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  1. I made another post specifically about heal mesmer where Ellon.4316 also chimed in with some awesome ideas. Don't wanna retype that whole post, so will just link, but wanted to post here what I think is the most compelling part of that brainstorm. Remove Signet of Inspiration. Replace it with some other low CD signet that is similarly kinda meh and mostly about Blurred Inscriptions synergy. Then... ADD a new elite skill, Mantra of Inspiration to extend the duration of boons on allies by even 5s per cast.
  2. I'm one of those huge nerds with full legendary (except for Spear) and a group of casual but experienced friends who encourage experimentation so I test *lots*... probably too much tbh lol. I think a big part of my issue is how staff is so necessary to keep up might and fury on all the possible builds that it feels like an oops to weapon swap. Seraph/Plaguedoc/Shaman with Staff Mirage healing doesn't work unless your group is near perfect every time. It heals much better with Harrier and dps is roughly comparable to with the more condi focused sets. My fantasy is a Seraph/Cele/Marshall (etc.) Chrono, but would also love staff mirage healer to be a little better. My issue with II is that it requires so much traiting elsewhere to support being able to heal well. I've tried what you're saying with GS, but then can't keep fury up on group without taking staff or speccing into dueling and then taking clone-on-dodge. I'm especially thinking about how guardian can just trait into 1 trait to get healing on dodge. They could add fury to GS somehow, but this would be a *disaster* in PvP/WvW... People would QQ so hard about 1-shot Prismatic Understanding power virtuoso lol. I play all game mode and find the splits really frustrating so I don't think I'd be tickled by that change. I hear that it's great with harrier, but it doesn't feel great to have a mandatory trait in the line closing off build possibilities. I think in all my fussing I may have deleted this from my original post, but I did at one point have to increase healing modifiers so it's as if they give an output roughly comparable to 150 healing power to all stat sets on the other traits in the inspiration line to compensate... I may have decided it was too much math lol. I hear this- however I think that improving access to regen behind the protection + burst heals on shatters and mantras it would be ok. I think it's also important that shatters not do too many things all at once and that the other skills are also useful. Love this energy!! Thank you for your awesome ideas and for being so cool πŸ™‚ Hopefully they take a look at some of the pieces that people offer so that we get something workable.
  3. Mesmer is kinda close yet still so far away from being able to be a viable healer, which is kinda disappointing! I've played many many hours on Mesmer in all game modes HOWEVER these are only suggestions and are meant to start a discussion more than anything. There are lots of other super knowledgeable Mesmer mains. I *think* this could give a core support line that would work with each elite spec even if only a little bit with virt with the whole no boons thing. My intention is just to try to shift things around as much as possible rather than reinventing the wheel altogether and I'm curious what people think! I'm mostly focused on the Inspiration trait line and related skills but first... Rework Bountiful Disillusionment to share boons, or at least might and fury on shatter. Remove the self-stab and maybe reduce the CD on the stab mantra to compensate. If staff boons need to be culled to make room for this then so be it. Alac Mirage doesn't get much value from Chaotic Interruption so they could trait into Bountiful Disillusionment to make up any might and fury nerfs on staff 1. This would also give alac mirage imo a more interesting and challenging rotation if shatters were sometimes required. It also feels weird taking staff trying to run heal chrono with feeling like you have to swap back to shield for your key boons that you've traited into and losing might and fury as a result. Remove Signet of Inspiration, instead giving boon extension with a new elite skill to compensate for Mesmer's weak elite skill choices. The new skill would be Mantra of Inspiration for boon extension and additional mantra heal synergy with Restorative Mantras. Because it's in the elite skill slot, the boon duration could actually be meaningful 5s extension on a 30s charge recharge maybe? 