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  1. Tybalt Leftpaw. He made the living story fun for me. I miss him.😥
  2. If you look in the fishing achievement section you'll find this: https://imgur.com/a/Fi9ot65
  3. Get the karmic retribution buff in Sandswept Island, farm the Specimen Chamber event.
  4. Auric Basin would not be the same without the aviator box, i just love that thing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wvq55gCWxyo&ab_channel=Dulfy
  5. It seems that minions get deleted when you dismount the zipper and I found a little work-around, just pop your skyscale and/or jump off the zipper before it lands, you'll keep your minions that way.
  6. We should also be able to mount it while in combat, its a siege turtle after all. As of now, you need to run away, wait till you're out of combat, mount up and go back. There's already a timer preventing from spamming the mount if you get dismounted.
  7. Joined a sucessfull pug on my 8th or 9th try. We did good the first time but too many fell in combat, on the second try we did it with everybody still alive. Best tip i can give you: Go in potato mode, you will have less spam on the floor and will be able to see everything the bosses telegraph. Then just dodge your life away.
  8. Why cant i loot all the chests in AB if the meta fails? Why cant i loot behind the wall if the Chak Garant is not killed in time? Why cant i get those chest in Drizzlewood if the meta fails? I pulled my weight, learned the fight, found an organized group. We failed on my first attempt but succeeded the second time, and im not counting the times i just got in a pug to learn the mecanics. Its not elitist toxicity, its doing what needs to be done to succeed.
  9. Nope, otherwise that would mean i deserve a full set of leggy armor coz i deserve it, but i dont want to fully commit to making it.
  10. "Second, in the March 15 update, we’ll be providing players with an alternate path for acquiring the Siege Turtle Egg, which unlocks the collection required for the Siege Turtle mount. We’ll be adding a new vendor to the Jade Sea map that will sell the Siege Turtle Egg at the cost of 200 Writs of the Jade Sea. The Siege Turtle Egg will continue to be awarded to players that successfully complete the “Battle for Jade Sea” meta event, so players will have the choice to unlock the collection via a challenging meta encounter or through time investment." Im a filthy dirty casual, an this makes m
  11. I got 264 sitting in my bank mostly just from roaming around and 3 failed attemps to learn the fight. Got my turtle last night, EARNED it. Now im waiting for aneth to give me a full set of legendary armor and weapons.
  12. I've been on 2 full run with Vexona.6452, 1 fail and 1 win. Is the fight hard? Yes. Is the fight fun? Yes. Do you need to organize? Yes. Should it be nerfed? no. Should it be tuned? Yes. If she can take a filthy casual scrub like me in her group and get a win, that makes what she's saying worth listening to. Thanks again and i sure will be joining with you again for some more cheeves.🤩
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