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  1. It was working for a few mins before the patch and back to the same not.... stuck again un playable will not load
  2. Just tried again seems to be working now TY!!!!
  3. Having the same issue, 2 computers are crashing soon after the launcher window opens, one computer seems to be running the beta fine >> tried EVERYTHING on the other two including clean installs but now the install launcher will not open fully either so I cannot reinstall on two cpu's >> all other game running fine. Seems that my oldest cpu with the lowest quality graphic card is working and running the beta if that helps
  4. Got the top $99 dollar version >> have not received a single thing yet, logged in and logged out several times. Entered the SC in the Redeem area and says code already redeemed but nothing..... tried in game and on website
  5. 5 vs 5 Ranked pvp was so much fun, whether we won or lost we all got to play together getting the real ranked rewards. Can there be an option to que 5 vs 5 ranked with 5 teammates like it was years ago and when it was fun > there's 2 vs 2, 3 vs 3 >> why can't there be an option for you to play as a Guild in pvp other than unranked and every 3 hours in a tournament? I mean the game is called guild wars not me and my sidekick, guild refers to a group of people not a couple. The current ranked system is horrible, you can que with one friend, the other 3 may quit, match manipulate or just
  6. Couldn't agree more and well put. It's a very sad day and a big red flag for the future of wvw. Never take away from your community, ascended armor was already available, if you wanted to have new players join wvw then make the already available ascended armor easier to get, less tickets, less gold etc..whatever give it to them for signing up, no one would really care, but to take away what was a majority of the hard core wvw players goal and the meaning of the achievement is like a crime. When you make the goal easier to achieve, the result is the player is done quicker and they move one. Bun
  7. Edit: I have been a bit bored with WvW for a while now, but I hung in there to hit 2,000. So yes, this certainly takes away the motivation to play. More edit: And now I feel all those marks I've been saving have suddenly become pointless. The sublime armor doesn't require them. I agree, I feel like wvw'ers have been putting in so much effort to keep this amazingly wonderful game mode alive but the motivation to go on and continue was just stripped away by clueless devs. Anyone that has ever played the game knows level 10,000 is a ridiculous goal and a title you cannot even equip in wvw is a h
  8. A title for a game mode in which that game mode does not allow titles to be shown??? I am so confused. I got to wvw rank 10,000 and all I got was a wvw title that people cannot see in wvw. Gold, armor, a pat on the back would have been better than this.... Meanwhile kick all the hardcore players of wvw right in the nuts and tell them bawahahaha your grind to 2000 and all your boosters and buffs, weeks of playing in double xp was meaningless.
  9. As a long time WvW player this is truly disappointing, there are sooo many problems in wvw and the way population is counted. False promises of Alliances that lead to server stacking and a pay to win atmosphere. The balance in numbers in maps is a mess and the tiny bit of prestige long time players had has now been taken away from them. I only have one finger to respond with at this time. 10,000 rank really??? I've played everyday for 7 years and still only have a 4K+ rank > Anet could not be more out of touch with their own game??? Do any of you actually play???? Honestly, anet does not de
  10. I 100% agree the linking, alliance bandwagoning and pay to server stack is killing and sucking the fun out of what was my favorite game. The communities are focused on building alliances instead of building the server community that they are on. This is a shame because the server community, working together and playing as a team of guilds is almost all but lost on my server since this fiasco of alliances was announced. The server should be a community where guilds play, grow and work together. Right now the temporary linking is killing this. If you happen to get a good link and we work togethe
  11. Full support here, I love this game and everything that has been put into it but wvw is almost unplayable with the skill lag atm. Sadly a lot of our guild is forgoing ralies and resets because we are just not having fun anymore. There is no balance in servers, a lot of empty alliance promises and now we can't even run a reset in T4. We ran EoTM last night and didn't run WvW because we are just not having fun anymore in WvW and we are a WvW based guild, please fix or like the op said you doing yourselves a disservice because a lot of us are playing another game this morning.
  12. Is it possible to automate siege assembly so that some one does not have to stand there for hours a click? It already takes quite a bit of mats and time to build and then supply and people to build in the borderlands, may it be possible to make this process a one click automation similar to the "consume all" function? Thank you!
  13. Pretty much, logged on with my guild to run last night and we tried to cap 3 towers and all of us crashed every time…. I give up on wvw ever being fixed. Not only did anet do nothing to upgrade or improve wvw, they made it unplayable the day they release this pve saga. You said alliances and all we got was a crappy npc char band. No point in offering solution or advise... they do not listen. T1 with no que on reset = DEAD GAME. Sad....
  14. It's only going to be profitable with a player base, that player base seems to be leaving because there is NO balance and servers have become pay to win and guilds just swap servers to stack another one. I understand the profit point of view but it's only temporary profit as this stagnant wvw mode of pay to win is the reason wvw is losing population . Other guilds have dissolved into dead guilds as they tried to server hop and pay to win and not the whole guild transferred or could afford it. It's literally killing WvW, T1 resets with no ques last week? Even the die hard 7 year players of wvw
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