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  1. It is very situation dependent. But in general you should shatter a lot as mesmer in PvP.
  2. That is pretty much the same as raids. Do enough dps so you can skip mechanics.
  3. Gift of fortune being 0 copper seems a bit off when estimating legendary cost. But I agree gen3 is currently more costly and time-consuming. This is probably intended as Anet wants new shinnies to be more prestigious when they are first released. Give it a year, you will likely see summoning stone reduce in price and gen3 being much easier to make.
  4. Specter should get all the nerfs it got in PvP except for scepter/dagger 3 initiative increase.
  5. Signet of Ether and Illusionary inspiration are pretty strong sustain for virtuoso with the rapid blade generation.
  6. I have tested that the heal skill no longer requires a target to use. The blades can also be fired at target at your back.
  7. The large CD reduction on defensive skills and moa might make virtuoso decent in PvP. Not sure if it will be meta worthy.
  8. More likely they will just slightly shave some bleed damage output and call it a day.
  9. I played with a similar idea(same trait lines) but with condi instead. I don't think power is doing enough damage with wizard amulet. But with sage amulet, you can still do respectful condi burst through confusion. I found the build decent in side node dueling. However, virtuoso heavily relies on the dodge for blade trait for blade generation, this means you don't get enough firepower when you are not targeted. But you are also not tanky enough to survive team fight aoe spam.
  10. This is a lie. All mesmer specs are pretty decent or good in PvE. But they are just bad in PvP. Chrono is trash tier in PvP. Mirage/core are below-average at best. https://metabattle.com/wiki/Tier_List Also zerging WvW has always been an issue due to clone. Virtuoso is just a huge missed opportunity by having the whole spec tied to projectile, which simply doesn't work in WvW team fights.
  11. I enjoyed EoD but like HoT and PoF more. HoT was a bit too grindy at the start but got tuned down. The maps and meta events were really fun. The elite specs were also really inspiring. PoF brought in mounts, which is probably the best expansion feature. EoD is mostly solid. But elite specs feel unfinished and expansion doesn't have something super exciting like HoT and PoF.
  12. The thing is most players hate fighting against mesmers. Even now mesmer doesn't have a build that is even close to meta worthy, you see people crying on forum that it is OP. More seriously, I think some core mesmer kit that got nerfed during the days when chrono/mirage were op need to be brought back up since both chrono/mirage got very hard trade-off.
  13. I think an extra 5min timer should be enough for most organized groups to succeed. But the reward is still pretty bad to justify spending 2 hours + a lot of join spam.
  14. Chaos + illusion + Virt. You can play either power or condi. Cele should work pretty decent as well. However, it is not going to be as effective as mirage or chrono in open world.
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