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  1. In regards to the ranger update on the visual effect for unleashed on pets, can we get the same treatment for the soulbeast merged beastmode visual as well? It always clashes with my fashion wars.
  2. Keep my smokescale knockdown plz, reduce coeficient if needed but keep functionality.
  3. Same here Edit: I managed to complete the achievement without the counter, just hit every green star character on the stage plus the sleeping lion guard to the right of it and Kasmeer, both of which are outside the green event circle. Kasmeer seems to roam around the area so you need to find her.
  4. Twice today in fractals my UI was disappearing, in one instance sections of the environment disappeared. Lost the ability to interact with UI elements, was unable to utilize the bug report feature. Linked here are the screenshots I was able to take. https://imgur.com/a/p7Velht
  5. I think they should in part do that, such as adding it back to abilities with long windups and BIG tells or abilities that require getting in close such as a fat chunk of the warriors toolkit, warrior has to get deep in melee and expose himself to do everything and then half his kit is interrupts/CCs which do poopoo damage.
  6. I took a year or 2 off pvp after they first gutted warrior with the damage on interrupts nerf that turned warrior into a wet noodle and just today came back to see how pvp is. I walked into PVP and this is the worst i think i've seen it. Absolute garbage experience, state of game is a mess and im guessing its been this way for a long time and its affected the mental state of the community committed to pvp so my overall interations with other people in there were the most toxic I've seen yet. Not to mention the absurd prevalence of bots I saw.
  7. Just do what I did, stop playing warrior. The moment I switched to another class i started wrecking people again and getting consistent wins. Anet wants to get rid of warrior so just let em.
  8. My experience with warrior is it has been completely neutered, to play warrior effectively you need to be in melee range so you have to bring gap closers, everyone is running condi right now you need to bring all you cleanses, and everyone is using ranged abilities and gap closers that are way quicker and deadlier than warrior's. So anet decided to castrate the one thing that make warrior still capable of keeping up with the meta which was high damage gap closers and interrupts. I play warrior and i feel completely useless.
  9. Here ya gohttps://imgur.com/AQP5NSuhttps://imgur.com/WMXcIpbhttps://imgur.com/WXMeHjT
  10. You don't have to make legendaries you know, you could just credit card farm Gen 1 legendaries on the TP without having to craft anything or dealing with mystic clovers.
  11. If you play ranked to get good or think you are playing in a high skill environment, you are doing it wrong. I only play ranked for the bonus reward track, and I only play unranked during off season for the normal reward tracks and daily potions which I save up so I can instantly fill out new reward tracks when they are dropped into the game. It has been a very long time since I got any enjoyment out of PVP in this game. I only play it for the rewards and that's it, if I could get the rewards from some alternative means then I would simply never PVP.
  12. When I win 1v1s, 1v2s, or 1v3s, I just let them bleed out while spamming /laugh until they're dead. Especially when they initiated a gank on me thinking they had a chance.
  13. Consumables Skill Barhttps://www.reddit.com/r/Guildwars2/comments/apmryr/consumables_skill_bar/
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