF14 reply, BDO has also nice selfie mode with free camera movement, tilt and effects. Generally speaking If you don't limit yourselves only into Gw2, there are alot of nicer things that Gw2 can and should have when you look at what other games do and offer.
  7. Started game shortly after HoT, bought it immediately when I hit 80, bought ultimate edition POF right after its stream. But this time and for EoD, I will wait and see up till release to be sure it will worth or not.. I have big concerns Anet has to fix if they care which I highly doubt.
  8. My Slumbering Transcendence is still waiting to be used account wide. People who have it prior to Armory update are basically punished for doing so while players who craft it after the patch instantly gets awakened version and those are fully allowed to be used account wide for the same cost. This said vendor for the slumbering trinkets better be coming sooner than later bcs players like me are left out and our 'legendary' tier trinkets are useless now as they are not added to Armory is a big let down. Why do I still have to look for ascended trinkets when I have made legendary tie
  9. Sorry but this is bad idea and it will just help 'some' players who look for newbies for certain interactions and some stalkers' intentions easier. I won't get into details so don't ever ask, but know that not everyone who play gw2 are 'angel'
  10. It's blocked out by armory and not added to system in its current form. Basically an ascended trinket with stat swap on demand. Can't share across my toons being a big let down until a said vendor to be put in game and no date given is unfair for players who didn't want orbs effects at the first place and you telling me to upgrade it before the said vendor shows up is not a solution bcs I don't want to play with silly orb effects around my chars and since I've had my time and resources spent for a 'legendary' item I deserve the full functionality of it like anyone else.
  11. People talk about prestige when I can't even add my so called legendary trinkets to armory bcs they are slumber and blocked out by system. Forced to wait for a vendor to show up in the unknown future while others are already distributing their legendaries freely. This is unfair for people who didn't want orbs effect at the first place.
  12. I just want to have my Slumbering Transcendence added to armory soon as possible. No date given for the said vendor. People who preferred slumbering versions of WvW and PvP trinkets are left out by the legendary armory until a vendor coming soon™. I'm not going to go for 20 AT wins at this point it's waste of time. I just want my earned and Legendary tier Amulet to be usable by all my characters asap.
  13. So right now, I'm not able to distribute Slumbering Transcendence and Slumbering Conflux across my characters and I have to wait for a vendor to show up on a future patch to be able to do so yet no ETA is given. I'm not willing to play like this and instead wait until that vendor becomes a thing in the game and I hope it is on high priority after all.
  14. If that player is one of those crafting a legendary once a year or two, then yeah 2 gold is okay otherwise I have near 40 legendary pieces over 5 years (with long breaks) and in that case coin and clovers with all current means of acquisition and without gem to gold, they are expensive and does not keep up with the need and timegated. Right now I'm going for the last batch of weapons and it's ridiculous how many coins and clovers needed to craft them all at once. Gw2 is on par with grindy Korean mmos with its legendary crafting system.
  15. While I agree with new ways being opened up, reading this Reddit post and checking the charts included in the shared article raises questions and alerts about near future of the game and overall performance if they are to go with dx11.
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