40s recharge? Idk lol I quit math years ago. However the math works out, I would love to see the balance point being that boon builds require SOME investment in concentration without Mantra of Inspiration, but when taking that elite 100% boon uptime is possible without investing in concentration. Would trade Time Warp for this any day. So as to not kill the signet-aegis share Blurred Inscriptions playstyle maybe a new signet? I've not thought much about this, but for the sake of completeness I'd offer Signet of Speed: Passive: Superspeed every 10 seconds Active: Break Stun + Remove movement impairing conditions Traited in Blurred Inscriptions: AoE Stunbreak (though this might require that the personal stun break be removed from the stab mantra!) And now for the inspiration trait line! Remove Mental Defender, Illusionary Inspiration, Healing Prism and Restorative Illusions. Mental Defender is useless, Illusionary Inspiration is as mechanically interesting as a minor trait and Healing Prism makes Condi heal stats feel like a wasted investment because of the pretty substantial power-> healing power conversion. Something like Restorative Illusions should be a grandmaster (see below). In place of Healing Prism, put Illusionary Regeneration: Summoning an illusion gives nearby allies regeneration (maybe 2.5s per illusion but scaling with boon duration? again math idk) I'm thinking regen over flat healing so that mirage can still heal through clone gen with deceptions but so as to not just give massive bursts of healing. In place of Illusionary Inspiration, Shattering Inspiration. Which is like Restorative Illusions, but AoE healing on shatter instead of self-healing only. I'd also reduce the condi cleanse to just 1 cleanse when shattering regardless of how many clones and instead having the minor trait, Mender's Purity remove 2 conditions rather than 1. In place of Restorative Illusions, Mental Fortitude: Give protection (+maybe more?) to nearby allies when you block or dodge an attack (4s protection on a 15s cd? again that math idk about but this is moreso about the vibe) In place of Mental Defender, Bountiful Phantasms: Phantasms used when targeting an ally will heal or barrier that ally and/or apply a boon. Then finally, replace sympathetic visage with something for the offensive supports who spec into inspiration. I've got nothing for this, but I'm thinking about Bountiful Phantasms above and potential offensive support synergy when traited into Chronophantasma and as a way of honouring something that I really love about Mesmer: that skills can be used offensively or defensively and are highly adaptable to different situations. And then... Chrono: replace Alls Well that Ends Well with Time Heals All Wounds: Applying Alacrity or Quickness to allies also applies regeneration (at half duration? one third duration? 1.5s of regen? again, vibes > maths). Move Time Heals All Wounds to where Improved Alacrity is. Move Improved alacrity to where the minor trait, flow of time is and then move flow of time to where Alls Well that Ends Well was. Balance each trait for it's new place. The concern here is that chrono would get lots of self-sustain from Time Heals All Wounds, but maybe that's not a concern given chrono is usually kinda squishy in competitive now. Mirage: IF the might changes above are implemented and staff's might application is nerfed, have the staff ambush apply regen, protection or resolution similarly to how the Specter's boon well applies boons in a certain order. LMK what y'all think but pls be nice πŸ™‚
  4. Duke Tyse here with a little bump! A concise, up-to date summary of our activities and slacker credo can be found here We are doing our general recruitment as above, but are also getting a 10-player progression group off the ground for the new CM strike missions, and eventually into raids. We have a static team who can be there most weeks, and a reserve team for those who want to sometimes attend but are a little more casual. Our meeting time is Thursday at 8pm-10pm Pacific time (NA) Experienced and chill players are of course welcome, as are newer players who are willing to take feedback on their build, gear, rotation and mechanics. Simple rotation videos for most classes are popping up on YouTube and we encourage newer players to start with those, before heading to a Snowcrows build. (ex: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uarkTMktjZs&t=147s or similar is a fine choice for our group while learning mechanics) We aren't *super* fussy on enforcing "the meta" but you should fit cleanly into one of the following roles: DPS, QUICKdps, ALACdps, QUICKheal, ALACheal. That being said, we are especially keen on adding some of the following roles to our squad: QUICK-Scrapper, ALAC-healmech, ALAC-Renegade (dps or heal) and QUICK-healcatalyst In-game mail to Tyse or Ez (listed above) if you are interested in membership PLUS the progression group, or contact anyone for general recruitment πŸ™‚
  5. I am trying to log into my account- I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling to no avail in addition to opening and closing the window a bunch of times, holding down windows key and pressing arrows. When I first log in the window appears as it did last time I logged in, but flashes white and disappears. When I do a multi-finger swipe up I get a gw2 window but its short and narrow and more like just a bar with the window square, minimize icon and x. I am brand new to windows and hoping this is just something I don't understand with my computer. Have been having the issue for a couple of days. Any help would be appreciated
  6. Recruitment lead Tyse here again doing a lil bump since we’re always looking for new friends! All of the above posts still apply and are a great way to get a sense of the vibe of our lil community! Currently weekly events are as follows: Sun: Dungeon CrawlTues: fractals (beginner friendly, progression oriented!)Weds: competitive night (currently automated tournaments)Thurs: slack raidsSat: chill strike missions All at 8pm PST :)
