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  1. I'm okay after the patch earlier. I hope you stop crashing soon ><
  2. There was an update today, hopefully it will resolve things.
  3. I like how responsive these forums are compared to the ones we use to have. They're way more efficient to me.
  4. "Unfitting?" If you mean in terms of the game theme, there are several outfits that are unfitting. The gemstore doesn't have the same restrictions as pve obtainable armor for fitting the game's theme. Also, you can dye the outfit to be whatever colors you want. In terms of Desert King we have the Awakened Outfit use that. Personally, there are a variety of things I don't like about Desert King stuff. But I like this Pharaoh outfit a lot :D.
  5. It sounds like you have issues handling boss mechanics if you find yourself unable to get a shot in.
  6. Ah, I see. Thank you for the information too :D. I noticed GW2 altered the medium shader settings. Like my game is downgraded more visually than before. I have to put my shader settings on high. I'm not sure, if high shader setting is causing people to crash or not. So, I reverted back to medium for now.
  7. I deleted any addons but myself and others are still crashing. Even those that don't use addons. The crashes appear to be truly random, but it does generate error reports in text files. I submitted an error report to Anet on 06/09, after the game allowed me to send a bug report.
  8. They stopped the 32 bit from being downloaded when you go to the gw2 site download. But the 32 bit client still works.
  9. It's okay, we can just complete the achievement after its fixed.
  10. Can you bring back the jungle explorer outfit? I think it was only available in the March sales. Thank you.
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