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  1. Uh, no. They'll just go find another low effort/no effort farm. You know the player base about as well as ANet does. You and that other guy who thinks that this will miraculously make farmers start playing like you want them to. They want to *farm*, they'll do it elsewhere.
  2. As far as standard flowy mage attire, I can recommend these: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Council_Ministry_armor https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Acolyte_armor IMO the Acolyte armor mixes well with the Ascended light armor chest piece. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Illustrious_armor_(light)
  3. We're getting more off topic posts and drama. This is absolutely not why I made this thread. I don't want people who post in this thread to attack other posters, or have to defend themselves from attacks. This thread is not about old age, ageism, ageists, or any from of bigotry. This thread is not about whether or not this strike is a reasonable thing for ANet to ask of casuals. This thread is not about spirit shards, masteries, or even the actual siege turtle. I don't care if you feel like you or I have been insulted - I'm not taking any of that bait. Don't feed the trolls! (they're
  4. Thank you to everyone who sent links and wrote out advice. It was generous of you to make the effort to help other players. Thank you to the people who gave warnings that this is a difficult fight which is to be taken seriously. I appreciate your kind concern. Thank you to the people who stayed on topic, and to the one who was off topic by accident but gave us good information anyway. Thank yous are usually given at the end of things, but this thread doesn't need to end here. The tips and advice have been great, please let's keep it going.
  5. (Sigh) I wanted to avoid getting very hard core replies offering esoteric advice worded in lots of Raid-speak, from hard core players assuming/hoping we were prospective hard core players. So I kinda played up my group as a bunch of uncool old coots. Which is not true. We aren't in our 20s or 30s(most of us) but we are a very capable group of people. The reason we aren't cut out for raids and have no business in a strike, is that we really don't care for that kind of game play. I really didn't want to start a flame war about hard core/casual ideology, who is worthy of and deserves nice
  6. Moderators, please leave this thread in General Discussion. I would like it to be seen by casual players interested in clearing Kaineng Overlook. If it's moved to Instanced Group Content, it will primarily be seen by hard core players who don't need and won't be interested in reading it. How would a group of casuals prepare to clear Kaineng Overlook to get the Thruster Control Unit for the Siege Turtle? In our group only a couple of us have had any experience with strikes or raids, and it hasn't been a lot. We can probably get together a group of 6 or 7 of us and
  7. Why don't you help by increasing the small percentage to a larger percentage rather than trying to push ideas that would entirely destroy raids? If a making a non-raid path to PvE legendary armor would "entirely destroy raids", then that means that raids need to be re-worked. If people are only playing raids for that one reward, then there's something wrong with raids.(and to be honest, I don't think people only raid for the legendary armor) But to answer your question, I wouldn't help to increase the percentage of raiders(by raiding) because I've raided in GW2 years ago, and
  8. How would a casual player even know how to estimate their damage for this particular meta? If they went into the Aerodrome and used the training golem could they tune the boons to something functionally similar? Or would it be better to run without any of the provided boons and do a manual calculation? Or would it be better to do something else entirely?
  9. Wow. None of these posts so far has actually addressed the issue. This meta needs to be handled like Triple Trouble - it needs to be done with a very well organized group to succeed. And you'll need to be on Discord, and/or pay close attention to chat-based direction from the squad leader(s). You'll need to bring a well-geared character that you play well, and can survive well in difficult combat. Do pre-events and get the contribution buff to 10%. And Use your Jadebot to get stacks of Offensive and Defensive Protocol to last through the end of the event But the most i
  10. NPE has been a pox on the game since it was implemented. It's terrible that is has been allowed to remain this way for so long. I'm glad that they're finally doing *something. But I hope it will turn out to be a good thing instead of another misstep. It would be quite beneficial for them to listen to player feedback this time.
  11. re: Skipping the tail - The most organized/successful commander I've run with(the 2 successes out of my 5 attempts) has us skip the tail phase. I believe that he's doing what Cuks just mentioned - sending people he knows he can rely on to take care of the tail. Because on those runs, the number of bubbles was not excessive. In my admittedly very few attempts, this has been the only commander that has skipped the tail, and the only commander I've had success with. But I don't think it's *really* skipping, because (I think) the commander is actually devoting a small sub-group to the tail, rat
  12. As much time and effort as it cost ANet, *all* legendary armors ought to unlock the raid armor skin of the appropriate weight. It should just be the legendary armor skin, not the raid legendary armor skin.
  13. The horribly designed, badly bugged DE meta wouldn't be a good example of good ways to do PvE content.
  14. That simply isn't true. You can make players work for things in PvE.
  15. And no, not wanting to be forced to play a game mode that you dislike is not the same as wanting to be given something for free.
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