  7. Hellooooo!!! :)I am the recruitment lead on a guild that sounds like it might fit what you need- just bumped our recruitment thread (linked) if you wanna take a look :) https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/786/na-ocx-pvx-xtraordinary-slackers-lf-xtra-chill-social-silly-lgbtqia-drama-free-fam-discord#latest
  8. Hi Hi! Duke Tyse and League Relations/recruitment lead here to do a forums bump and to talk about what we do in game currently and that we ARE in fact actively recruiting so please send me a mail or a whisper if you see me online and I can take you through the application process! That being said please review the OP before getting in touch for code of conduct- you're also welcome to follow those links to start an application. When reading this post keep in mind that we are PRIMARILY a social guild- we're not looking for bodies to fill slots in a group but fellow geeks oddballs and weirdos to become members of our little community :) Our major in-game growing the guild project right now is raid training. We are very beginner friendly and are working in a few different stages to eventually be able to say that we've cleared all the fights! Step 1 is recruitment as we still have a few open slots in the raid roster. Step 2 is skill building and gearing up done through strike missions, and guild drives so that everyone can have somewhat optimal gear. Step 3 is getting in and hitting some of the easier raid bosses that don't have hard enrage timers so that we can take it easy and everyone gets to play what they want to play and then finally Step 4 will be to run harder fights on which to some extent require that you run a meta build/comp in order to kill the boss before the enrage timer pops. (This may require us to do more guild drives to gear up a raid alt but we will all be in it together and hopefully still having fun!) The focus of our raid training group is always going to be fun>progression and 100% blame free, so if we start to feel miserable wiping over and over we may go back to easier content so that we can end on a high note etc. Our raid time is 8pm PDT on Thursday evenings and with some people working rl and having lives and all that fun stuff we're looking for 14 people who are geared up and have worked on skills together who can commit to 2/4 weeks of attendance in order to start running in raids regularly. Our other recurring guild events include: A beginner-friendly Fractal progression is Tuesday nights at 8pm PDT. We have usually been running T3 the past few weeks but would drop down to show new people the ropes if needed.WvW small-group roaming/off-zerg havoc sometimes on Mondays and sometimes on Wednesdays depending on interest. We're on SBI- usually start roaming a little before 8pm PDT. (Some above posts noted SPvP training and while I'm happy to get pulled into an arena to spar and/or to duo queue SPvP is not a recurring scheduled event at this time)Strike Missions Saturdays at 8pm PDTMONTHLY discord fashion contests and guild raffles
  9. yes. it's comet. Water focus 5. It's imo the major offender right now. yes this is what I meant- and it doesn't break cast with LOS is what the issue is. No need to be so nasty about it :)
  10. Namely comet, and chain lightning. That an ele can keep chain lightning up on you through walls when you kite and then CC after you've broken LOS (which got removed from oppressive collapse for being too nasty) is ridiculous. the current d/f build is decently fun but just needs to not be able to do things that are too OP when they happen on other classes
  11. But let's be REAL honest ... that's not what the OP is asking for. He want's change, just for changes sake because there is some fallacy that mixing it all up again is actually APPEALING to established and new players ... does that actually make sense to anyone here?Again, a bad assumption. I want overperforming specs brought in line... not just changes "for the sake of it." Guardian is overperforming and has been for years.
  12. This is a bad assumption. This is the guardian forum why would I call for nerfs to other professions here? I agree that the other professions you list- and while we're at it, ranger, also need to be clawed back. The issues, like I said are a lot more than just boonshare. Invuln/block chains, getting aegis without having to do anything with no trade-off on their burst potential in some cases. To pick on your point about things that have 10 boonshare... I don't mind 10-man boonshare in theory as long as it isn't excessive and involves tradeoffs to take it. No one should have 10 man stab, aegis, resistance and other boons like protection, might and fury that apply to 10 should be shorter unless people really invest in boon duration. People run in comms in WvW most of the time anyways- call when you're giving boons so your team can time their burst but if they're slow or blew their CDs then RIP their burst window.
  13. I don't watch I play and every AT I've played for the past 2-3 weeks ish has had this
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