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  1. Rewards for Obsidian Sanctum Guild Jumping Puzzle is only being given to one player at a time. We have 5 people in our squad, so we had to restart the mission 5 times to get all of the rewards.
  2. Once again, "feelings" doesn't matter whether a company considers something is beta or alpha. If the company, did the necessary steps that they consider are acceptable to move to the beta stage then it is a beta to the corporation's own requirements.
  3. Again that's another feeling, they already showed videos and documented that it was tested on their development servers. They shared this with us awhile ago, so while it may 'feel' it's not a beta test that doesn't mean it's not.
  4. That's cool but a feeling doesn't determine what stage a test is at. Either way the test still needs to be done. Not all beta tests goes as planned. After playing GW2 for years, you should have experience some bad betas before.
  5. According to the consensus in this thread. If one person completes it they should get the reward. However, sometimes no rewards are given even if one person completes it. But too answer your question directly we ran out of time and didn't get any rewards. However, the week before we got rewards before the race was finished.
  6. 9/16 Bear Lope Not a SINGLE guildie that crossed got any rewards. Waited until time expired, no chest.
  7. xD. Some people use it when they're upset, they don't have reddit downvote button but they want to express frustration without being subjected to a moderator it seems. Other people use it when they're literally confused, so the meaning changes per person.
  8. I never said, it wasn't fixed stats. What I stated was, it's not pointless nor useless. Also, using arbitrary percentage numbers does not automatically make them accurate.
  9. Sure, if people like doing that content. If not there are other ways, this another way. So, while its pointless to you doesn't mean it's pointless to others.
  10. They're functional accessories, so they do have a point and they cost festival tokens to get. Just because, they don't have an appealing appearance does not make them pointless.
  11. Ah guildie found this: Arena Net, "We have disabled the ability to interact with some NPCs in guild halls while we address an issue." https://twitter.com/GuildWars2/status/1427719207731433476
  12. Also more floating undeletable decorations by the War Room: https://imgur.com/a/kEJMRuZ
  13. These new decorations cannot be removed or interacted with. A stack of papers and the race track decoration is now in our Guilded Hallow. They cannot be erased. I couldn't figure out how to do image attachments on the new forum. So, here is a link to the image instead. https://imgur.com/a/LeX0aJZ
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