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  1. I really like playing support like healing my allies, giving buffs or barriers, (that stuff). I see that the warhorn provides really good buffs to my team.
  2. Hi. I'm a warrior noob here. Just have been playing this toon for 25 hours and only for WvW. I am a Firebrand main but I just started seeing the appeal of the warrior class. I just want to ask some tips on how to play this class more effectively, like what heal to use, when to pop my bubble etc. I see that I can tank a lot of damage by using Healing Signet. I already invested on my Minstrel gear and have been enjoying this class. Thank you.
  3. some people don't play this game for hours. maximum i get to play this is 2 hours in a day. i actually have a job, just saying.
  4. Now that retaliation was nerfed. Just a Firebrand looking at my 10-20 lootbags and comparing it to 100 lootbags that our necros get per raid.
  5. What if we turn everyone as golems as an event? That will be different and interesting.
  6. I have been playing Minstrel FB for years now and I want to try another heavy armor class for a change but I still want to play support. I always hear commanders calling warriors for Bubble so I thought maybe I can try that spec out. Thank you.
  7. I play ranger myself and I don't feel bad, maybe because I play Firebrand too. But I feel like, anet should do something about these classes so they get to be welcomed to squads too. What do you guys think?
  8. I don't have any complaints about downed status. It applies both ways. It doesn't give me the advantage nor my enemies.
  9. It does. You have to make sure you are using your weapon skills so all tomes get refreshed.
  10. When I was on DR, a long time ago, we used to run an all MM squad just for fun. I think I saw an FB training event yesterday but that's it. Any recent fun events on your server that you can share?
  11. Make sure to avoid rangers and thieves when you are at the squad's tail, as a minstrel chrono, you have no way to defend yourself. And some enemies might take you as the commander so you will get sniped non-stop when you are on a squad. And also unless the squad really knows you, they will not welcome you that much as opposed to being a Firebrand or a Reaper. :)
  12. It used to be Ranger with a shortbow with spirits, but I know that spec had been nerfed to oblivion. Is there a class for super casual gameplay?
  13. I like playing Firebrand because of how reactive you need to be to play this class but I have heard some complaints about Firebrand overperforming as a support class. I don't see that many firebrands, not as many as scourge's, dh's, and spellbreakers.
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